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  1. cascades09

    Scrub store in Seattle?

    There is a Life Uniform located across the street from the northeast corner of Southcenter Mall, in the strip mall between Southcenter and the Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse.
  2. cascades09

    First Cath!

  3. cascades09

    passing the nclex

  4. Try the free online 3500 review and ExamCram Practice Qs. I highly recommend them.
  5. cascades09

    I just wanted to cry!!

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  7. cascades09

    Suggestions for study material

    Hi Katie, I recommend the Saunders Compre 4th Ed for the basics, La Charity for prioritization, Exam Cram Practice Qs and the NCLEX 3500-a free online review for analysis. Good luck.
  8. cascades09

    FINALLY....A JOB!!!!

  9. cascades09

    Online Application - Federally funded healthcare program???

    Thank you Altra and Classicdame for your reply.
  10. cascades09

    Passed the NCLEX 2nd time around!!

  11. cascades09

    do u think i can make it?

    Keep on answering at least 100 questions per day. I used Saunders, Exam Cram Practice Qs and the NCLEX 3500. Good luck.
  12. Hi, I see this question on online applications. What does it mean? "Are you currently excluded from providing services in any federally funded healthcare program including Medicare or Medicaid?"
  13. cascades09

    Tips on passing CNA Test! please...

    Depress_nurse, Good luck on your review. That's right, only memorize the very basic lab values. If you try to understand the concept first, the analysis of the question becomes easier. Eliminate wrong answers. I read the Saunders and used mostly the free online review of nclex3500, this one is a lot challenging than Saunders. Get the ExamCram Practice book. It has 1,000 questions and the style is a lot similar to the actual exam. I think it is less than $30. You can focus on this 1-2 weeks before your exam. I cannot say about their CD since I haven't accessed it until now. Don't clutter your mind with a lot of review materials because it will just confuse you. What worked for me was, Saunders for the basics, La Charity for prioritization, and 3500/ExamCram for analysis.