Three more weeks left


I am so happy!!! Is anyone else looking forward to the end of the semester!!! It went by so fast and I am doing great!! I hope the next semesters will be the same!!!

Good luck to everyone!!!!


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same here then i graduate !!! I have senioritis. dont want to study at all. I am totally not focused :-)

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I hear ya! I have a test tomorrow and can't get the oomph to review again. 3 more exams!! Yippee! Congrats everyone! :)

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I can't wait. Finals are Dec. 21 and the semester will be over!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck


This semester has been tough, but not impossible, and I have loved most of it. I have already cried 2x once in discouragement and once in elation! I have a skills final Dec 4th:uhoh21: and a written final on Dec 11, & one on Dec 12 and if I don't fail my skill I will be done with my 1st semester! If I do fail I have to do it again on Dec 13th!:uhoh21: The skills are the scary thing, we have 6 possible and we don't know which one we will do until 20 min before we have to do it. We have to accumulate at least 80 points and not fail a critical element in order to pass and there is tons of verbalization as well as skill and maintaining sterility in 4 of the 6 choices. I am sooo bad at putting on sterile gloves w/o contaminating. So now you all know what I will be doing for the next 5 days and nights! I almost forgot about my last clinical this Friday too!:lol2: ( Ahhh this to shall pass....I hope!)

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My finals for this mod (comparable to a semester) start this coming Monday. As of next Wednesday when the last final is taken, I will have officially ended my 3rd of 5 mods!! Doing awesome thus far!

Best of luck to all of us with the upcoming finals!!


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:monkeydance::monkeydance: Very very very exited in two weeks I will be done with the program!!! Only one test and two actual, on the floor, clinical days... It's hard to stay focused until you remember how far you've come and how little you have to go to reach that goal! Everyone hang in there and GOOD LUCK!!!:monkeydance::monkeydance:

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I am sooooo ready for WINTER BREAK!! I dont know about all of you but I plan on sleeping til atleast noon everyday, and drinking almost everynight! LoL... Just have to get through FINALS! Good Luck Everyone!


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I am sooooo ready for WINTER BREAK!!

Amen to that. I have a week and a half - two exams (including the dreaded final), one group presentation (ugh), and two clinicals. I think they're trying to kill us before winter break!

Best of luck to everyone finishing up. Now to finish my last care plan . . .


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It is exciting, however it is nerve wracking too. Skill exams, the last day of clinicals before evaluations, and the Final exam. Not to mention I have to actually go to a few more lectures. So much to do in soooooooooooo little time! On a brighter note, I am very happy the end of this semester is near and I can then safely say I survived a year of nursing school (baby steps)!!! :monkeydance:

Hang in there those of you in my shoes with more nursing school ahead. To those of you graduating this semester, GOOD JOB and CONGRATULATIONS!!! The rest of us will be joining you soon!!

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One more test, one cumulative final, and today was the last day of clinicals for this semester. I am SO happy!!