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  1. GLORIAmunchkin72


    I never have (but some people do).
  2. GLORIAmunchkin72


    The same reason people take lie detectors more than one time. One test would say you lied and the next test would say you didn't and maybe a 3rd test would prove inconclusive. Sorry. Couldn't think of a better analogy.
  3. GLORIAmunchkin72


    How many times do they have to shove something up your nose in order to know if you have it or not (COVID19)? I'm refering to the people who test positive one day and negative the next.
  4. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Crushing Oral Medications...New Regulation

    Pudding and applesauce or ice cream are not necessarily used to 'hide' meds. They help make the meds more pallatable.
  5. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    And the hospital should evacuate too so we don't find the patients in the news waist deep in water.
  6. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Does anyone here take their own bp manually?

    to rephrase: if you had to monitor your bp at home what would you use?
  7. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Does anyone here take their own bp manually?

    I've tried this but found it very awkward. I normally use OMRON electronic bp monitor.
  8. I definitely would not give it.
  9. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Best Mispronunciation?

    At work some residents enjoy a play with words (cimanon, simenet,etc...). You got to lighten up sometimes. S NILE EVERYONE!
  10. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Possible alleged neglect complaint... I hate snfs

    I am not sure if "I'm on break" was the best response. "I'm presently off the clock" sounds better and add that you'll find another nurse on the floor to assist.
  11. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Narcotic counts

    Often times discrepancies without med errors happen because because people are not counting the number of doses in one card. For example we get a card of 30 doses but they're half pills so often times the narc paper will say 15 pills (whole)received or sometimes pharmacy will lsend 2 boxes of fentanyl with 5 patches in each but on each box the pharmacy label will say 10patches. It can be really confusing and maddening at times especially for new people.
  12. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Disturbing Conversation on Overweight Healthcare Workers

    They're worth their weight in gold and they have the right to push it around.
  13. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Leg wraps delegation

    "Of course, you would be responsible if the task was not carried out properl" Of course, you are. But would you write a cna up if she does not do it right and the resident's legs turn purple?
  14. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Leg wraps delegation

    Are you comfortable delegating leg wrapping to your cnas? Who is responsible if it's not done correctly?
  15. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Bending and Breaking the Rules in Nursing

    LTC or not, rules or not, it's residents' rights! As long as you explain why they shouldn't have certain foods and document, they can eat what they want.
  16. GLORIAmunchkin72

    What does a rehab nurse do?? New hired rehab RN here.

    Also lots of admits and discharges...