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  1. Theor23

    Tech Worth It?

    Hey everyone, I have my CNA in the state of CT, only using it for a short period. So, now I'm working at a hospital in the kitchen. Took me about a year to get in, and the nurses tell me it would be great if I become a CNA. Now, I love people and yes I just need to advance myself. I was looking into getting my EKG/Phlebotomy cert to just have it under my belt. Now, this hospital doesn't hire techs, but techs make more which is my goal. I would like to make enough so I can work PT and go to school too. I mean, I have lot's of options and need to create a stable goal.
  2. Theor23

    ready to give up

    Do NOT give up! From my personal experience from what I've seen/heard, it will take time! I know several people with BSN and cannot find work. Even having my CNA, EVERYWHERE I go..."need 1 year experience" So, either you need to KNOW people, or get EXPERIENCE. It drives me crazy, be willing to work at places that suck just to get experience. Now...I've not tried this but I have NO idea if this will be successful. This is if your eager to get a job I suppose? Create a profile of yourself on a blogger account. Create a couple tabs, resume, who you are..ect. Brand yourself!?. Just having a resume to me stinks...do something different.
  3. Theor23

    Question Of The Day!

    I've experienced much more, loosing both my parents as well. So, you look at things differently in some sense. But like you said, I feel right now I'm putting my life on hold. Yes, I'm going to school...but I could have been done earlier. Finding and maintaining a certain balance, motivation can be hard for sure.
  4. Theor23

    Question Of The Day!

    Good morning everyone, I woke up thirty minutes ago, and had something lingering in my mind. More about life, where I am, who I am...what I want to become. But my question is often asked but.... If you had it all over again, what would you do differently? Moreover, what lessons in life have you learned you otherwise wouldn't through experience, or other life altercations? For me, it would be the fact you don't realize what you have until it is gone. In my own life, loosing a job and living in a car became a reality that was all too real.
  5. Theor23

    IT's time!!!!

    Time to study! BUT I need to find the right book! So let me ask, is this the right study guide? TEAS Review Manual, Version 5.0 (ATI, Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills(TEAS)): 9781933107981: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com
  6. Theor23

    First position as a CNA!!!

    I will totally take those tips! Thank you so much! I'm pretty much answering call lights, transferring, toileting, and dressing patients. It's a 120 bed family owned business, that has a rehab section for patients who are recovering from sugary regain their mobility. Others there have traumatic injuries in which they are basically bed ridden and cared for. I've gotten to use a hoyer lift which wasn't as hard to operate as I thought!
  7. Theor23

    First position as a CNA!!!

    Hey everyone!!! I started a new position as a CNA at a local rehab center for the weekends. I must say, it is quite challenging indeed. Although I was dead tired by the end, I got to help a lot of people and it was a GREAT feeling. I can now understand why they say nurse aides make the best nurses.
  8. Theor23

    2nd time applying to hospital, do I have a chance?

    Like everyone said, persistence is key! I applied to a hospital here in CT 4 times before getting an interview. I didn't get the position but applied again for another open spot. I skipped the interview...I have a new position at a rehab center and their hours would conflict with me going to school. JUST keep doing it! GOOD LUCK! :)
  9. I admire your honesty! But if you have insurance, go seek a psychologist or psychiatrist. I'm seeing one tomorrow for some issues of my own. Whatever you do, don't give up!
  10. Theor23

    i dont know if CNA is right for me. help!

    Sounds like someone needs a new job! Just keep looking, you WILL find something!
  11. Theor23

    Getting a CNA job while in nursing school

    Check Craiglist every day too! Some places will post one ad desperately needing help. I don't know if your state has companions and homemakers, but they have some spots usually open.
  12. Theor23

    CNA To RN Career Question

    That's right, forgot about internal/external applicants. Good thing to think about as well. Thank you!
  13. Theor23

    CNA or Medical Assistant

    I just got my CNA, took 2 weeks $850. Medical assistant is like 9 months or so. But if your goal is RN, get your CNA and work to get experience and move up. It may be harder to obtain a hospital job right away, but not impossible. I know hospitals will train you to be a patience care tech, they make $14-$18/hr so not too bad. There may be other alternatives, but you gotta start somewhere and always remember why your doing it.
  14. Theor23

    Ways to pay for nursing school as a c.n.a

    $4000 isn't bad, especially if your getting financial aid and are getting your pre-reqs at a community college. I know Yale offers this as well. My goal is to get in there!
  15. Theor23

    CNA To RN Career Question

    How long were you a CNA for? Thanks for the response, I know I have to get strait A's before I even consider getting into nursing school. From the bottom to the top, that is life.
  16. Theor23

    CNA To RN Career Question

    Hey everyone! So I've been reading and hearing how difficult it is for new RN grads to get jobs now a days. I just got my CNA and I'm working as a dishwasher right now and submitting resumes. My question is, how many nurses here, or have you heard getting hired on as RN's after going to school. One reason I wanted to obtain my CNA is so I can potentially get a job, work and go through nursing school and be hired on afterwards. Is this realistic? CT has many openings, and will be playing the waiting game for now. It will take me a couple months before I get good experience, which will help me advance to my goal of one day getting into a hospital/rehab center. Also, I understand it will be awhile until I get into nursing school. What are your thoughts?