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  1. anggelRN

    Homebirth safer then hospital birth????

    I think homebirths can be a safe option. I wish it weren't so vilified by the public and even healthcare professionals. Of course, it's not for everyone. In any medical situation, you must weigh the risks versus the potential benefits. There are no guarantees, whether you are in the hospital or home setting. Sometimes all the technology and interventions are a bad thing. Also, I must add it's not always about bucking the system. The hospital setting is needed for more and more women due to the large amount of high risk pregnancies. I just don't understand why there is such negativity towards wanting the least invasive option in maternity care. If you end up in the hospital, so be it.
  2. anggelRN

    Labetalol policy for PIH

    We have had a lot of pts with PIH or chronic hypertensives on our labor unit lately. We have been pushing a lot labetalol lately and we do not have any specific policy. We recently decided to have all our pts cardiac monitored. Anyone with any specific policies they would like to share is greratly appreciated.
  3. anggelRN

    What's the difference between medicine and nursing?

    Pts go to the hospital to receive nursing care...
  4. anggelRN

    New Grad Jobs

    I am a May 2010 grad. I worked at a hospital last summer. I was hired in the hospital's L&D since March. The hospital I work for hired over 40 new grads. I know everyone’s story isn't like this but don't give up and please do take a job in the hospital if you can. Networking is key and vital now. Even with the new nurses we hired the units are still understaffed. There is still of shortage of nurses to fill positions but the money to invest in training is limited right now. I believe things will get better for nursing. Stay positive.
  5. i am not very proud of this moment but here it goes... i was assigned to sit with an anorexic pt during lunchtime. i was working three days straight and this was the third day of this pt getting under my skin. the pt and the family was very demanding and frequently made rude comments to staff. me: ok, x here is your lunch. pt: have you had lunch? me: no, not yet, but i will after this. pt: you like food too much, you're always thinking about it. me: well you like food too little, that's why you're here! pt was kind to everyone for the rest of the day.
  6. anggelRN

    Vent - Business sense and the nurse.

    i strongly believe in personal responsibility. there are numerous resources available for people who want to improve their resumes or learn about saving for retirement, nurse or otherwise. if the new grad wants to buy the 60k car or someone has a lot of student loans it is their responsibility to pay their bills. it is frustrating when i see people make poor choices but ultimately, i could care less.
  7. I graduate this week. I started seriously looking for a job in early March. I accepted a position last week. I tried to start looking earlier but most hospitals in this area didn't post new grad positions until late March. The job market is tight. Managers are receiving a large number of applications for a few positions. I accepted a job where I did my summer internship. It made all the difference.
  8. anggelRN


    I started cliniclas when I was 19. I didn't have a clue what I was doing. At least half of my class was seeing a naked man/woman in the flesh for the first time. It was an experience...
  9. anggelRN

    The retro nurse's outfit has returned

    How did the hospital staff get the nurses to go along with this ridiculous idea?
  10. anggelRN

    Epi No Birth Trainer?

    You should see the youtube video showing how this thing works...
  11. anggelRN

    Epi No Birth Trainer?

    I was online trying to find research articles on episiotomies and I came across this device. http://www.epi-no.co.uk/howitworks.asp I was intrigued so I looked up research done on the device. Here are some that supports the claims made by the sellers of the product. http://www.epino.de/pdf_downloads/Kovacs%20Studie.pdf http://www.pelvicfloorwellness.com/files/ANZJOG_First_Epi-No_2009.pdf
  12. anggelRN

    Changing nursing major to something different

    Please do not give up your goals based on what your advisor has said. Getting into a nursing program is competitive, but a 3.2 GPA is respectable. If the average GPA of students getting into your program is 3.65, then that means 50% of the students that got into the program have below a 3.65 GPA and the other 50% have above a 3.65 GPA. Don't give up!!
  13. anggelRN

    Pushing Instructions

    Wonderful article on pushing:wink2: http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=1948091
  14. anggelRN

    ACOG requests unsourced anecdotal home birth "data"

    I guess there is a problem when women realize that in most cases a baby can be safely delivered without the help of a surgeon.
  15. I have seen this used overseas. I thought it was a great option for women and was surprised they did not have in in the US. Although I have heard of some places in California that use it. I suppose if I were an anesthesiologist I would want this to be readily available as well. As far as the safety of healthcare providers, this website gave good information http://www.ourbodiesourblog.org/blog/2008/05/expanded-discussion-of-nitrous-oxide-for-labo
  16. anggelRN

    What it takes to solve the nursing shortage

    at my internship this summer, i attended a staff meeting held by our nurse manager. she said the nurses shouldn't complain because they should be happy to have a job. she also said the nursing staff may be getting a raise of 1 or 2 percent, if they get a raise at all. the hospital is no longer matching their contributions to their 401k's indefinitely. staff shouldn't complain about not getting a break, and it's the nurse's responsibility to make sure he/she gets a break. at the end of the meeting she had the nerve to say management is sacrificing because even they are not giving themselves a raise. i am only a student, but nurses can and should have more say over their working conditions than this. not to say that they shouldn't be happy to have a job but that doesn't mean that you should be treated like children. especially when nurses are the backbone of a hospital. it's not going to take one nurse to bring about change but if nurses are willing to take jobs in bad working conditions, then no one will see the need for change. until the culture of nursing change and conditions improve vastly, there will always be a shortage of bedside nurses. because honestly, who wants to take that crap? a lot of people graduate, see how the conditions are, and then go right back into school to get far away from bedside nursing. this is especially true when people only go through clinicals and have not had an internship in a hospital like i have.