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BradleyRN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Med Surg, LTC, Home Health.

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  1. BradleyRN

    I don't get the "anxiety" part of nursing

    The title of the thread is "I don't get the "anxiety" part of nursing"? You're telling people not to cry? You seem a little flippant about the things you "occasionally miss", and perhaps that gives you an edge in the anxiety department. And I'm sure the pills help as well. In my experience, there are many specialties to choose from in nursing. Being in the one most suited for you will go a long way in reducing anxiety. But, of course, the main vein of anxiety seems to flow throughout nursing and is caused by the conditions and workloads that we continuously accept. If you can't do your job safely, it makes you want to cry. And there's nothing wrong with that.
  2. BradleyRN

    Cussed out and disprespected by CNA

    It is the lack of true disciplinary action in LTC that gives CNA's this "untouchable" attitude. It is due to such apathy from the DON and administration, that i would recommend to any floor nurse to handle the discipline on their floors themselves. Many nurses take lots of disrespect, especially in LTC, but they surely dont have to. The word is already getting around that you will not be disrespected, and in the long term, your job will be much easier as a result. :)
  3. BradleyRN

    Attitudes towards LPN's

    Do you have a little bit of disrespect for CNA's as well? Pompous! :stone
  4. All you need to do is write them up...If you ask them to perform their duties and they refuse, then that is insubordination. After you write people up a few times, word will spread like a ripple in a pond that you are a real charge nurse, and the people that show up to work your floor will know well in advance that they will have to work tonight! :wink2:
  5. BradleyRN

    This site never ceases to amaze me!

    Happy Birthday Tait! :BDCk:
  6. BradleyRN

    Should medication aides exist?

    That was a beautiful post Mentos. A few med aides have told similar stories to yours, and they all seem to paint the same frightening picture. If you ever need any help in any subject while working towards your RN, please let me know. The world needs caring nurses like you who can advocate for their residents.
  7. BradleyRN

    Should medication aides exist?

    Med Aides are not allowed in hospitals. They are only allowed in long term care. Therein demonstrates the fact that their capacity so so limited, that only defenseless vulnerable people who can barely tell this fact should be subject to their substandard care. Maybe one day they will come up with "Assessment Aides". :spin: CERTAINLY THE EDIT OF THIS POST HAS CHANGED IT'S ENTIRE MEANING....MAYBE ONE DAY THEY WILL COME UP WITH ASSESSMENT AIDE'S, AND ALL OF US NURSES CAN JUST GO ON HOME.
  8. BradleyRN

    What would you have said to this CNA

    There was absolutely nothing valid about the CNA's concerns. Getting water and a temp is her job. If she thinks someone else should do that for her, she is right. And that someone is her replacement!:)
  9. BradleyRN

    Situation about PRN lorazepam

    Diverting. She has probably been exposed for giving so many PRN doses in the past and now realizes she needs to keep as many as possible out of her name.:)
  10. BradleyRN

    What would you have said to this CNA

    I wouldnt rest til i had this idiot's job. She has obviously lost track of her role.
  11. BradleyRN

    Medication Aide

    Should Medication Aides Exist?
  12. BradleyRN

    Past job ruining chance of new job

    They can legally say that you are not eligible for rehire. Likely that is what they are saying, so if you have an opportunity to check NO about contacting them, you should do so. That way you can at least explain the situation in an interview. Good luck! :spin:
  13. BradleyRN

    Nursing student alleges discrimination

    Excuse me, but i read the article. Feel free to take a hostile tone if you choose, but i did not know that "tutors" are called "instructors". Nor did i realize that if you can get a BA in English, then nursing school would be a cakewalk. I just stated the facts.The percentage of Chinese students increases from the first year to the third, demonstrating that more "non-Chinese" people must fail than Chinese people. Analyze those stats yourself, and see what conclusions you reach. The only one i see jumping to conclusions here is YOU! :spin:
  14. BradleyRN

    Nursing student alleges discrimination

    "Linda Tang, 42, who last week decided to drop out of her course at Unitec because she believed the tutors were making it impossible for her to pass." People have all sorts of excuses as to why they couldnt pass nursing school. Just the fact that this woman has a tutor shows that she obviously wasnt getting the material on her own. If you look at the statistics, Chinese people make up 12% of the class the first year, 17% the second year, and 19% in the third. This means that more people are failing from other nationalities than Chinese. The best excuse this woman has for failing is that she DROPPED OUT! She should sue herself. You cant whine your way into nursing. :spin:
  15. BradleyRN

    Union facilities vs non-union

    Id rather management look at me as the "enemy" than as their "whipping boy". They are made up of businessmen or sold out nurses, and their profit-driven points of view will never align with my safety-driven one. :spin:
  16. BradleyRN

    Why do nurses take the fall?

    I was just debating with a tech the other day why despite the fact that techs give each other report, the nurse will give them one too. The tech thought it to be a waste of her time. She resented the nurses for giving a second report, but i am certain that given your point of view on how the nurse is going to get the blame for everything, you would understand. :spin: