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  1. McFly85

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    BScN = Bachelor of Science in Nursing I hear there's a few nurses that decide to move down to the U.S. Pay is a bit better, and some hospitals pay for airfare and accommodations for a certain period of time. As well, there may be incentives such as relocation money. As far as I know, Canadian nurses must take the NCLEX. The only exception I've heard of is if you're working in Texas. The Canadian license is transferable to that state only.
  2. McFly85

    New grads on a burn center, preparing and resourses

    Wow Thanks for the info! I'm a new grad too and this helps!
  3. McFly85

    RN/RPN jobs in Toronto

    Try checking out HFOjobs.ca. Has a bunch of job listings
  4. McFly85

    Elders Say the Darnedest Things!

    Haha wow!
  5. McFly85

    Whats the deal with all the crying?!?!....

    Never cried during a clinical shift, but I did see it a lot during my years in school. Sometimes, people just need to cry though and especially in nursing.
  6. McFly85

    do u think i can make it?

    I'm sure you can make it if you really love the profession! All the best!
  7. McFly85

    Tips for Student Nursing

    Wish I read your article before I started my nursing program! Great work!
  8. McFly85

    I Love This Job

    Wonderful article!
  9. McFly85

    It's Just a Shower

    Wow. That's a great post!
  10. McFly85

    Nurses as Teachers

    Does your school library have any research databases you can use? My university had a few that allowed us to find articles for our assignments
  11. McFly85

    My Papa. Why I Am The Nurse I Am Today.

    Thanks for sharing that story!
  12. McFly85

    Qualities of an ER nurse!

    I am interested in being an ER nurse as well. What would you experienced RNs suggest for a new grad trying to get into that specialty?
  13. McFly85

    Operating Room Nurse: Roles

    Thanks for all the info. I've always been interested in the OR.
  14. McFly85

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    Here's another! Just finished my BScN in Toronto. There's a lot more just graduating too!
  15. McFly85

    Failed CRNE twice...

    From Toronto, but still trying to figure out how to PM back!
  16. McFly85

    Failed CRNE twice...

    Hey kay_84 I did not pass the CRNE after my 2nd attempt and looking to take a course as well. Are you taking a Toronto course? I am looking for info for courses in that city.