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Does anyone here take their own bp manually?


I've tried this but found it very awkward. I normally use OMRON electronic bp monitor.

to rephrase: if you had to monitor your bp at home what would you use?

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I just use an electronic blood pressure monitor. I tried doing it manually on myself the other day and it was very hard to do.

Doing it manually may affect the accuracy of taking your own Blood Pressure. As the phlebostatic axis is into big consideration. The position of your arm and your 4th ICS must be considered.

When I take my blood pressure I do so manually using a self-taking blood pressure cuff and stethoscope that are combined as a unit. The AHA provides information on how to take a blood pressure correctly; this is the way I was taught to take a blood pressure in nursing school.


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it's challenging, but do-able. I keep the cuff velcroed together & just slide my arm in/out. Squeeze the thing with my right (sorry, can't remember what it's actually called).

There is a small piece of fabric/vinyl, to clip the meter on. But being so heavy & not a lot of tubing, I usually hold meter in left hand. Yes, i know some of my methods may affect the reading,...

Just takes a little practice.