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  1. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Is everything computerised where you work?

    "I will use a sphyg if I have a b/p that is extremely out of range. One important facet to know is to always use the right size cuff". Occasionally I have to use a sphyg and can't always find the right cuff. Should you use children's cuff with elderly people with very, very thin upper arm?
  2. GLORIAmunchkin72

    I am so confused...

    Sounds to me like your DON overreacted. This could have easily been straightened out. Next time don't say "I can't". Just say "I have meds on the cart, I will find someone who can help you" or something like that. If they fire you over it then they should not complain about being short of staff.
  3. GLORIAmunchkin72

    My PhD Journey - Part 1

    Your piece was so well-written and inspiring I actually read the whole thing!
  4. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Rn recieves notice to renew her cna license

    In Indiana nurses are allowed to work as cnas.
  5. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Medication Aides

    I personally believe in primary nursing. There are still many nurses who can do everything themselves. There are those who need a little help and there are those who delegate their whole medpass and treatments and still need help and that is where we come in.
  6. GLORIAmunchkin72

    The Worst Its Ever Been

    that kind of 'busy' is dangerous when basic care becomes last on the list. eventually something is going to give....
  7. GLORIAmunchkin72

    What being an Agency Nurse did for me..

    Congratulations to you!
  8. GLORIAmunchkin72

    An upset elderly patient...

    maybe...maybe...maybe maybe the doctor needs to have empathy.
  9. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Colace and Senna BAD drugs???

  10. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Tips for passing clinical tests?

    That really stinks!! I am sure you have much to offer!
  11. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Drug seeking patients?

    "...we're not here to judge, and if the doc has meds prescribed, then the pt gets them when available. It's not MY call..."
  12. GLORIAmunchkin72

    LTC new nurse burnt out!

    I'm a bit confused: you have a qma yet you are doing all the med pass and the txs?
  13. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Since there all those negative threads out there...

  14. GLORIAmunchkin72

    Lateral Violence

    I agree with the others. Your unit is a reflection of who runs it...
  15. GLORIAmunchkin72

    2 1/2 liters ascites fluid drained

    Thank you very much....