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I looked at the Competition Title and thought... Hmmm I can't comment on this one and then all of a sudden I thought, 'What about all those out there pondering the idea of going nursing', so here are my tips for "Student Nursing/nurses". Nurses General Nursing Article

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Thats great Monica, sure they will relate. Thanks for all your comments guys, nice to know Im not alone in feeling this way.

Take care


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:typingThanks for the I sit and ponder what to write next for a case study on chronic renal failure that is way overdue!!!! I too am a LPN going back for my RN but at a huge disadvantage because I have not worked in about 3 years:uhoh3: my advice to all current and previous LPN students who have not taken prerequisite courses (or have) save your notes/books, they will always come in handy!!!


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what is the best way to study anatomy and physiology?


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Hi Taalexan,

I think everyone learns differently, for me I memorise alot of the anatomy and physiology stuff, pictures also really helped me, and phnenomics (don't know if that's how you spell it)! But like having little phrases/ eg; A= Air

B = Breathing

C = Circulation

Thats a real basic example. I also have two big posters on my wall of the human body and all's its parts.

You must be in your first year learning A&P, just know that it seems overwhelming at the time, but it all becomes clear!! All the best!!

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom!!! I too am an LVN student who had to wait 17 yrs to figure out that this is what I truly want to do. Life happened in those years and I seemed to keep pushing this to the bottom of the list. Now, I have one semester under my belt and am facing a Mental Health rotation tomorrow morning. I am nervous and excited at the same time as this will be my first experience out of the perfect setting of a classroom where all we've learned is theory. I am praying I make it through!!! When I start doubting myself I usually come to this site and get the much needed again, THANKS!!!:D


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Chasingmydream... You will be FABULOUS!!!! Just take each day as it comes, and start fresh everyday. How exciting your first practicum!! I know how nervous and excited I was on my first pract, just be yourself and remember what your aim is!

Gentle blessings

Lisa (angelchick)

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND ENCOURAGEMENT!!! I am trying not to have a melt down :D this afternoon! I just need to dig my heels in and GO!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!


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Honestly hon, you will be GREAT!!!!! Remember your first exam or assignment??? Well you can do this also!!! Remember you are not suppose to know everything, you are a student!



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hey thanks for the wonderful tips, i really appreciate it keep it and may you have a wonderful journey.:typing


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atleast now i know that im in the right path because im experiencing it too. thanks


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I am so glad I check out this section of the site. I have spent the last two years taking my prereq's and posting and responding to post in the student section. I start Nursing school in September. I don't know what led me to check out the articals section, but I am so glad I did. You can't get this stuff anywhere. I know my freinds who are nurses are sick of talking about nursing with me. LOL And here all this time this section was here. I love it. I have gotten so much info and encouragement from the other members. This site is so cool. Thanks

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