Can anyone share their experience at Howard University Hospital and/or Howard's nursing program

U.S.A. Washington DC


Hi all,

I applied to HUH (Howard University Hospital) and got an interview. I'm from Long Island, NY but looking to relocate to the DC area. Can anyone share their experience with the hospital particularly the maternal child speciality/floors. Also if you attended Howard for nursing or was thinking of attending what was your experience. 

Hey I'm also an RN moving to DC although I'll be in the ED. I have done A LOT of reading about the different hospitals... granted I focused on reading reviews about the EDs but also the hospitals in general.... The general online consensus was that Howard University Hospital was an absolute dumpster fire LOL. The only hospitals I read relatively good reviews about the medstar system hospitals as well as some of the smaller hospitals. And when I say reviews I mean from nurses not from disgruntled patients. Let me know if you find out anything because I'm interested in learning more about all the DC area hospitals. 

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