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  1. FutureNurseSaga

    CRNA Questions...

    I do not know if you are aware of this or not but CRNAs do not only work in the OR. There are CRNAs who work in trauma, labor and deliver, private practice, ect. I live in MD so Shock Trauma is right down the street. I have looked at their website and they have a lot of CRNAs employed.
  2. That is a hard decision. When I was in high school I took chemistry and biology (which were required to graduate). Because I had took chemistry in high school my college chemistry course was easier but I regret not also taking anatomy because it is really kicking my ass. If you haven't had any chemistry then you should definitely take it. You can get a head start on anatomy by yourself (ie Barron A&P anatomy flashcards) but chemistry is heard to teach yourself. Take the chemistry course and buy anatomy flashcards. If you start studying the flashcards now you will be a pro by the time you take a college level anatomy course.
  3. FutureNurseSaga

    Howard County General Hospital PCT Training Position

    If your concerned about pay maybe you should look at DC hospitals they pay is usually higher in DC than in MD
  4. FutureNurseSaga

    Howard County General Hospital PCT Training Position

    I have looked into that program but I was thinking that 1-year contract was a way for the hospital to guarantee that they aren't wasting their money training a person who will leave them in a couple weeks. The program is also for nursing students (according to the website).
  5. FutureNurseSaga

    How much time do we really have?

    This question was asked at the open house for UMD. The 2 BSN students who were there said that it depends on the semester. Both said they had worked pt at one point in the program.
  6. FutureNurseSaga

    Is it possible to take 4 classes in summer 2009?

    It depends on what classes they are. A lot of the classes I have done have been over summer sessions. If your school has separate summer sessions like mine, one around June and another around August, I would do 6 credits in the first session and 6 in the second session.
  7. FutureNurseSaga

    A question for RN's and RN students.

    In many 4-year universities the actual nursing program is 2 years just like the community college nursing programs but the difference is that they ask for more prerequisites. The local community accepts students by lottery and the state uni. accepts students based on gpa, work experience, ect. I prefer getting into a school based on how hard I've worked in school than on hope that name will be one of the first to be picked out of a hat. I'd go with the 4 year degree incase you may want to advance your career later on down the road.
  8. FutureNurseSaga

    Pre-nursing student, PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE

    As long as those credits are transferable... What if you change your mind down the road and realize you just wasted thousands of dollars on credits that won't transfer anywhere... now that would suck. If it is like you say it is and the spot is 100% guaranteed and I would go ahead and do it. I am at a community college right now finishing up my pre-reqs. I chose to go to a cc because it is the most economical route to where I want to be. In the end the RN who graduated from a fancy 4-year private school and I who will have gone to a cc then a state school for my BSN will make the same amount of money only difference is that that fancy private school grad will have thousands of dollars to pay back in school loans. Do what you need to do to get to where you want to be. You know you are intelligent and have great potential. You don’t need the name of a fancy uni. to back you up.
  9. FutureNurseSaga

    What are other good paying jobs in healthcare?

    Physician Assistant pays similar to nurses. They are salaried and do less of the "dirty work" than nurses.
  10. FutureNurseSaga

    Catholic University

    I was thinking about it until I noticed the cost of tuition.
  11. FutureNurseSaga

    Advice for an aspiring CRNA?

    CRNA school is very very competitive (from what I have heard) so you need to get your GPA up and work in a good critical care unit for a couple of years. Where you lack in grades you can make up in work experience.
  12. FutureNurseSaga

    A&P II at HCC over the summer ???

    Thank you so much :flowersfo. I feel much better now knowing that it is possible to get an A in it. I will definitely put your secrets into great use:specs::specs:!!!
  13. FutureNurseSaga

    A&P II at HCC over the summer ???

    Did you do all of those 5 classes at one time? 5 classes in 1 summer session or spread throughout the whole summer? What was your grade in APII (if you don't mind me asking). Is there any advice you can give me so I can prepare for the class?
  14. FutureNurseSaga

    A&P II at HCC over the summer ???

    Have any of you taken AP II over the summer at HCC? How did you do? Any advice? Are there any books or material that you recommend to prepare? I know it is a couple of months away but I want to be prepared. I need to be finished with all my science classes before next fall and will be taking AP1 this spring coming up so will have to do APII in the summer. I know HCC has the extended summer session but last years it was in the evening and if it is like that this comming summer it wont be possible for me to do.
  15. FutureNurseSaga

    i need answers/help pls

    A lot of retail store are hiring for the holiday rush. You should go on craigslist and search their job listings.