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  1. krenee

    Vacation time being denied

    Thank you all for your replies! Yes, the ultimate problem is that we are understaffed. And YES, we have all known this was coming for a long time, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to them. The problem with waiting for vacation approval before booking is that approvals are NEVER done in a timely manner. Obviously, I put in my request in January and they just leave it sitting in a binder until the time is closer, something that needs to be rectified. I did send an e-mail to my NM and explained the situation nicely (not threatening to quit, just asking how we can work this out). No response as of yet but I just sent it last evening. There are three others on my unit (plus a secretary) all of who are willing to quit over this. I mean, how can they penalize us for not using our ESP powers to book our summer vacations in July? Not only that, but we were only allowed to book vacations one per shift for the entire unit (in our case, NICU, Nsy & PP - that's nearly 50 people. So yeah, I'm not planning to drop this, even though I *could* get my $$$ back on my vacation - it's just wrong.
  2. krenee

    Vacation time being denied

    Sooooo frustrated with my hospital. I have a TON of PDOs (paid days off at our hospital) and I put a downpayment on a cruise which is to take place at the end of August. I put in a request for my vacation time off in January. My work does not approve these requests in a timely manner, they basically sit on them. In March, they posted a notice that only ONE person per shift for the entire unit could take vacation at a time. I had that part worked out, but then yesterday they sent out a notice that NO PDOs would be approved from Aug 21 - Oct 29 due to training for our new computerized charting system. Craziness! So basically if you were fortunate enough to decide to take your vacation in July, you're fine (assuming no one put in for it first) but at the end of August - screwed! Well, everyone knows that if you want to take a summer vacation you have to book it by Jan-Feb time frame - probably March at the latest - so here we are the middle of April and I am possibly in the position where I will have to choose between my job and my vacation. Yes, could cancel it all together - I can't reschedule this year because it's just too late, and I have 3 kids that I'm not going to pull out of school to go. I am planning to protest this, although I'm still thinking about the wording . . . but does this strike anyone else as kind of crazy? To me it is very short notice AND a very long time frame for training for a computer system. FWIW, I have not taken a day off since last August, and I work extra every single week. But I know they won't give me special treatment. Grrrr. I really do want to keep my job.
  3. krenee

    Cytotec for PP hemorrhage

    I work in PP and I haven't seen it used so this is interesting. Granted I've only been in PP a year and haven't had a patient hemorrhage (knock wood), but AFAIK we just use pit & methergine. Can anyone elaborate on why cytotec is used instead?
  4. krenee

    baby to the nursery please

    Yeah, that. They tried to institute mother-baby, but the night nurses were resistant. A lot of the nurses encourage the moms to put the baby in the nsy because they're tired and won't get a break when they get home . . . the other problem I see is that moms don't FEED their babies at night, if the baby sleeps, and the mom sleeps, the babies can go too long without feeding - so I like my babies in the nursery sometimes to make sure the child eats! These kids will go 6+ hrs without feeding sometimes. Also the moms sleep with the babies in the bed, not a fan of that either.
  5. krenee

    Must see commercial for nurses

    I work in PP & Newborn nursery and sometimes it's really obvious with the diapers - we give them one pack from floor stock & then we charge, but who's paying for it? Most of them are medicaid.
  6. krenee

    EMLA Cream with Circs

    The vast majority of our docs only use sweet ease . . . yeah, not happy about that but it's not my decision. I do have to say I assisted on a circ the other day where the doc did use lidocaine and I wasn't overly impressed . . . it took forever doing the injections and there were so many sticks. I will say for the life of me IDK why we can't give these kids tylenol at least.
  7. krenee

    Nursing Care Tech in OB

    Yes, the techs on our floor do much the same as on any floor - vitals, helping patients to the bathroom, bringing them things they need . . . but they also assist on c-sections. I'm in nursery & postpartum, so I don't know what that entails exactly! I like working in OB, hope you get the job! Kelly
  8. krenee

    Male Nurses

    Maybe men are genetically wired to be more ambitious? I know in my household, dh does feel the need to "climb the corporate ladder", while sometimes I feel I'm just happy where I am, and not sure about doing more to enhance my career - although I probably WILL, I don't feel that drive that he does. But that maybe an isolated case. I know there are certainly some very ambitious females out there! It would take a lot of research to get the answer to what you're asking, and even whether it's true overall or specific to your employer.
  9. krenee

    HELP! News might want to interview me!!!!

