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  1. faith2468

    LPN 2010 NCLEX-takers Support Group

    Hi Bunny8 What is the test plan category 8 u r talking about? Also I want to be part of the study group. My computer shut offed at 86 questions. I would like to study safety and precaution first. When did u complete your lvn program. Do you live in Ca?
  2. All pre-reqs has to be done.
  3. faith2468

    what's it like to be a LVN in LTC?

    I believe they get real contact with pt.
  4. faith2468

    LPN 2010 NCLEX-takers Support Group

    when is this study group going to get started?
  5. faith2468

    LPN 2010 NCLEX-takers Support Group

    Hi all! I am interested in the study group. I especially would like to start with "Safety and Precaution". When is this study group going to start; what dates and time are we going to meet on allnurses?" I am ready this is just what i need to get focus.
  6. faith2468

    PASSED NCLEX- PN WITH 86 questions!!!!

    Has everyone pass the nclex lvn who computer shut off at 85 or 86 questions
  7. faith2468


    I really haven't found no contraindication that the pvt isn't 100%.
  8. faith2468


    Took the nclex lvn in ca june 28, 2010. My computer cut off at 86 questions. I was my pray that I would stop and pass the test with 85 questions. I was so exicted and hopeful when my computer shut off at 86 questions. Then today June 29, 2010 I decided to try the pvt and it lets me go to the cc page . I just knew I passed Only one math calculation, 3 to 5 sata, drugs and etc. It was an easy test other than the drugs. So what's up. Should I believe the pvt or what. Please give me your honest opion. Didn't go to work today because of this. Please be honest.
  9. faith2468

    Took my NCLEX-PN for the first time today

    Took my nclex lvn today(June 28, 2010) and it shut off at question 86. I feel real good about it. I know I passed.
  10. faith2468

    LPN starting pay $26.50!

    What facility is paying $26.50 an hour to LVN?
  11. faith2468

    LPN job with no experience?

    How are you preparing yourself to retake the boards after 15 years? And what state do you live in?
  12. I was fired as a CNA because I refused to go to work on another floor on an extra shift I pick up. Will this hurt my hiring chances of becoming an LVN?
  13. It has been 13 years and I am just wanting to take the nclex-pn test. Have anyone else waited this long before they took the test and how did you prepare yourself?
  14. Where on the north side in Chicago are they hiring LPN? Is it a hospital or LTC? What is the pay? Is it a 12 hour shift or 8 hour shift?
  15. faith2468

    What I did to pass the 2nd time

    Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing what you did to pass the second time.:wink2:
  16. faith2468

    Didnt pass the first time , any advice for second time

    Sorry to hear you didn't pass. I am happy to hear that you have already reschedule to take the test. I failed the the test I was so heart broken and disappointed that I never reschedule for a second time. It has been 11 years since I took the NCLEX-PN exam and failed. Now, for the very first time I am ready and anxious to take it for the second time. I will be taking a nine day refresher course , a three day preparing course, and Suzanne's study material along with SAuders Conprehesive Review. I am planning on taking my test in the middle of October. I can't wait. I am really excited about it now back then I thought everybody passed on their first time. Good Luky to you!!!!:wink2: