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  1. Pmhnp @ Chamberlain

    I am starting this program August 29th.
  2. DePaul RN-MSN (BSN) Fall 2022

    I applied to the MSN program and already have a BSN. There wasn’t much information about sample schedules online. When does the practicum start and how many semesters is it? Has anyone been notified of a decision yet? I plan to move to Chicago in Dec...
  3. I got my license number but it said I failed

    Not true. I got my ATT 1/6 and scheduled my test for 1/7. Texas had a license number posted on 1/7 but when I went to verify on nursys it said “Grad permit (pre exam)”. I feel like I failed so IDK.
  4. New HH RN Case Manager

    Wow this is the best answer so far. The whole idea of not being paid if charting takes me longer than it’s supposed to has turned me off of the job. I ended up rescinding my acceptance of the offer and taking something else, somewhere else in nurse m...
  5. New HH RN Case Manager

    I accepted a position as a HH RN Case Manager that starts in January. I’m a LPN now and I work agency in geriatrics so I’m very familiar with wound care, CPAPs, joint replacements, CVA patients, diabetic patients, etc. I’ve watched some videos of oth...
  6. Home Health Schedule

    Hi, I was offered a position with a home health agency. So my offer goes something like, there are 3 full time RNs (including me as a brand new new hire with no experience in HH). So we will have a call rotation. If we don’t have someone contrac...
  7. UIC DNP Fall 2021

    It is early, but Fall 2021 admission applications are now open. I start things fairly early. This is the only school I'm applying to. I am going the FNP route. I'll also attend their virtual application workshops coming up here in August. I visited t...
  8. Racism in Nursing: Is It Real?

    I have many stories but I’ll cut it down to a few so you’ll get the picture. A little background is that I’ve been an LPN for 2 years and I’m currently a BSN student in the central Illinois area. 1. When I was at clinical last week, I was having a c...