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EKG interpretation, LTC, oncology
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BigB_RN specializes in EKG interpretation, LTC, oncology.

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  1. Hmmm....Risk for Infection? Don't forget psycho-social aspects too.
  2. Risk for Injury and Activity Intolerance come to mind...
  3. The author is Dale Dubin I believe.
  4. I would highly recommend the book titled "Rapid Interpretation of EKGs". I forget the author, but I can find out. The book has a bright orange cover.
  5. BigB_RN

    Aloha Hawai'i Nurses

    My wife told me tonight that she would be totally cool about moving to Hawai'i if I found a job there or on one of the other islands. I was like, Sweet! So, I was wondering, how hard is it to get a job? I have 9 months experience with long term care and inpatient oncology. Are there any particular hospitals on any of the islands who would take in a newer nurse? It would be a dream to work and live in paradise. I'm an avid windsurfer and stand up paddler too. Any tips or words of advice would be appreciated. Mahalo!
  6. BigB_RN


    Ha! Well, I'm glad I'm not alone. As far as being superstitious at work, I learned that very quickly at my first job and it's amazing how true that is. I could site several examples of that.
  7. BigB_RN


    Kind of a silly question, but is anybody superstitious or slightly obsessive when it comes to applying for jobs? For example, do you only call recruiters at a certain time of day or do you stare at your phone expecting it to ring for a job? This is a silly topic, but they way the job market is now, I wouldn't be surprised if this was considered normal. Ha!:)
  8. BigB_RN

    Going from RN to Paramedic

    Are there more job openings being a paramedic? We all know how many job openings are out there as a new grad nurse.
  9. BigB_RN

    Who is working tonight?

    I worked 3 - 11 pm last year. Brought it the New Year during my commute.
  10. BigB_RN


    Are there any unemployed RN's on this forum who are doing any volunteer work to keep their resume's looking sharp and active? I'm considering it and would love to hear some thoughts or advice on it. Is it something that will look good on your resume as being at least proactive? I've thought of volunteering for the American Heart Association or even at a hospital. Thanks in advance and have a great holiday season!
  11. I don't think it hurts to do... My brother has had success with it, granted, he's not in the healthcare field, but still. It's another form of networking.
  12. I would say this is typical. The process is generally slow, but when your looking for a job and finally had the interview, every hour that passes, is pretty much like torture. Try to chill and enjoy the holidays is the best advice. Do you mind if I ask where you flew to for the interview? Congrats and good luck!
  13. BigB_RN

    How many years experience helps?

    It's easy to get an RN job in Australia??? Wow!! That's refreshing to hear.
  14. BigB_RN

    Called for 2nd interview!

    Awesome...Congrats! My advice: Take a deep breath and relax. You'll hit it out of the park.
  15. Hi guys and gals, It's a crappy job market and economy. I was just wondering what my fellow umemployed new grads were doing while they are job hunting and pulling out their hair. I'm just finishing up my last couple flu clinics while still looking for a job. What about you? Are you parking cars or working at Starbucks just to make a few dollars until you land that nursing position? I'm curious what the responses are.
  16. BigB_RN

    i want to pass my nclex rn

    Get the blue Saunders book. It lays everything out in bulleted format. Malenurses is right; don't stress out and focus on your weaker areas.

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