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  1. What's wrong with me?!

    Oh my! I was in a wee state when I wrote this! I have tried to delete it, as I am embarassed that I either wrote it! Thank you for all your inputs especially the honest ones. I am loving nursing, and learning and growing as a person. Love and bless...
  2. pray pray and pray some more, Nahhhh its all good I think the very first post explained it the best. tears, highs , lows excitement, celebtations, tiredness, late nights and study study study, if you want it bad enough you'll do it!!!!!! all the best
  3. I have been pondering this subject for some time now, and finally decided to put it to paper. As a 2year Nursing Student in New Zealand, I wonder how much communication goes on between the hospitals that students attend to do their practicum, and ho...
  4. What's wrong with me?!

    Thanks for the tip, I will keep that in mind in the future. I have loved comming here for the last few months and found this to be a wonderful source for both giving and recieving, I guess I was a little blown away with the harshness of someone's opi...
  5. What's wrong with me?!

    Wow! I was having a crapp day and all of a sudden Im not going to make a good nurse cos Im self centred etc! My husband and I are sitting here in hysterics, darling you couldn;t have read me any further from the truth. I am a very caring, sensitive ...
  6. Very Discourgaged

    My Math is my weakest subject, but I have managed to do really well in nursing, its all just FORMULA"S, once you have those mastered you will be GREAT!!! Don't let those number things get the best of you!!
  7. What's wrong with me?!

    Thank you for all your wondeful words, I had a big sleep today and already feel more on top of things. Just going to be myself and keep on keeping on. Thanks for the warmth.
  8. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

    Big love and Huggs to you!! And yes "this too shall pass". hard to see when you are in the mist of it all. Be extra kind to yourself at the moment, and do some things that you prob wouldn't normally do in this situation... go for a bush walk, or alon...
  9. Panic attacks

    You poor thing, I also suffer from panic attacks, but hese seem to be under control with meds. I have been in hospital from Overdoses in my earlier years and wouldn't recommend them for what you are requiring. If you can find a quiet place for a few ...
  10. Very Discourgaged

    HI Rholman, I hear your frustration and anxiety. And it's easy for everyone else to say 5 years isn't long. BUT 5 years isn't long in the big picture, you will be a qualified RN by the time you are 47!!!! And will have at least 20years of a wonderful...
  11. What's wrong with me?!

    :nuke: Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!!! Just helps so much. I have been reading this morning other posts since I wrote mine and already it has lifted my spirits. So thank you again for your uplifting post. P.S I live in New Zealand a...
  12. Would you marry a female MD?

    I say whatever "floats ya boat'!!!!!! Im all for LOVE any LOVE!!!:heartbeat:redbeathe:heartbeat:nurse::redbeathe:heartbeat
  13. What's wrong with me?!

    i have come back this year as a 2nd year 2nd if that makes sense, i missed one paper last year and had to come back and redo it this year. i didn't really want to type this post as i was afraid of all the strong judgements i may recieve, but i have t...
  14. Kind of a werid question about nursing school

    Yeah we had to do baths in swimmers/togs. But have had to pee a sample, had blood sugars practised, we have a really awesome fake arm, it's incredible it has veins and arteries, and feels like an arm, fake blood even comes out of it! We practise on t...
  15. I failed my first clinical!

    I relate to this topic very well! And feel for all that have mistreated by those so called medical nursing professionals! My advice is, if you KNOW you are in the right and have been truely untreated unfairly, Stand up for yourself! Go public, go to ...

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