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  1. Lanntis

    Can RN's function as Sleep Technologists?

    Thanks for the information! I wish "overqualified" weren't a thing in the world, but it seems to carry on. I'm more into the whole "honest day's work for an honest day's pay" kind of concept myself. But yes, I'll have to look into sleep clinic when things pick up and see if they like having BSN's there
  2. Lanntis

    Can RN's function as Sleep Technologists?

    I have, actually! My intention was not to put down or condescend in any way. Watching people sleep is not necessarily a simple or easy task. No offense was offered from my statement. Merely asking if there is a pathway to polysomnography for RN's that doesn't involve a whole new degree.
  3. Random question in this crazy pandemic economy. Many facilities are redeploying or laying off staff in certain nursing specialties right now. Before I became an RN I was always kind of interested in sleep studies and basically watching the patient's sleep all night. Is there a fast track for already BSN prepared nurses? All I can find is information about how associate degrees and STAR programs are the requirement. It seems like as RN's there would only be maybe some sleep specific coursework we could self study at home and then take a credentialing test? Anyone have any knowledge? I wouldn't mind working as a polysomnographer tech for awhile during this whole pandemic crisis and my current job security being iffy.
  4. Hello, I got accepted into both BSN to DNP programs and I have the (fortunate) decision of which to choose? Did anyone else just get into either program as well or know which program would be the stronger school for getting the best NP education? Both schools have high ratings. I've got to make my decision soon! Illinois vs Ohio.. I also got into USA (University of Southern Alabama) but I've mostly seen negative reviews about them so far. Thanks!
  5. Lanntis

    OSU Grad Entry Program 2020

    Anything for already working RNs going into BSN to DNP? I hijacked the grad entry thread. Haha. Sorry!
  6. Lanntis

    OSU Grad Entry Program 2020

    I was accepted into the BSN to DNP program for Psych on Monday! I'm pretty terrified but also excited. @NicoleDJ would you mind PM'ing me, I too would love to have someone ahead in the program that may help me stay afloat. I'm going to be in the part time distance program and Patho nearly destroyed me in nursing school. Congratulations to everyone else, if there is a FB group for 2020 BSN to DNP OSU groups, please let me know! I'm not from Ohio (might be moving there despite being in the distance cohort) so I hope I can still make some friends through technology or during experiences we have to travel to on campus.
  7. Lanntis


    Thanks! No, nothing about scholarships presently. Just the due date of the $250 downpayment for your seat in the program. So nervous. How much were you planning on spending for your FNP?
  8. Lanntis


    Not that anyone is reading but I just got accepted today for PMHNP DNP! I'm now terrified though. It's so expensive!! Why are all these schools 100k it seems. And these arent even the private ones. Those are like 200k! NPs dont make physician money.
  9. Lanntis


    PMed you
  10. Lanntis


    gatorem, It's a "Zoom" interview I believe. I'll have to look up that program, but I'm sure its similar to skype. It's probably a detriment but I can't fly up at that time, unfortunately. What specialty are you applying for? Any other schools? I can't find anyone or anything about UIC other than their website. I'm nervous. If I get in here, I'll move to Chicago. There are other schools in states I'd rather not live in, and ones I'd prefer to live in. lol. I'm just ready to get on with grad school!
  11. Lanntis


    gatorem, I got interview invite today via email with a couple of days and times to choose from. I have to do the online from FL, it's expensive to fly within 2 weeks , hotels and all Dunno if that is their way of quietly throwing my app in the trash if I can't fly into Chicago to do it in person.
  12. Lanntis


    I'm in the same boat, did you do it yet? I've finished everything but doing the recording. I want the PMHNP also.
  13. Lanntis

    University of Washington (UW) Fall 2019 DNP

    Can anyone tell me how competitive the DNP program specialties are? I'm wanting psych and I like UW, but man when I look at their 7 page checklist of requirements to apply it seems overwhelming. At least 4 essays, video interviews, extremely detailed resume, an "implicit bias" study, statistics courses updated (mine expired a few years ago, so I would have to redo statistics) extremely specific recommendation letters, on and on. This is the most strict and specific application I've seen looking across the country. I've only 1 year in psych RN practice and a 3.5 gpa + my life story. Should I bother? It'll take me weeks to do this UW app, but I'd rather not if it's a very low acceptance rate. Feel free to PM me if anyone has some further information or details to guide me, please.
  14. Lanntis

    Boston College Direct Entry MSN 2019

    Does anyone at Boston College CON know if their new DNP programs (psych in particular) are CCNE or ACEN accredited? I can't for the life of me find their accreditation anywhere on their website. That's kind of a huge deal. Thank you!
  15. Lanntis

    RUSH BSN-DNP Fall 2019!

    Hey all, anyone else applied to Rush for this fall? I just applied at the Feb 1 deadline for PMHNP, but I have no idea how their timelines work other than the app deadline has passed. Anyone else out there part of this process? Would love to stress with you!
  16. Lanntis

    NCLEX was easy

    Mine is next week and I have begun the freakout stage. I took a month off school in August like we were told not to (accelerated program and I needed to take a step back before I had a nervous breakdown.) I started uworld sept 5th and I've got 550 questions left. I'm averaging around 58-62% overall. I find uworld pretty freaking hard for me. I'm awful at peds, ob, and anything baby related in general. The SATA, I get maybe 3 or 4 right out of every 10? I only bought the one "assessment" so I haven't used it yet, sometime this week. Any advice on how to get through this? Almost my whole cohort has passed already, and here I am still paralyzed. I always go randomly do the kaplan question of the day on their site and get it wrong. Its very different than the uworld way of asking things. I need this over with...the field of psychiatry needs me. Hah.

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