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UIC vs OSU BSN-DNP program decision!


Has 1 years experience.


I got accepted into both BSN to DNP programs and I have the (fortunate) decision of which to choose? Did anyone else just get into either program as well or know which program would be the stronger school for getting the best NP education? Both schools have high ratings. I've got to make my decision soon! Illinois vs Ohio..

I also got into USA (University of Southern Alabama) but I've mostly seen negative reviews about them so far. Thanks!


University of Illinois at Chicago? UIC is ranked as one of the top 20 nursing programs in the country. The have a huge nursing research program and have plenty of grants to tout the quality of the education there.

Faculty are hard-asses and expect you to know your stuff; no games / slacking off. You can transfer directly into the DNP program if you're sure you want NP. My experience here changed my life in many [good] ways.

Chicago is a high needs city; tons of hospitals and people that need care. Use your street smarts and Chicago city life w/crime should not deter you.