The good stuff about Nursing Homes....


Ok,we all know all about the less than desirable aspects of LTC.

Now lets hear about some of the good things..

Finally walking on that prosthesis..soon to go home..seeing the happiness and sense of accomplishment.

Walking by, little old confused lady grabs your hand, holds it and gives you a smile that lights up her face.

Watching elders enjoying the music,watching some dance to the music of their youth..watching them just have fun..

Tell us some of your good things!:nurse:

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Seeing some of the ladies and men's faces light up when I brought my child in for games.

Kisses and hugs from men in there 90's that made the whole day worthwhile.

Having conversations with the pleasantly demented. It was like they didn't have a worry in the world, and didn't care what you talked about.

The honour of knowing many people with so much life experience and wisdom.

I could go on and on. Great thread, thankyou Indulgence:yeah:

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my patients taught me how to be a nurse there.

my patients taught me how to be patient.

i learned that it was ok to get emotionally close to residents and still be a nurse and do my job.

i learned how to nurture.

i learned how to organize.

this is where i learned the subtleties of writing care plans.


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Many of the residents are so thankful for any attention and time spent with them. It does wonders for your ego. And you will hear a lot of great stories.


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Once on an LTC psych ward, i cooked out hot dogs right outside the wing for all the patients (54 patients). This was not a sanctioned event, just a regular evening. It was one of the cutest sights ever to see dozens of elderly people walking around happy with hot dogs in their hands.:)

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my mother-in-law is clean, fed, and safe in her nursing home. the staff are good to her and she's as happy as she will ever be. thank you to all of the wonderful ltc staff who take such good care of our elderly!

Definitely watching elders enjoying the music...especilly those who cannot talk or who haven't talked in a long time. Their eyes just get big and you can tell they know the tune but can't utter the words...I always notice they eat much better after listening to music they can relate to.:)


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My grandmother got excellent care for the last few years of her life. She could no longer live on her own and this was the best thing for her.


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A fellow nursing student friend and I will take our kids (10 and 12 years old) to visit her grandma and while we are there we will arrange an activity with the activities coordinator. So far we have made homemade ice cream and decorated cookies and cupcakes with the residents. Men and ladies came from all over the facility to participate. I don't know if they enjoyed the company or the treats more. I have never seen a group of people so grateful and excited before. We have plans to go once every month. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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Working LTC for 3 years, I can say that I love working there. Yes, we have many pts who are enough to drive you crazy, but, then you have those sweethearts who look to you like your an Angel and trust you so completely. To come in to work and see a person who has an attention span of a minute come running over to give you a hug. Nothing better!

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I love the nursing home i work at, I always say good morning to all my residents on the hall i am working first thing. I hug and give kisses on the cheek, it amazes me how they light up! Or they will say I Needed That Today! I get very attached very easy. I have 2 residents pass aways since i been there and I cried like a baby, but those were my babies!

It's pretty cool when you have a resident that sits by her door everyday and catches you before you leave to hug you and say i love you!! See you tomorrow!! God has blessed me with the courage and strength I need to take care of his children!!

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I worked in MI LTC for 3.5 years, and after a year...I learned many things:

-I learned that for some people, the only pleasure left is a cigarette...and I'm not going to waste my breath lecturing.

- I learned that when a 6'4" black man who weighs 234 lbs is coming after you or a little old lady, get outta the way and wheel the hell outta that old lady.

- Karaoke at 6PM is the most wonderful thing in the world...even if the singers leave something to be desired.

-a simple good night is the best thing to some people...I would walk all 4 halls of the facility and say good night to every resident lined up for meds, anyone who had door open, anyone waiting for supper....and when you didn't see em for 3 days, or left early, they missed it!

I learned how to "listen" to patients, and never take what they say lightly....they know what's going on with them.

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