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  1. What is a good quality stethoscope?!

    I have found that a relatively expensive stethoscope, while often providing a slightly better sound, isn't much better than those cheapie disposables that hospitals provide for patients in isolation. If you can try out a stethoscope, that's best. Li...
  2. Are online ANP degrees destroying our credibility?

    Plenty of errors and poor care have come from people out of traditional programs. Accreditation is by national organizations, and it's consistently applied. There will always be reasons for MD's to prefer PA's (who cannot practice independently and t...
  3. Whats a good online RN-BSN program?

    University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) has a total online RN to BSN program for about $240 a credit hour. How many hours depends on what you've already done.
  4. Meds for menstrual suppression

    No one said it was against her will--not me, not her. I'm glad you and your two female soldiers were so close, I'm sure it made a difference in your experience. I also think it qualifies you for nothing more than your own experiences, and not a lot...
  5. Meds for menstrual suppression

    thought I posted earlier in response to your first suggestion that I would encourage her to do so. I still will. Thanks.
  6. Meds for menstrual suppression

    Thank you! she sent off for a copy by snail mail. I'll pass on the suggestion.
  7. Meds for menstrual suppression

    It's not me.
  8. Meds for menstrual suppression

    She is having difficulty getting her DD-214 and believes she will have further difficulty getting her medical files. That's what she said when I asked her. I will of course encourage her again to get them. Meanwhile....
  9. Meds for menstrual suppression

    Didn't think you were suggesting that either, in fact it seemed like maybe you were trying to get people to realize what they were posting. And you are right, very weird posts, some of them. Thanks for your support, and it does feel like support.
  10. Meds for menstrual suppression

    I'm surprised you personalized this. I didn't even respond to your post particularly. Thanks for your service, btw.
  11. Meds for menstrual suppression

    Interestingly, there are NIH articles about menstrual suppression in the field and particularly in battle situations, which is where my client was. Most people in the world may lie some of the time, but why would I come up with this here? I'm surpri...
  12. Meds for menstrual suppression

    What do you mean by fishing? She wants to get pregnant and at 29 has the s/s of a hormonal disruption that wasn't there prior to service.Let me guess--you are male, aren't you. You know, I don't think anyone said anything about trying to get someth...
  13. Meds for menstrual suppression

    First, thank you for your service. My son was a Marine and my proudest day was seeing him graduate from basic. I appreciate what you have done and who you are. I don't know about alluding to plots. I do know that it is sometimes very hard to get m...
  14. Meds for menstrual suppression

    I googled military menstrual suppression drugs and such, and didn't find anything like what she described, also nothing to suggest any long term effects. What is available online, and I only am interested in scholarly sources, are what we see advert...
  15. Meds for menstrual suppression

    Anyone know what drugs were given for women in combat in the Middle East for menstrual suppression? A client served 8 years as an EOD (explosives ordnance disposal, for the uninitiated--as I was until recently!) and spent weeks out in the sand with ...