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  1. sunnydaydream

    Oncology vs med-surg experience

    I've worked the BMT floor for a year+ now and came directly out of nursing school. I can see that med-surg nursing allows a nurse to get the basic feel of everything, but if your in med-surg and are hating it your not doing yourself nor anyone else any good. If you believe that you just want to try it and still enjoy medsurg then maybe you should hang out in med surg and then consider oncology. When I first started I focused mainly on the oncology part (i.e. bone marrow transplant, expected effects, chemo etc) but as my time has continued I'm seen more because really oncology pts have med-surg problems too. On our floor we hardly have any PIV but have central lines and PICCs so I really suck at IVs. We hardly have any surgical pts so I have to really think about drains etc when we do have them. I can drop an NG with the best of them and still have my assessment skills that a med-surg nurse would have (at least I think I do!). So I'm not sure if I've really answered your question but that's my point of view :)
  2. sunnydaydream

    Day shift vs. Night shift in Oncology

    I have to agree with you tinderbox. I had five weeks of orientation on day shift for the BMT unit I work and we were busy but now that I am on night shift we are still super busy. You can't learn as much from the docs at noc because they are not there, but you use critical thinking a lot because no one is there at night (docs) to see what they would do. We don't have cna's, I'm always giving some kind of med whether it be pain/nausea/ or IV antibiotic. Plus it seems that the pt's spike temps more at night which means blood cultures and ordering cxr etc. Along with blood draws, hanging blood, sometimes giving cells because the transporter was late.... It's educational either way :)
  3. sunnydaydream

    NCLEX question..............

    Actually you just have to wait on the school to send their info into the ISBN. When you send your money order in to the ISBN it's a pretty quick turn around and so is the Pearson part too. Our class graduated in December and we had one person take it a week after graduation and the last day of class (and passed!) Personally I took it about 4 weeks after graduating because I had an NCLEX review scheduled. Some people say take it right away, but others say wait and study. I truly believe it's all dependent on the individual. It is hard to study though once you get out of school for the NCLEX no matter how disciplined you are! I know that they have testing sites in Indy, Terre Haute, Fort Wayne, Dayton, and Cincinnati, but not in Richmond.
  4. sunnydaydream

    Ivy Tech Richmond

    I just graduated in December from Richmond Ivy Tech, ASN program. They just recently switched to solid green uniforms for both the PN and ASN programs. For my uniform (they were ugly tan) it was around 90$ for a whole uniform (pants and bottoms), but from what I understood from the greenies (the first year students that wore green uniforms :) ) the new green uniforms are much cheaper and yes they do have plus size :)
  5. sunnydaydream

    Just hired to BMT unit HELP!!!!!!!!

    Hi! I can't really give you any advice since I am an actual week into orientation on the BMT unit where I work, but it's awesome! The only the that I can suggest that I wish I did more of is read about the transplant process and what a 'typical' patient experiences which helps the patients. Good luck I'm loving every minute of my orientation!
  6. sunnydaydream

    Anyone start their new job yet??

    This is my almost fourth week at my job. The first three were filled with a week long central nursing orientation, week after that was NCLEX review classes that they paid for, and the next week was computer classes (and my NCLEX which I passed!!!! Yay! :w00t:) This past weekend was my first time actually being on the floor and it was crazy!!! My preceptor and I were both suppose to be "out of the numbers" so we could discuss the time line of patients and begin doing IV's, central line dressing changes etc, but the acuity of patients on the floor called for more one-on-ones than possible so I've gotten to get my hands right in there and start learning. I love it! I've gone home each day thinking about what has happened and how awesome everything that is being done up on the unit is. :)
  7. sunnydaydream

    How did you continue on from your ASN degree?

    I'm not saying that Ivy Tech hindered anything.... I was just looking to see what other people have done for there BSN as they may have understanding as to which program requires less of the pre-reqs when you have attended Ivy Tech. Thanks for your reply.
  8. sunnydaydream

    Correct address for identification purposes?

    Thanks everyone! My sister is the one that made me start worrying about it (secretly I think she wants me to be super freaked!! Haha!) Good luck to everyone testing soon! :dance:
  9. sunnydaydream

    Correct address for identification purposes?

