Wait to apply for jobs after holidays?


Hey everyone!

So now that I have my CNA license...should I apply for jobs now or wait until January? I just got a job as a dishwasher just to make money now. I heard its best to wait after the holidays to apply for jobs, true?


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I don't know. If you are willing to work the holidays, and there are job postings out there right now why wait? You might miss a few great opertunities for some jobs if you wait for a month and a half before appling for anything. Sometimes it is hard to find the right window for these jobs. I'd hate for you to see three or four job postings that you could apply for, and then they be gone and you would have to wait a week or so more in January before another opertunity presents itself.


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I would go ahead and apply for jobs. Don't mean to sound harsh, but if you don't want to work holidays you are in the wrong profession(at least as a CNA). Plus, if you don't want to work the holidays this year just put what date you are willing to start. Usually, it takes a good month to even get working due to background check, drug testing, orientation,etc.

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Apply now to have your name in the stack for when they do start hiring whether there is a New Year rush or not.


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I don't even know why I asked this question lol But you are all right. I just want to get started on my career and become someone I never thought I could be!


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I agree don't wait. Just go for it.


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It can depend on geography. Here in Arizona, the hiring season is fall and early winter, because our population surges in the winter due to seasonal residents, also called snowbirds. If you wait until after New Year's, you've missed our hiring season, and your chances are slim until next fall. The economy and job market suck right now, too. When I got certified two years ago, it took me over three months of solid applying to everything before I even started getting interviews, and finally got a job. Now, my hours have been cut severely, and there is hardly anything full-time for which to apply thanks to a certain piece of legislation. I've been applying to every full time job I see, and agencies. I've applied to some part time jobs as well. With two years of experience that includes hospital, hospice, and in-home care, I'm getting crickets, when it's not rejections.

Don't assume you'll get something quickly. Start applying now, to everything.

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Start now, don't wait. You can always turn down a job if you want to wait and have your holidays off.....


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I'm going out tomorrow to apply everywhere!


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yay! Hope you find that job soon. Good Luck! Remember the areas that you might not think about as well. Do you have a Vetrains Hospital/Home. That is where I had my clinicals and it was a wonderful experiance. Tell us when you get that job ok.


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I would apply to open positiions now. If you wait until after the holidays, those who were vacationing or whatever, will have decided to come back to work and the opportunity may no longer exist. On the other hand, I applied to a couple of places around the holidays. One hired me and I never heard from them again. The other one said not to expect a call from them for awhile, but to check back, after the holidays. Nothing materialized with that one either. I think both of those situations were flukes. If you make yourself available to fill in for holiday time absences, chances are high that they will find a part time or even a full time place for you after the holiday lull. Good luck.


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It doesn't hurt to apply. Most jobs are online anyway. Things take longer to process during holidays.