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So now I'm in my last nursing course and ofcourse at the beggining of each course we have a drug calc exam. So no biggie right ? You study you pass. So I studied and then I get to the exam and to my surprise it was not multiple choice like the rest of the drug calc exams.:eek: I was petrified ! Not only was there no answers starring me in the face we had to also get an 85 instead of an 80 to pass. To top everything off instead of finding out that night whether we pass or fail we won't find out until Monday and we tested on Thur. This was a double whammy. Well I did my best I just hope and pray I passed. I'm sorry for complaining. I just don't like to be spoiled and then brought back to reality in such a harsh way. I'm used to multiple choice, having to get an 80 or better to pass, and finding out the same night. Don't spoil us and then change the rules on us later. But thats nursing school for ya and to be honest there is no other place I'd rather be. :loveya: Wish me luck guys. I'll find out monday. It still won't keep me from checking grades q 5min though. :specs:


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Wow..that sucks! My A&P teacher did the same thing..all multiple choice until the last exam! Of course, it's nothing like nursing school..and atleast there wasn't a minimum grade we needed!

Well, all in all, I'm sure you did fine and passed. Let us know how you did!

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i have to get a 100 on mine next week. i completed all the questions in calc with conf and henke's med math, all the internet questions i can find, and i'm out of practice questions to do.


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I'm sure you did fine! We have to have 100% on our calculation test each semester! Would love to have multiple choice!


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We don't get multiple choice on our drug calc exams. We get a line that you write your answer on. But....we do get to use calculators....until the last semester. Then we must do EVERYTHING by hand.

Good luck! I'm sure you passed!

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We had drug calc tests at the beginning of each semester. Three tries to get 100% or else you're out. We could use calculators in the 3rd and 4th semesters. But we never had multiple choice questions on the math... they were always fill in the blank, and we had to show the work.

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IMO, you have indeed been spoiled--I have never had a multiple-choice dosage calculation exam (not counting the 1 or 2 dosage calc questions that were tossed in with our regular exams), and until now, I've never heard of anyone else who has.

I'm sure you did better than you think :) Good luck!

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Oh you are lucky. None of our math PQs are multiple choice. And we have to show our work. We also have to make a minimum of 85 or remediate and retake. The grade we actually get is the grade on the first test.

Thankfully I have not failed one. Came close, 85.? My very first PQ was a 100%, lucky me, but haven't gotten one since.

Good luck.


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Hmmm. On the floor, when dispensing meds to patients, I've never seen a multiple choice answer area. You have to find out the answer for yourself !

Oh, and you might also try accepting responsibility for yourself. Blaming someone else for spoiling you is a poor substitute for accepting that you weren't as well practiced as you might have been. Just practice some exercises each day, and working these problems will become second nature and also EASY. Just spend 10 min. a day working problems. It will so pay off for you....

best of luck!


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I wonder why your school choose to start you guys off like that? I've never seen a multiple choice calculations question on any test that I have ever taken, there were none on the LPN boards, and I know there won't be any on the RN NCLEX exam. My school never gave us multi- choice, passing was 90%, and no calculators ever. You had three chances to pass and if you couldn't you were out end of discussion. Hopefully your staying in the school isn't dependent on this one test and it's better for you that you learn how to do the math w/o multi-choice now rather then be confronted with a question you can't answer on the NCLEX. Good luck!


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As you can see, you are getting closer and closer to being a real nurse. In our world you don't get multiple choice answers- you calculate your dose in order to give your meds. If you make a big enough math error, instead of failing a test or getting kicked out of school-YOUR PATIENT DIES!!! In my world 85% is failing- 100% of the time I need to be sure of my dose (well 95% anyway). I agree, your tests should have been more consistant throughout the program- they all should have been "fill in the answer" not mult choice-( except maybe the first one when you were just getting the hang of your nursing math skills). I'm not trying to "flame you", I just want you to recognize that the instructor is doing you a favor in making the test more like you will be using in your practice before you have to do the math on a patient that is counting on your skills to save his life.


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wow we have to pass our drug tests with 100% also....3 tries and you're out....and it definitely wasn't multiple choice....had to show our work...can only use a simple yes you've been spoiled...

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