    Hey everyone, I've got a question for *anyone* that could possibly relieve my worries tonight. The ATT says that you have to have proper identification.... I have that my driver's license, BUT my driver's license has my *old* address and my ATT has my new address. I have emailed Pearson's to check to make sure I can still take the test without a glitch (I take it Thursday) and I can't call them because it's after hours (plan on doing that in the am), can anyone tell me if I'm going to have any problems testing with different addresses? Why I am so worried is because I work tomorrow and the BMV will be closed so I can't just go get a new driver's license tomorrow... Thanks to anyone that can help
  10. Hey everyone, I just recently graduated from Ivy Tech with my ASN degree and am wanting to continue on for my BSN and eventually my master's. I would consider going straight for my master's if I could figure out the evolving doors of online education! What I am wondering is do any of you know the shortest pre-req route to a BSN or Master's with the Ivy tech degree? Thanks!
  11. sunnydaydream

    They called the cops!

    Never got the cops called on me, but I did have a co-worker banging on my door getting ready to call the cops one time. I had went on a blind date and was late for work first time in the four years that I had worked there... My co-workers knew what was I was doing that night and thought for sure that I had been murdered. Needless to say I hadn't been murdered, but I wasn't use to being at work at 4am in the morning when I got home at midnight/one am! I guess, it shows that they care about you and that you are diligent to be on time, but geez I'd be embarrassed!!
  12. sunnydaydream

    I am so grateful...

    For being alive today. For having wonderful friends and family that support me. For having wonderful nurses and doctors that take care of me. For graduating nursing school! For instructors, mentors, and "seasoned" nurses that have helped me down a path I never thought I'd get to. For landing a good job that starts in 7 days. For this board that allows me insight, education, and a good laugh. For being able to see the start of 2008. Have a wonderful New Years everyone! :spin:
  13. sunnydaydream

    Aides and Nurses - Different Outlook, Lack of Understanding

    I've been a CNA for 9 years and just recently graduated with an ASN and will soon be working as a graduate nurse in one week... So my opinion is only that of a CNA in a LTC. It seems that CNAs have changed a lot over the past 9 years. JMO. It use to be get the work done and get it done good and I agree with another poster as a CNA everything is a task that needs to be completed. Now though it seems that *some* of the CNAs that I work with are more concerned about how fast they can get the residents up, dressed, and to breakfast to get them out of their hair. May I repeat myself in saying *some* CNAs. Then, though, there are the CNAs that go above and beyond. Ones that work hard to get everything done and extra so that the patients feel good. As a CNA I have no problem doing anything that the nurse asks me to do, but sometimes the nurse doesn't realize that I'm not just walking down the hall, but I'm on a mission to do something, but if the nurse was to say I really need this done now it would make things a lot clearer. I think that the lines of communication between CNAs and nurses are often neglected and it keeps the CNA from reporting something that the nurse may find useful as an assessment as is the same for the nurse. I think the one thing that bugs me the most is when I as a CNA (pre-nursing school) saw something different in a patient and reported it to the nurse and the nurse didn't look into it. As a nurse that I have worked with said-- your CNAs are your eyes and ears to your patient because they sometimes have the ability to spend more time with the patient that that of the nurse. I think the thing that I will try to remember when I become a nurse is what I looked for when working with a nurse. Open communication, gratitude for a job well done, and understanding that we are working together.
  14. sunnydaydream

    Where will you be working when you pass NCLEX????

    I start in one week on a Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. I'm soooo nervous and excited! Good luck to everyone!
  15. sunnydaydream

    Taking the NCLEX in January? Stop in here...

    Got my ATT yesterday and I will be testing on the 24th. My job pays for Kaplan review so I had to work around that. Good luck to everyone here!!
  16. sunnydaydream

    Waiting on ATT letter...

    Got mine today too! Literally had to remind myself that I still have to sign up for the test and *now* isn't the time to be having a panic attack! Oy, still not sure which date, but probably third week of January, god willing. Good luck to everyone!!