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  1. Hi Fellow Health Professionals that live in Washington or have lived here! (LVN/RN) I NEED your help! I need to hear your voice and experience working in a health care facility/institution around Longview/Kelso/Castle Rock Wa area. I am so excited to hear from you!!! Please STOP BY AND SHARE your story! Thank you!!!! First day at work can be nerve wracking... How was the environment on your first job on the first few months? A. Working environment B. Management C. People/Co workers How was the orientation process? How was the mentor(s) or preceptor(s)? How long did you stay? If you can provide PROS and CONS please. PROS: What you like about the company CONS: Areas you think they can work on to be better DISCLAIMER: It's an opinion. This is not to pin down any one or any institution or facility. We have the freedom of speech that we can use for good to better our selves, our community and our future. Each one is entitled for their own opinion and share based on their personal experience. It may not work for everybody. So keep what works for you and throw away what doesn't. We are all different. We are all unique but can be united as one to reach our goals. Thank you so much for your time!!
  2. You have lifted my spirit too! Thank you! I am new RN BSN and have graduated 10 years ago from a foreign country and I am also looking for a job to have a good start. They said, apply in Senior Living or Assisted Living. There's also a Clinic and a Small community hospital here. I trained in my home country as a Dialysis Nurse but after the training they offered me a Management position.Then I never had a hands on experience. Please advice. Thank you!
  3. You have lifted my spirit too! Thank you!
  4. PhatRN

    Longview Wa- RN, BSN

    Hi Everyone! I recently passed my NCLEX! Yey! But dilemma doesn't end there. I have a BSN degree from the Philippines 9 years ago. It is a challenge for me to look for an opportunity where I can pick up my self and skills after so long. I passed IELTS, CG Evaluation and NCLEX by self study. Now I need experience to hone my skills. Someone told me Kaiser Clinic in Longview gives a good entry level training.Some advised me to try Delaware Plaza Senior Living and some says, try to go for Pscyhe Nursing in St JOhn's. Others wanted me to try Hospice care.. I am overwhelmed with the information and options bombarded.What is really realistic and a good training ground to be a starter here? Your advise and experience will be taken gratefully. Thank you for taking time to stop by and share your valuable experience.
  5. PhatRN

    Foreign Graduate Needs Job

    Thank you so much for the time and the advise. I am very grateful...I know you are very busy yet you took time to reply. I am contemplating to work between Kaiser clinic, a Senior Living or a hospice. I am assessing where is the best place to start and hone my skills.
  6. PhatRN

    Novice Nurse--HELP! Advise please

    Thank you very much! How did you start?
  7. PhatRN

    Expired PRC license for nurse working overseas

    Yes they may. You can ask someone to process it for you. For Authorized Rep. that has NO PRC ID- Orig. SPA(Spec. Power of Atty) is needed but if Auth.Rep HAS PRC ID- Authorization letter from you is required. An authorize rep should also photocopy his 2 any GOV'T. ISSUED ID. Plus other requirements:payment, picture, form. Hope this helps. God bless!
  8. PhatRN

    CGFNS CES report

    it takes awhile for CGFNS to review every document. You can call them before they open like 1 minute prior to get hold of them.But it took them forever for my docs to review and evaluate. Did you submit all documents already?
  9. PhatRN

    Novice Nurse--HELP! Advise please

    I recently passed NCLEX and I am looking for the best way to start my career path. I live in a small town that only has one hospital, few clinics, dozens of hospice care and enormous number of Nursing Home or Senior Living. A little background.... I graduated 10 years ago and the last practice was hospital experience for 6 months in 2013 and was working in 2010-2011 in a Free Standing Dialysis Center. Back in school, our program was straight to the BSN program in 4 years with 3 years of summer classes and 10 straight months of school(in 4 yrs).We had OR-DR exposure, Pedia, Elderly, Community and Psyche Nursing.A year after graduation I took the board and passed it the first time in our country. Any help or advise please from the expert. I am a foreign graduate and I know there is a reason why I passed NCLEX the 1st time without enrolling in a NCLEX Review Program. If you may share your personal experience, it will help me a lot. Especially how you manage to start and survive the grueling first few months as a novice nurse. Thank you so much! Any advise from the expert will be much appreciated.
  10. PhatRN

    Phil RN in WA

    Please check your email.Thanks!
  11. PhatRN

    Phil RN in WA

    You are very welcome! I'm near Vancouver Wa. How about you? If you may, send me your email address. It would be nice to share experience with you.
  12. PhatRN

    Phil RN in WA

    Hi Misslily, Yes IELTS is one of the requirements of WA BON. I did self study for my IELTS test and TONS of PRAYERS. There are books you can purchase or online classes you can enroll, and or review centers maybe within your area that you can check. I don't have ATT yet. Waiting for my eligibility.
  13. PhatRN

    Washington NCLEX 2018

    I am getting ready for NCLEX thinking I will be able to take test end of this month or early July. At least I am free on July 4th. But to my surprise I found out yesterday that my application + Fee sent with BON WA was lost through a 1st class mail sent via USPS.I am devastated because I was waiting since April 2018. Can anyone share please the process and what to do in applying NCLEX with Washington Board of Nursing? If someone can provide please the step by step process from applying with the BON WA to the actual test scheduling. I very much appreciate your time.Thank you so much!
  14. PhatRN

    WA BON-NCLEX June 2018

    Does anyone know what to do after you submit an application fee with DOH and an application with Wa BON? They have not en-cash the check yet, how will we know the status? PLEASE HELP.... Thank you so much!
  15. How is it? Did you take IELTS or TOEFL? I graduated outside of US too..