    Hmm, I guess I don't get this whole thing. If the OP is a new grad, and can't find a job as an RN, what exactly is wrong with her saying that anywhere, including in the media? If her employer won't hire her as an RN, why would they be offended that she says that? And finally, why contact the media in the first place if you don't want an interview? I guess I don't see how this could cause harm to her career . . .
  10. krenee

    Post Partum

    I'm pretty much a new grad, been working since August. I work postpartum and nursery. In postpartum we have 5 couplets or up to 10 moms, but that's never happened, up to 8 is more common. I do enjoy it.
  11. krenee

    Post Partum

    OK . . . well I work nights. When I clock in I spend about 30 minutes getting report on my patients - when they delivered, what meds they have had/need, anything I need to know about them. When I work 7-11P we have the babies too from 7-11, after 11P we have just the moms (but more of them). So I might check on the babies status too, anything I need to know about them - when they last ate, if they have labs due, etc. I prioritize the patients based on anything special, plus when they delivered and type of delivery. Then I start going around for assessments. Personally I do the assessment and chart it immediately, some do all the assessments and then go back to chart. If there's nothing unusual and the patient doesn't need anything I can generally do an assessment & get the charting done in about 15 min per patient. Often the patient will ask for pain meds or something and that will take longer. If I have the babies I will first check in the nursery for the baby to see when the baby needs to eat and if it needs vitals done, otherwise I will check the baby at the same time as the mom if it is in the room. I will see when the baby ate & how much and tell the mom when the baby needs to eat again. Between 10-11 I will do rounds again, check baby feedings and ask the mom what she wants to do with the baby for the night. Then I give the report sheets to the nursery nurses for the night. At 11 I will be picking up more moms so I repeat the process of assessments and charting. Of course at any time during this process I might get an admission. For an admission I do an initial set of vitals and assessment, and spend time with the patient orienting them to the unit and the room and the hospital stuff. For a vag I repeat the assessment and vitals in an hour, for a section I repeat every hour for 4 hrs. Also at all times I respond to call bells - mostly for pain meds but also supplies like pads, blankets, water, snacks, whatever . . . we always help vag deliveries up to the bathroom the first time and measure the urine. We help moms with breastfeeding. C sections also have IV fluids to keep up with and we monitor the PCE meds closely along with VS, they also often have antibiotics to hang. Once things quiet down at nights and all assessments & charting is done we do chart checks at night. Go through to make sure no orders were missed and get the MARS for the next day and check those against the orders also. When the morning comes patients usually start waking up and asking for pain meds again, and we also pull the foleys from the sections, get fasting blood sugars when we need them, and I go over my charting one more time before day shift arrives. If there are only a few patients I can end up with some down time but generally I stay busy. Hope this helps!
  12. krenee

    Post Partum

    LOL I don't really understand the question! Leisure as in a day off? And what do you mean what is a work day??? Can you be more specific as to what you are looking for?
  13. All the new grads on my unit have to work nights! That said, I was forced to work nights but wouldn't switch now. The diff is awesome and I love my night co-workers. Overall I think nights is more in demand. Some people just can't handle the sleep schedule, and it is hard. IDK if I'll do nights forever . . .
  14. krenee

    working 2 twelves and 2 eights how do you like it?

    That's what I work and I'd rather do 3 12s. I never get more than 2 days off at a time and some of my friends who work 3 12s get up to six even! Yeah, working 12s back to back is hard and nothing else gets done on those days, but I'm not a big fan of my current schedule. I work nights & evenings. That said, I'd rather do this than 5 8s 3-11, as I would never see my family. Overall I prefer 12s to 8s.
  15. krenee

    Increase In Obese Mothers=Increase in Risks

    I think it's fair to say most of our moms are overweight, but I'd have to check all their charts to say if they were overweight before getting pregnant - many women (me included!) gain too much weight while pregnant. Most I would not call morbidly obese. But we do have many problems with these women, GD, PIH, CHTN. AND we have problems with LBW babies, low blood sugar, etc. I think there is a correlation. I would do it differently if I were pregnant today, but luckily my babies were healthy. I was a good weight to start with & gained about 20 lbs more than I should have.
  16. krenee

    Waste of Time Complaint against me

    I don't even understand - you looked down their hallway? Explain what exactly the problem is with that??? I'm so confused . . . But this thread is hilarious.