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  1. yes, prioritization, delegation and assignment is one of the books that is a must!!!!!! get the newest edition!!!! a review course helps also. if you would like to know what helped me please pm.:redpinkhe
  2. determinedgal1

    I Passed!!!-Ever felt down about NCLEX You Must ReadThis!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is a true story!:redbeathe this is everything i went through to be the best rn ever! so with that in mind i encourage each one of you to keep working towards your dream to be an rn.:) you will get there and quite frankly it's soooo worth it!:redpinkhe debbie rn, bsn
  3. determinedgal1

    hurst review

    Hi Ksoares, The online review you have unlimited use for 3 months or if you choose live. They explain things in such a way that it makes total sense. This was the key to my success! Make sure you give yourself time to study then take the NCLEX. HURST has a 98% pass rate and Marlene makes studying FUN! Good Luck! Debbie:redpinkhe
  4. determinedgal1

    do u think i can make it?

    you should not question if we think you can make it. you made it through nursing school and that's 1/2 the battle. if you need to read something read my post of what i went through "i passed, ever felt down about nclex, you must read this." you have to develop a study plan and know it's temporary until you pass. you need to stick to you plan 7 days a week study so many hours a day without overdoing it, you know yourself and you also know what other demands you have. i used alot of prayer daily which helped to give me strength and i know people get motivated by other ways so find your way. you have alot of support of jun. pm me if you would like a personal support friend because i will be there for you. happy thanksgiving!!!!!! debbie rn, bsn:redpinkhe
  5. determinedgal1

    hurst review

    hi deemarie, first of all i had done many reviews and finally heard about hurst review and did their online studies. you get everything you need to prepare and can watch the videos 24/7 for three full months and i also liked their guarantee because if you did not pass (which if you do what marlene says, you will) you could get the class again for 3 months i believe $75.00. the approach marlene hurst uses if different than any other and she keeps your attention because she's funny and you will remember what she has to say. this is a very wise investment and she has a 98% pass rate. i used this review and passed in march. you will go into to your exam prepared and with confidence. good luck to you!:redpinkhe debbie, rn bsn
  6. determinedgal1

    Finally i am now a REGISTERED NURSE!

    congratulations!!!!!! all of the hard work paid off good luck to you in your new nursing profession! :anpom::ancong!::anpom:
  7. determinedgal1

    I PASSED!!!!! 4th times a charms. Heres how

    congratulations, annie!!!!!! this is your time to shine and it is well deserved. :anpom::ancong!::anpom:
  8. determinedgal1

    June 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    congratulations!!!! i know it was well deserved and you are relieved! :hpygrp::ancong!::hpygrp:*wine
  9. determinedgal1

    June 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    hi dconnors:nurse: congratulations!!!!!! it is your chance to shine in the spotlight and i am sure it is well deserved! :anpom::ancong!::anpom: debbie rn,bsn:redpinkhe
  10. determinedgal1

    June 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    good luck to all june test takers! you will all do fine! keeping calm and relaxed is the key! do not forget your lunch of healthy snacks, water for your breaks and take them frequently, go to the restroom and do jumping jacks (sounds silly, but it works) breaks, 1 every hour is about right but take them according to how you feel but remember you have to refocus each time, you know yourself! :flwrhrts:debbie rn,bsn:redpinkhe
  11. determinedgal1

    June 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    good luck to all june test takers and retakers! debbie, rn, bsn:redpinkhe
  12. determinedgal1

    remembering meds? anyone?

    When preparing for NCLEX I studied the medications by the drug classes, new the action, side effects etc. and just simply reviewed them by categories and by the suffixes. I would always be glancing at meds at night but while watching my favorite TV show and trying to relax the Commercials are full of drug commercials what a great way to reinforce your medication study, (and any NEW ONES) they tell you what you need to know in the commercials. Try it! You have to keep in perspective that there are many ways medications can be asked. Good Luck to Everyone! Debbie:redpinkhe
  13. determinedgal1

    I Passed!!!-Ever felt down about NCLEX You Must ReadThis!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi everyone, i just want to take the time to thank everyone that read my nclex-rn story with the hopes of inspiring others to keep moving forward and to achieve your goals. :tku: if anyone has questions, and i mean anyone, i would be willing to give you some advice, be part of your support system to keep everyone on track with your studies. you may pm me, e-mail me and i will always get back to you. this website has been very helpful, therapeutic and i have met a lot of true friends. just remember when you're feeling your worst to never, ever give up! in time, you will all be rn's! i truly believe it's god's timing so don't ever stop believing in him. on may 19th, i accepted my rn position on a neuro med/surg unit and the application, updating resumes and the interviewing process was not easy but with motivation, determination and never losing sight of your goal, it happened.:redpinkhe debbie, rn, bsn:nurse:
  14. determinedgal1

    May 09 NCLEX support group

  15. determinedgal1

    no more anxiety....

    congratulations to you and your new profession. good luck to you in finding the job of your dreams!
  16. determinedgal1

    The BEST advice EVER for NCLEX RN