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  1. AllNursesAcct

    Memorial Healthcare System Nurse Residency March 2021

    Does anyone know if MHS is brand-strict for scrubs? I know some hospitals are very particular about their nurses wearing only approved brands. We're only a few weeks away from starting and I'd like to order mine! I haven't officially heard anything about scrubs, I only have learned by word of mouth that RNs wear navy blue and PCAs wear royal blue.
  2. AllNursesAcct

    How do I get over my anxiety about taking NCLEX without preparing

    If you only have a little time, I would personally recommend you to focus on reviewing these 10 important categories: (1) everything related to diabetes (how to recognize and treat hyper/hypoglycemia, DKA, and HHS, also how to prepare insulin NPH and regular), (2) child safety (what are the biggest risks for each child by age group and how to protect them from it... such as bike helmets, seatbelts, locked medicine cabinets, gates for stairs, gates for pools, etc), (3) serotonin syndrome, how to recognize and treat it, what causes it (of all the psych topics, this is the major one to know because it's dangerous) (4) how to perform correct CPR (how many minutes, how many breaths, how many inches depth, etc), and how to manage seizures (turn pt to side, count how long it lasts, have suction equipment on hand of necessary, etc) (5) heart burn and GI ulcers (complications like internal bleeding, common meds that exacerbate it, and common meds to treat or prevent it) (6) delegation, NCLEX definitely wants to check that you understand what are the roles of an RN vs an LVN vs a PCT (7) how to communicate with providers... know your SBAR and review examples of what is a good vs a bad SBAR (8) NG tubes, know the steps for insertion and removal, when and why to request an xray to check for placement, and when and why you would check for residual stomach content (9) DVTs and PEs! How to recognize signs of DVT and PE and what to do (10) the difference between airborne, droplet, and contact precautions and the common ones to know (like c diff, varicella, TB, e coli...). Don't worry about vaccines, you really only need to know about the influenzae vaccine if you have to choose one. I would lump in some oncology precautions here, like when should a nurse wear a lead apron, when should a patient flush twice after urinating
  3. AllNursesAcct

    FAILED NCLEX: Advice on how to prepare!?

    If you did all Mark Klemik and all UWorld then you should have been incredibly prepared, and I bet you were. In fact I am willing to bet that testing anxiety was a bigger issue than the actual content, would you agree? I am wondering if you continuing your preferred study method but coupled with some anxiety reducing habits might help you more. I will say though that I didn't find UWorld to be very similar to the test itself, I felt like the bulk of the test was patient communication and education as well as delegation and management. UWorld felt more fact-specific with a very treatment/medicine focus while the test felt more abstract. Did you feel the same? Maybe go back to UWorld or another study source and focus specifically on those topics.
  4. AllNursesAcct

    Constipation Station

    I think long-term solutions will help more if they're constipated that often. Encouraging a habit of daily exercise and frequent hydration, rather than them only drinking extra or moving more when they feel constipated. Of course developing healthy habits is very hard for any patient, pediatric or adult, as there is a tendency to prefer quick-fix tricks to their problems. Sounds like you're doing all you can, good luck!
  5. AllNursesAcct

    Memorial Healthcare System Nurse Residency March 2021

    I think all MHS nurses wear navy blue but I think at the children's hospital you are allowed to wear a print top with the navy scrub pants/jacket
  6. AllNursesAcct

    Addictions Nursing

    Thank you for sharing this very informative article! I am commenting here so I can return later to this useful information. I am brand new to the field, feeling excited and nervous to start. I know there will be many difficulties but also that it can be a rewarding experience.
  7. AllNursesAcct

    Memorial Healthcare System Nurse Residency March 2021

    Has anyone received any email with orientation documents? I already received the emails regarding doing the online orientation, registering for benefits, filling in tax info, etc. But I got a phone call last week telling me to expect another email regarding the program orientation (I think it will be virtual) and scheduling, but haven't gotten anything yet. I know we also have a work email that has been created for us but I am pretty sure that can't be accessed from a home computer.
  8. https://www.modernhealthcare.com/labor/best-places-work-healthcare-2020-alphabetical-list I am wondering if anyone knows the criteria behind this or if it's one of those "pay us to get on our list" schemes? Or if the criteria used is all administrative content and doesn't really take into account how the floor staff feel about their employer? Is it good for your employer to be on this list or does it not really mean anything? Thanks for your insight
  9. AllNursesAcct

    Memorial Healthcare System Nurse Residency March 2021

    I applied on the deadline date and received three offers for interview from the three units I chose. I happily accepted a job offer to the unit I was really wanting 🙂 Each nursing manager called at different times to request an interview: Interview request call 1 - Second week of December Interview request call 2 - Third week of December Interview request call 3 - First week of January FYI it probably helps that the 3 units I requested are probably less popular for new grads so fewer applicants compared to ICU and L&D which I imagine are much more competitive.
  10. AllNursesAcct

    How much experience necessary for ABSN

    most students in my ABSN cohort had 6-12 months healthcare experience. I felt I had a lot more than most and I only worked as a CNA for less than 18 months
  11. AllNursesAcct

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Fall 2019

    I have a few questions, maybe someone knows the answer. 1. Do we need to send final transcripts to SMU even if I already sent my official transcripts (which were confirmed) to NursingCAS? 2. The SMUPulse Checklist is prompting me to join our cohort page on teh SMUPulse organization page. I see multiple other ABSN cohorts for other campuses/graduation dates, but not one for the Class of 2020 Peninsula cohort. Just me? 3. I read somewhere on the online orientation that our tuition must be paid in full before we start classes in Nov. Do they mean literally the full year tuition of close to $100k is due up front?! Or are tuition payments split into 2-3 semesters?
  12. AllNursesAcct

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Fall 2019

    Does anyone have the link for the Peninsula Fall 2019 cohort FB group? Thanks
  13. AllNursesAcct

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Fall 2019

    Hi all. I've been another silent follower of this thread. You all helped keep me sane during the long wait. I decided to make an account just to share my stats. I was admitted on my first application and I wasn't sure I would given my GPA and HESI scores which were lower than others. But goes to show that work experience plays a big role. Here is my info. Feel free to ask any questions. I know it's a very stressful process. I wish you all luck on your next application. You CAN do it. HESI Score Overall: 92.8 HESI Anatomy Score: 84.0 GPA Overall: 3.45 Science GPA: 3.39 Work Experience: 1 yr work experience as a CNA Other work experience I mentioned was as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant. I have my BS in Nutrition from 2015. I mentioned I also have accrued 200+ community service hours. I had three LORs: one from my work supervisor who is a nurse, another from a physician who I interned for, and one from a PhD Candidate that I did research assistance for. Lastly, I wrote a pretty personal essay explaining how working as a CNA in geriatrics has changed my perspective on life. I wanted to share because it's important to know that grades and scores aren't everything. I was so worried that my grades and HESI scores wouldn't stack up compared to some of the stellar scores I've seen here. I think I am the only person here who has confessed to having a lower Anatomy score lol so I was definitely stressing. If you already have all your pre-reqs done but you're wondering if you should retake classes to turn your Bs into As, I would suggest that instead you focus on getting more patient contact experience.