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  1. MrsCD

    Am I wrong?

    Ok, I am a new CNA. I have been working for about a month in a hospital. I was asked by one of the other aides to help her rotate with a one to one patient she had. So, I did. I did my work, relieved her and did one to one for about an hour, and she came to relieve me and I took care what I needed. About 9:30 I come in the to do the one to one. So, everything is fine then 11:00 rolls around (SHIFTS END AT 11:00). No sign of the aide to let me know what I am going to do with HER patient. Then 11:20, the charge nurse advises the patients nurse to put restraints on the patient or a bed alarm and advised me to go home, I dont have to stay. Anyway, the aide for this patient went home...left at 11:00 without letting me know or even asking the charge nurse on what to do......... I am very, very upset about this!!! I would never do this to another aide. I would of found out from the nurse and charge nurse at 10:30 on what should be done and then I would of relieved the aide who was helping me and I would then handle the situation myself since it was my patient. Please let me know if I am wrong?? I am going to confront the aide about this and see what she has to say about it.:argue:
  2. Hello All, I went on an interview last week and I am 99% sure I got the position. I just completed my 1st year in nursing school and this is will be my first time as working as a nurses aide. Is this a good unit to start off with? I want to learn everything possible and become completey comfortable with patient care before I become a RN. I am so nervous but very excited to begin this new career.
  3. MrsCD

    Shaking when giving meds!!!!

    I am really happy that everyone went through this. I am very appreciative for my clinical instructor. She is very helpful and always tells me I did great. I just have to stop stressing over it so much...the next time I give meds I will think of all of you, take a deep breath and "act" like I know what I am doing!!!! Hopefully, it will work.
  4. MrsCD

    Shaking when giving meds!!!!

    Thank you all so much. I feel better. I just wish we can do more meds and have more time in clinical.:wink2:
  5. MrsCD

    1st Year Nursing Student comes to an end

    Yes, I agree with all of you. 1st semester was a piece of cake. I thought it was hard then but now taking med surg is INSANE........alot of crying, stressing......no sleep!!! Two more exams left!!!!!! I would never trade it in for the world......as tough it is, it is soooo worth it...I love school and I am very grateful to be here.
  6. Hello everyone - Ok, I am my 2nd semester of school. This is the 1st semester we are giving meds. So far I only hung IVPB and flushed the line with NS. When I am nervous I normally shake, so of course when I am giving meds I am super "shaky" and I feel like such an idiot!!! My instructor does not comment on it and always says I did a great job......but I put myself down so much about. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to over come this fear????
  7. MrsCD

    nursing school and marriage

    My husband and I have been married for 4 years. We have a 2 year old son. He supports me 100%. I go to school at night, he takes care of the baby after work three days a week. He took a loan out from his retirement so I can stay home this semester from school since I was on unemployment. I am currently looking for a job at night the nights I dont have school, so that means he will be workings 5 days a week and then come home and take care of the baby. I feel guilty sometimes and it so stressful when you have everything riding on your husband. I always tell myself there is no way I can fail!!!! But so far I am doing great....... I try to give at least one night a week for my husband and I do hang out together...watch a movie and just not stress...... If I get through this I owe it all to my husband......:redbeathe
  8. Hello, Look into Suffolk County Community College. This is the school I am currently attending.
  9. I think moms and dads out there are awesome to go through nursing school. I myself left a very high paying job in the new york city for a job in area of where I live, loved the job and then got laid off one month before starting nursing school. I have a 19 month old and husband at home that works full time but not enough to cover all of the bills. So, we are struggling right now but he is behind me 100% to put me through NS. I do need to find a job in a few weeks since unemployment is running out. But I really look up to all of my friends in NS and all of the other people that post here. Its gives me inspiration. Yes, the next couple of years are going to be tough. I got through my 1st semester laughing, crying and stressing and I am looking forward to another 5 more semesters like that. Your kids are going to look up to you one day and you will be an inspiration to them.;)
  10. Thanks so much for your help!!!!!
  11. MrsCD

    CNA testing

    Hello, I was wondering if someone can assist me in finding out some information. I just completed my 1st semester in NS and I would love to work as a CNA to gain the experience. I heard that you can take the CNA test after the 1st semester. I am not sure if this is true. Also, if anyone can direct me to a free class for CNA training in the Long Island area that would be great.
  12. MrsCD

    CNA certification--NY

    Hello, Would you happen to know how I can find this information out in regards to taking boards for a nsg asst?? I am too in the same situation and want to be certified if possible since I completed my 1st semester.
  13. Hello, I currently completed my 1st semester in NS. I was wondering if anyone knew of CNA classes in the long island area??? I would love to get a job as a CNA to gain more experience. Thanks!!!!
  14. MrsCD

    what does your weekly life schedule....

    Well, as of right now I am collecting unemployment. I do need to work after this runs out so thinking about working as a CNA on a nite shift. Not sure how I am going to schedule studying but I am sure it will all work out since it seems like alot of students here have much crazier schedules than me and have more kids......good luck to all....... Mon- class from 5:20pm - 9:20pm , study until about 12:00 Tuesday - at home with son and study 2 hours when he naps, no class and then study again when he goes to sleep for the night Wednesday - class from 7:20pm - 9:20pm, come home and study until about 12:00, during the day study for 2 hours when son is napping Thursday - clinical 4:30pm - 11:00pm, during the day study for 2 hours when son is napping, do not study when I come home because to tired. Friday - no classes, at home with son and study 2 hours when he naps, study again when he goes to sleep for the night Weekends - study when baby napping, and study for an extra hour when husband is home.....study again at nite
  15. MrsCD

    Long Island BOCES??

  16. MrsCD

    Long Island BOCES??

    Hello. I am taking the NET in December for this. If everything goes well and I will be going next september at nite. Do you know if its really hard to get into the school?? How was the NET exam?

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