UIC DNP Fall 2021


Has 3 years experience.

It is early, but Fall 2021 admission applications are now open. I start things fairly early. This is the only school I'm applying to. I am going the FNP route. I'll also attend their virtual application workshops coming up here in August. I visited the campus and spoke to faculty in the first semester of my BSN program and I graduate in December. I never see enough information about student life at this school so if you are a former student, how often were you on campus? If you are applying, will it be full time or part-time? What specialty are you applying for? I wish everyone luck.


Specializes in Psychiatry. Has 2 years experience.

I am also applying to UIC for 2021! I'm applying full time and to the psychiatric focus area. Best of luck with the application, I just started it this week :)


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has anyone got the interview invitation? I completed my interview a few days ago. Welcome to share or wait for the good news together! 

Has anyone heard back from UIC yet regarding their admission status?

No I haven’t as of yet, been checking my email since yesterday.

went to check application status this morning and it updated to "additional review required" - I emailed someone and they said not to worry and that the decisions should be released "soon"

My application status just changed to "additional review required" as well. 

any updates? 

Hi everyone,

I applied to the acute care program. My application also says additional review required. I was told we’d know by no later than mid-March which is now. But hopefully we’ll know soon! 

best of luck!

Still no change on my application portal. Has anyone reached out to admissions to get an update on when decisions will be out? 

Have you guys only applied to UIC or other schools as well? I've been hearing back from other schools and just waiting on UIC now!

Mine also says "additional review required." As someone else mentioned, I reached out to someone who said not to worry and that this was an internal aspect of the review process. I'm just guessing they are behind in getting back to us and put that down for everyone.