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Too tired to do anything on days off


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Is it just me... or is it really hard to do anything on your days off because you are just so mentally and physically exhausted from work?

I am so tired on the days I'm not working that I honestly don't want to do anything but lie on the couch. Being a nurse is so difficult and draining. I know other employed people can be tired, too... but I just feel the nursing career is so different.

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Maybe you should get a health check up, with labs done? Make sure they check your thyroid. Also, look at your dietary habits. A lot of nurses get in the bad habit of snacking on sugary junk all the time. And thirdly, some sort of exercise program can help get your energy up. You need to use energy to get energy!

Sometimes stress can make you lose motivation :/

It's happened to me before.

Drink coffee and read/watch something inspirational.

You have to do self care!!

I am often tired and unmotivated on days off.

Fortunately, my spouse is motivated and requires me to participate in the outings to the AK wilderness as well as evening bike rides.

llg, PhD, RN

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How long have you worked in nursing? In my experience, the tiredness often improves a bit as you get used to a new job.


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I second getting a check up w/ labs. If that comes back fine, you have to make yourself get up and do something. The hardest part is making yourself get up, but once your up and about, you will feel so much better!


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I find that adding some type of exercise helped me with this especially when it was cold outside. Even if just a short walk in the neighborhood will pep me up. Get some sunshine!


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I just found out that it could also be an effect of birth control pills. :/

"tired, non-motivated, and less interested in sex"

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You have not shared how long you have been a nurse, or what shift you are on.

If you are working night shift , this is to be expected. The brief time I was on nights, my circadian rhythm could not adjust.. I slept the entire time I was off.

Add to that the stress of nursing in general.. your fatigue is not unusual.

You are correct, nurses experience emotional and physical fatigue unique to the field.

Analyze your personal issues.. eat well, exercise and meditate.

Be well, let us know how it's going.


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I work days. I have less than 5 years of experience. I eat well. I don't exercise much though. I consider work exercise. I "power walk" a lot at work.

I too feel tired on my days off and overwhelmed. I am a new nurse only 10 months of experience under my belt. I work during the day shift and when I have a day off all I do is lay around. Hopefully it gets better because this isn't something I want to do just work and waste my life away sort of speak by laying around.


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Work is physically tiring, but also very mentally tiring. Constantly thinking, assessing, reassessing. Chances are you didn't sleep enough because you are up at 0500. Look at this way too... Two 12 hr shifts back to back is like three 8 hr shifts, but with less sleep.


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Yeah, I mean I DO do things... like wash dishes, clean, do laundry, cook, etc. I just want to relax on my days off and do nothing. I work at work then work at home. I can't imagine what it'd be like with kids someday.

I get 6.5-7 hours of sleep every night before a shift. I think that's more than the average nurse.

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I'm in that boat. 2 or 3 shifts in a row and my next day I am a complete waste. I usually have insomnia- this last stretch I slept 10 hours straight with no benadryl or anything.still was a complete waste when I woke up. But next day after that I managed to get things done. Thought it was my age, but then my coworker who is almost 15 years younger than me said the same thing( although she's going to NP school too)

My pcp ( who I won't go to anymore unless im dying , lol) said work is not considered exercise. Even if I am on my feet with no break for 13 hours straight. It's a no- win situation.

It's too bad because I don't even feel like doing anything fun anymore, as I'm too tired.

I feel your pain, OP.


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I would get vitamin D level, blood counts and thyroid checked, but I feel the same. I'm caring for 2 young kids on my days "off" and it's rough.


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My blood work is good.

And how is 12-13 hours of being on your feet not considered exercise? Last time I checked, moving around all day is different than lying down all day...

Been there,done that, ASN, RN

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My blood work is good.

And how is 12-13 hours of being on your feet not considered exercise? Last time I checked, moving around all day is different than lying down all day...

It's not considered exercise because it is your normal level of activity. Stinks , I know.

I am old and decrepit, but I do a Hasfit 15 minute workout every day. I feel much better with exercise.

Nurse 18 months . I was extremely tired to the point I was not able to do anything . Well , I was hypothyroid!!! Now I feel so much better !!!