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So, if you recall my last post...you know I got kicked out on the last day of the semester and had chosen to look at the bright side of things. I had decided to go back to school and pursue the rest of my pre-reqs for the RN program and then return to the LVN program in the fall(would have 1 more class to take and another semester to wait before they accepted for ADN) Well, I registered online for classes last week and it went through. I was elated. Well, they called me the next day and said that I owed the school over $2000 and I wouldn't be able to attend classes this winter or spring OR return to the LVN program until it's paid off. (Long story...I had a pell grant)Well, I gave up pretty much everything to start the program, including a job I left on bad terms because they didn't want to work w/me in regards to my school schedule. Sooo, I don't have that money growing on a tree in my backyard(would be nice though!) Long story short: I am on assistance...so if I get a job my bills will syrocket(they like to take all of your money when you try to help yourself)This will cancel out me saving money for school and I will fall into that pit of working a dead end job and not going back to school. So, needless to say, I am disenchanted at this point and I really don't know what to do. I have no direction at this point, thus no motivation. I have racked my brains for a solution...but no ideas yet. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's kinda hard.

Thanks for letting me express my feelings.

And no, I can't get a loan...tried it already, lol.:p


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I will pray for you that you get direction and find your way! Through prayer, I know that things will work out for you. Try to cheer up...Christmas is almost here!



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Thank you, I need all the prayer I can get!


I will pray for you that you get direction and find your way! Through prayer, I know that things will work out for you. Try to cheer up...Christmas is almost here!


Hmmmm...that really stinks that you owe 2000.00...did your grant not pay out???? I take it you have tried student loans??? Did you know there are private student loans that you can take out, although since you are not working you would need a co-signer with good credit? I have been taking them out since I start working on my pre-reqs for my RN.....you could try www.teri.org, or www.educationone.com..... the second one allows you take anywhere from 1500 to 30000 a year, all you would need is a credit worthy co-signer(and it doesnt have to be a relative), also you can defer payments on the interest and prinicple until after graduation....its just a thought, since I dont know what happened with the loan you did try to get...I'm sorry this is happening, but I will be keeping you in my thoughts and hope that everything works out for you!!! You have such a wonderful attitude about not making it through school, and i really admire you for that! I wish some of my classmates who didnt make it would be as positive as you are!


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I am so sorry that this has happend to you. Try not to be discouraged (easier said than done). Things have a way of working themselves out. Take care and keep your chin up.


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I really admire your candor and your perserverence. How about taking a job in which they offer tuition assistance? That's how I got through. Well, that, double shifts, and Ramen Noodles. :chuckle

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Don't give up, Veronica. The answer may not be obvious right now, but it will present itself in due time. If you need help brainstorming, just let me know! I will be on it! :)


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i agree with lisa 100%. you gotta hang in there. you will find a way...and i'll keep ya in my prayers.


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I do apologize for something like this happening to you at a time like this. I know exactly what you mean about getting a job and all of the assistance being taken away from you. I'll be praying and thinking of an answer to solve this. Please stay positive and give it all to God.

Yeah, that kinda stinks when you feel like you are just getting ahead and then the money is, well, gone! Once you are working, though, I bet you get a real feeling of accomplishment when you look around you and know that you paid your own way! You will be able to look around you and know that you owe all you see to nobody but yourself. It's a great, great feeling!

Now, more importantly: this is a link for a financial aid program the government has (http://bhpr.hrsa.gov/nursing/aid.htm). You have to qualify financially--sounds like you would. You only have to agree to work at a hospital where you are needed for something like two years after you graduate. They pay tuition, books, fees and a small stipend (like an allowance). You do not have to pay it back, last I heard. (Read the website--you need to know for yourself....)

Before you think "Northern Exposure" (although maybe you are young enough not to remember that TV show?), these are hospitals right here in the real world. They are usually big city hospitals with lots of patients who need care and who can't afford insurance, so the hospitals have to write off a lot of their costs.

But you get the same pay and benefits, and the same schedule, etc., as any other nurse there.

It really just says, we don't want to pay for your education and you not work, is all.

Good luck!

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Good luck Veronica.


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hang in there...life is full of ups and downs...go back to the college and see if you can get the 2,000 put on hold...agree to anything...you will be able t pay off when you are better off than you are now...go to assistance office and find out if there are any programs that will help you pay for tutition, incidential expenses...it is to the benefit of all to allow you to move out of the system...

check with your church....sometimes they have scholarship money...check with friends and family...sell stock in yourself...write IOUs to come due at one year intervals...

don't give up there are resources out there...bless you

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