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  1. laurainri

    Eagle Pass

    because it is a complete crap hole. I have a 17 YO daughter and would not want her living there for anything. If you are a single guy then maybe. but I have a family.
  2. laurainri

    Eagle Pass

    I was offered $30,000 sign on bonus if I worked there 2 years. still not worth it.
  3. laurainri

    Emergency IV calculation! HELP PLEASE!

    how much does the person weigh?
  4. laurainri


    Thank you so much for all you help. This is the type of MD that if I had raised to arm she would have said that there was no need to do it. But because I did not raise it she had to say something.
  5. laurainri

    All current/former nursing students...

    I took a refresher course of dosage before I started also. I went to my instructor that had previously and she remebered me. She actually let me sit in on the classes that I needed and take the tests. FREE OF CHARGE. look into it. Another class that you might be interested in is "physical assesment for nurses" They teach you how to do a head to toe assesment. what you should be looking for and why. This class helped me A LOT.... Beg to get in this class... totally worth it. Good luck
  6. laurainri


    We had a Pt earlier this evening with SVT. HR 190's ...young girl ( no drug use can you believe it). I was administering Adenosine with a stop cock knowing that it only has a 6 second half life. The MD in the room was telling me that her arm needs to be raised when giving her the medication. I have heard that this is a myth. As long as you inject it quick enough and then flush it you are good to go....... Please tell me what is your opinion? Do you raise the arm or not ?
  7. laurainri

    just got my call...

    welcome to boot camp baby. Two years of hell. It is all worth it
  8. laurainri

    All current/former nursing students...

    LOL.... OMG do I remember that. My first semester I had a rolling suitcase. BRING ALL THE BOOKS BACK !!!!! get a palm pilot. I will hold aprox. 7 of the books that you need to lug around all day. dictionary, meds, IV's, Nrs dx, all you will then need is you medsurg books a notebook and a big binder. good luck
  9. laurainri

    best CEN review

    There are so many CEN review books out there. What have you used to study from? I am taking a 2day seminar in july and have gotten laura gasparos's dvd and her book with test questions. Any help would be great
  10. laurainri

    CCRI SNAP Program

    The last thing that I heard was that they were not having the SNAP program anymore. The drop-out/fail rate was very high.
  11. laurainri

    Ccri Nsg V

    lol.... Nursing V SUCKED!!. Most of the Pedi Professors that lectured were horrible she contradicted herself many times when teaching us and then when we asked ske look it up in the book. The test were bad!! I was an A/solid B student and let me tell you I struggled on those exams. One girl in my class only went the day of exams. she never listened to them. Hasbro RN's treat the students like crap. you just have to suck it up and smile. OB was not half as bad. you are being taught my unstructors (except for 1) that had a clue. good luck
  12. laurainri

    CCRI's Grading System

    I want the + and -'s . there is a big difference between them number wise. I actually told my professor a low b is just as good as a high B so why bother struggling. she was not happy when I said that nut she understood. why kill myself studying
  13. laurainri

    New grad situation in RI

    There are lots of new grad jobs here......
  14. laurainri

    research help !!

    I just found out today that at the hospital that I work at has a reference librarian and my plan is to go and speak to her and maybe she can help me. thank you
  15. laurainri

    research ?'s please help

    No, I am not doing this for school. I have decided to take some time off before going back to school and while I have the "free time" my plan was to improve my skills to make me a better ED RN (port-a-cath access/infusion, ACLS, PALS, TNCC and then later on CEN. Doing this research paper was for my own benefit, not only to learn how to do them but also,t hey are not going to stop hiring new grads in the ED so I would like to show them how his model would work rather than the one they are using now. thank you for your input regarding new grads in the ED. It is not the first time we have heard it. I started out as an intern and when I got hired they put me in the ED. before that I was not even thinking ED. Now it is my home and I plan to stay.
  16. laurainri

    research help !!

    As a new grad RN I have never done a research paper before (including the whole time I was in school) and I really don't know where to start. please help me on where to begin. I am looking for research about training new graduates in the ED. I was a student intern and took a position after i graduated so I knew what I was in for. The retention rate of new grad hires is really low. and since I have graduated, student intern positions have been eliminated due to budget cuts. I want to show that it is fiscally prudent to let students work in the ED and the retention rate would be higher after the oriention period. I don't know where to begin.....but I know that it would cost less in the long run. please help... thank you