To the unemployed new grads... what ARE you doing?


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Hi guys and gals,

It's a crappy job market and economy. I was just wondering what my fellow umemployed new grads were doing while they are job hunting and pulling out their hair. I'm just finishing up my last couple flu clinics while still looking for a job. What about you? Are you parking cars or working at Starbucks just to make a few dollars until you land that nursing position?

I'm curious what the responses are.


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I have been tutoring nursing students at my local community college. The pay is decent but it is not even a half time job. However, I am very glad to have this job because at least I am keeping my knowledge base fresh and it looks good on a resume.

That being said, I have had only one nursing interview in 6 months (Graduated May 2010).

It is really a funny story, despite fact I did not get the job. Hiring person had both her arms and legs crossed the entire time. It was the 2nd interview, after I had already cleared the HR interview the previous week. I still don't know what kind of a bee interviewer #2 had in her proverbial bonnet. Maybe she didn't like my hair color. Or maybe she was put off by the fact that I am in my 50's and look it. Anyhow, at the end, she told me "interviewing was ongoing" and that they would not be hiring until "after the holidays".

The funny part is that the interview itself was 70 miles round trip from my house. It was on top of a mountain in upstate NY. I kind of got lost getting there and it turned out you had to go through a state park to get there. Forget about bears or deer jumping out, I expected to see a dinosaur!! It was the forest primeval, for real!

On my last leg up the mountain, I suddenly hit a hair pin turn, really a "U" in the road. Now this road was 2-way. Both going up and coming down, I encountered a huge tractor trailer trying to negotiate that hairpin, with other cars behind it. On one side of the road, it is a sheer stone-faced wall and on the other side there is an unobstructed drop of about 3,000 feet. (Remember, this is a twisting path up and around the mountain.)

I realized that all that would have had to have happened would be for me to be on that road in winter, with the road slick and icey. It would not even be my driving that was a concern. All that would have to happen is for one of those tractor trailers to have bald tires and I would either be smooshed up against the stone wall or pitched over the side, falling 3,000 feet to my death.

What situations I do get myself into!

Yep, it sure is fun being a new grad and looking for work.

Boy, they can continue their interviewing. I feel sorry for the poor slob that takes that position. They are putting themselves at great bodily peril by doing so.

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I worked as a nursing assistant through nursing school so I held on to that position until I got a job as a RN.

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I just graduated on Saturday, so I've been doing practice questions for the NCLEX-RN and waiting for my school to submit paperwork to the state so I can get my Authorization to Test.

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Funny, I was going to post the same question. I am not a New Grad, but feel like one since I haven't worked in a hospital before. I quit my job recently after two years of working there. Unfortunately, I didn't bother looking for another job prior to my resignation knowing that it's hard to find another job. I was so burned out at that place, that I wanted to take time for myself, relax and also do some soul searching. I also had the opportunity to work in a flu clinic, but for some reason turned it down.

Right now I'm working per diem with an Independent Contractor. I am getting paid $7 less than I used to make. The downside is I work whenever there are assignments available and there are no benefits.

I am thinking about working during the holidays doing non-nursing tasks even if it's for $9/hr meanwhile that I'm waiting for a reply for a nursing position. I feel that during this time of the year you have more opportunity of getting hired even if it's temporary, but at least you are getting paid.

I try to stay positive, because I know that eventually I will find the right job or be in the right place in my life. I guess I found this positive thinking from watching the movie "In Her Shoes" and "Eat, Pray, Love". Who knows? Maybe it will not be nursing, but at least it will be something that I will enjoy doing.




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To TheSquire:

Can you tell me how the whole NCLEX application works?

I am applying to Illinois BON and I am confused like no other! I register both on Pearson and CTS but then I also have to give paperwork to BON that requires proof I graduated... but I need to send this paperwork in before I graduate? Which means I need to RE-SEND this form that is signed by the director of my nursing program to BON when I graduate??

I'm so so so terribly confused. :(

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You reminded me of an interview I had a long time ago that happened to fall in Halloween. The staff was having a costume constest and one of my interviewers took part in it. She had on a fruit basket as a hat and all throughout the interview did not bother look me in the eye or ask me any questions, had her arms and legs crossed and she looked like she was pouting. The other interviewer was very nice. Apparently she was bitter, because she didn't win the constest.

Also, working with an Independent Contractor you don't know where you will end up working. Recently, I took on an assignment that led to a narrow winding road to a casino at dawn. My stomach felt very queasy and my sweaty hands were gripping at the steering wheel. I was driving VERY slowly with cars trailing behind me, because I was afraid that I will go over the cliff. All this time I was mumbling to myself "If I hadn't quit my job, I wouldn't be in this risky mess..." I've noticed that lately I get a little anxious driving on the freeways especially driving in the rain at night. The last time that I felt this way, was when I first got my driver's license twelve years ago.


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Babysitting & about to start working at McDonalds at this rate. I just can't keep up with the bills. :(

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Babysitting & about to start working at McDonalds at this rate. I just can't keep up with the bills. :(

I thankfully have an EMT-B license and so am sending out apps to local ambulance companies in hopes of securing a job with one of them in the interim. The pay leaves much to be desired, but at least it's money earned in a healthcare job.

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Putting in application after application after application :-(

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I graduated in May and am still working in my LPN position at an LPN pay, until I find an RN job. Where I work they do not want to pay RN wages. I have put in so many applications, with no luck. Keeping my fingers crossed that someone will take pity on my and give me an interview.

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I have a job as an editor that I kept throughout nursing school, and I'm still doing that. I also started doing more blogging and more creative writing.

I volunteer once a week in pediatric LTC and once a week in peds homecare.

Oh, and I take care of my family. All I ask for is a nice lottery win to pay the bills and I'm all set. Seriously my life is full, what do I need a nursing job for?