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do u think i can make it?

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i failed the nclex-rn exam once.i took it last may.did not take it again.got my att last august & was planning to take it last october but did not dare because i lost my guts & been out of my mind.been busy working & applying for work (got laid off).& now i'm volunteering in a long-term care facility.i'm so lost & really need your help.i've read the 2 books in kaplan (the basic&course book) & the strategies for the nclex-rn exam 2010 ed.now i started reading the saunders 4th ed.i want to take the exam next month.i really need some motivation with my study habit.suggestions,advices&guidelines from you all..because it's/i'm not consistent.i'm still in chapter 9 in saunder's.do u think i can make it?started reading it last wednesday.i really need to focus this one now..hope to hear from you all out there who has the experience & willing to share it so i myself can learn something from it too..words of wisdom so i will stay motivated,focused & inspired..thank you so much..GodbLess!!

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The real question is not if we think you'll make it, but if you think or rather know you will make it. You are on the right path...study, study, study. If you use a Q&A style book, make your own mini test and grade yourself. That is how I studied for PN and RN. Good luck!


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I used an interactive CD rom that was included with my NCLEX book. It simulated the NCLEX test and showed you what areas you needed to study more. Remember, always answer ABC's. (airway, breathing, circulation)!


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Consistency is the key in accomplishing your goal in your study plan.

-Make a study plan consisting with a strict schedule and number of hours per day to study. Your plan should end 2 days before the exam.

-Saunders is a good start for content. Do all the Q&A's found at the end of each chapter. You need to have more correct answers than your mistakes.

-I suggest reading LaCharity. It's a small book but a really good one for delegation and prioritization questions (a common one in the NCLEX). If you don't have the book, I suggest you visit the nearest Barnes and Nobles in your place and read the book there.

-If you already have a test date, I suggest that you answer 100 questions a day on the same time you are going to test. In that way, your brain gets used to be worked up on the same time in preparation for the exam. Practice makes permanent.

-The secret behind passing the NCLEX is knowing your content, using the correct testing strategies and practice answering 100-200 questions a day. -Lastly, pray. Pray before reviewing and answering questions. It wouldn't hurt to seek help and guidance. God helps the people that helps themselves.

-Don't forget to breathe. Don't get caught with the stress on answering questions everyday. If you are consistent, you'll definitely get used to it. Remember that the best bronchodilator is deep breathing.

-2 days before the exam, allow yourself to rest. Pamper yourself like getting a massage, a facial or watch a movie. If you don't feel like doing those, brush up your memory with all the normal values, common meds and infection control precautions (spiderman mnemonics).

I did all of the above in my study plan and passed in my 2nd attempt last Nov 16 with only 75 questions.

Good Luck to you! =D

thank you so much nyteshade,debbylet&cebuana_nurse for all your advices..i did print it.guide all the way to wherever it'll take me..success!!so happy to read it..i'll really apply what you had just told me..i'll keep you updated too with my progress..again,thank you thank you thank you very much..GodbLess..

congratulations to you cebuana_nurse..you made it!!consistency really is the key..thank you..

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good luck and stay focused :)

Your post talks about reading your review books. Instead of passively reading review books, at this point you should be doing a couple of hundred questions each day. That is how people pass the boards. Answer questions every day and study the rationales. Good luck.


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I don't know about other states, but I am in NY and our ATT was only good for 90 days. I just wanted to mention that since you said you got it at the end of August so you can check your ATT to see if it has an "expiration" date on it. GOOD LUCK!

Keep on answering at least 100 questions per day.

I used Saunders, Exam Cram Practice Qs and the NCLEX 3500.

Good luck.


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Sure! We all attend nursing school to make it. Have faith in God. Wish you da best!

I'm sure you can make it if you really love the profession!

All the best!

you should not question if we think you can make it. you made it through nursing school and that's 1/2 the battle. if you need to read something read my post of what i went through "i passed, ever felt down about nclex, you must read this." you have to develop a study plan and know it's temporary until you pass. you need to stick to you plan 7 days a week study so many hours a day without overdoing it, you know yourself and you also know what other demands you have. i used alot of prayer daily which helped to give me strength and i know people get motivated by other ways so find your way. you have alot of support of jun. pm me if you would like a personal support friend because i will be there for you. happy thanksgiving!!!!!!

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