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I looked at the Competition Title and thought... Hmmm I can't comment on this one and then all of a sudden I thought, 'What about all those out there pondering the idea of going nursing', so here are my tips for "Student Nursing/nurses". Nurses General Nursing Article

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Thank you for all the tips.


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I liked your article, but I have to say before I got into nuring school I knew how to write essays and papers and everything. Once I got into nursing school it seemed to be a different story though. The charting that you do is all in broken sentences, or that's how we do ours, which was a very difficult transition for me.

On another note, I heard that some students from my school a few semesters ahead of me went out after clinicals still in uniform, with the school logo on it and ordered alcohol. Probably not the wisest choice.


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Thank u soo much! One for being down to earth and another for just telling it like it is!!!!!:yeah:


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References, assignments and reflective practice. My three nightmares

HI! I am right there with you! I wanted to be an LPN when I graduated from high school 20 years ago....but "life happened" and here I am in my first semester of my 11 month program. It is sooooo funny to be back in school from 8am to 3pm every day. I do find it amazing how those of us who have always wanted to be a nurse can not seem to ever walk away from that dream. It is like we put it on layaway for a couple of years....but we know with every fiber of our being who we are supposed to be. Good luck to you and just know there is someone in Virginia almost throwing out a butt cheek trying to lift the book bag in the car too! :smilecoffeecup:

:eek: I absolutely LOVE it. Thanks for the tips. I've got one year of school left and need all the advise I can get!!!!!
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Please Please Please add more tips!! :D Also I am interested in Neuroscience nursing (already have B.S. in Psychology and love Neuropsychology), do you have any tips as far as achieving this speciality or any experiences in the Neurology Ward that may help me in my nursing career? I love hearing experience stories because they hold a wealth of information one can not get from a textbook ;)

Thanks a lot for the tips you post it. It is a little scary to me, because my writing is by far not perfect or near to be.. But honestly, all I have heard about nursing school is equally terrifying. I would enter to Nursing School this fall09 at UM(university of Miami). Let's see how that turns out to be.

Thanks for the tip, and if you have some more useful tips don't hesitate to share them. I look forward to hear some more.:wink2:


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This is so encouraging!!! I was accepted into a 1.5 yr RN program on June 3rd! I start classes this coming Tuesday but have orientation from 9-5pm on Monday. I'm so thrilled, so excited. Though the 1 class that scares me is Health Assessment. Fellow students who have been kicked out or dropped out say it's hard and great to get a C in. I do not want a C in any of my nursing classes. I'm 19 yrs old by the way and will graduate right after my 21st birthday. That is my birthday present to myself.

Vanessa T

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I am a freshman wanting to specialize in emergency care as a nurse, thank you so much for the tips they well be useful to me. :bowingpur


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thank for the articucle, is very amazing to know that experience.

the articucle explained some things so important to me.

thank you very much. :yeah:


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Thanks for the article! I will be starting nursing school in January, I will take your advise with me. Especially the part about being soft spoken. I am kind of a loud bubbly person so I will work hard to keep it some what in check.:D

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