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  1. nalaa83

    Should I get both ACLS and PALS?

    I believe you should get it. Do anything in your power to optimize your chances. I too am a new grad and I will be getting my PALS because I really want Pediatric nursing job but will also get my ACLS. Good luck we new nurses have it hard.
  2. nalaa83

    First Interview Peds ER

    Aww thanks so much. I really appreciate your kind words and insight. Also, good luck to you on your Nursing journey. I will update you regarding this once I hear something. I really hope that I land the job.
  3. nalaa83

    Passed the NCLEX RN :)

  4. nalaa83

    First Interview Peds ER

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. First congrats to your cousin for landing a job. Next, I am in the USA I live in New York. This is my second degree, I hold a Bachelor in Psychology and I have my Associates in Nursing. Also the position that I got interviewed at is the same hospital I currently work. Are you currently taking pre-reqs?
  5. nalaa83

    My NCLEX Story, Please read to be inspired!

    Congrats on passing and your bundle of joy coming soon. Thanks for sharing your story.
  6. nalaa83

    Missed you all, took NCLEX, good pop-up!

    Congrats and good luck on your job search!!!
  7. nalaa83

    Yay!! I passed Nclex-PN

  8. nalaa83

    Passed nclex & you can too!

  9. Well I have passed Adv Med Surg with 82. I am happy.
  10. I am so excited it was a rough road with lots of bumps in it. I am forever thankful and yes in my opinion prayer does help.
  11. nalaa83

    Your first semester/quarter grades

    Fundamental A- Pharm A- Med Surg I B+, Advance Med Surg B-
  12. Thanks so much for the advice. I do have a NCLEX review because I am in Advance Med Surg. I find it more difficult to master but I am going to take your suggestions. I did not do well on my Neuro Exam I got a 78 so my average is 79.5. I need to pass the final with at least a 78 and do well on the ATI in order for me to pass the exam. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to offer me advice. I will update you all. Thanks so much!!!!
  13. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. I really appreciate this. Yes I will follow those strategies that you mentioned. I will try not to focus on it being a test and think of it as reviewing. I am now going to be studying for my final and my comprehensive ATI exam. Thanks again!!!
  14. nalaa83

    I am an OB Nurse :)

    Congrats and good luck on the NCLEX!!!
  15. nalaa83

    Studying for RN program

    Oh boy I know the feeling I am dealing with that right now. I am in Med-Surg II (critical care) and its kicking my butt. I use Saunders Nclex-Review Book and I also have the Q&A by Lippincott. The Saunders helps with the application like Nursing Interventions and gives a clear and concise information about the topic. Does your school use Ati? Also I would say read the beginning of the Saunders Book it has great testing strategies to aid you in making the correct answer choice. My problem is anxiety I will know all the information but when it comes down to the test I can't remember or think. I am trying to find relaxation techniques to assist me. What is passing in your program? As for me at my school its 80. Hope what I said is helpful.
  16. nalaa83

    A Quick Question for Fellow Students

    In my Fundamentals I was able to do Peg Tube feedings, Trach Suctioning, Ostomy Care, NG Tubes,Wound Care (wet-to-dry), Pressure Ulcers, Foley Cath and of course vital signs and complete head-toe-assessment. In med-surg 1: I was able to hand IV's, injections (IM,Subq,), give meds, finger sticks, Prime tubing..theres more but I can't think right now...