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  1. True!
  2. To openly discuss it is a good start. They have great suggestions here for all of us. Slowing down helps you calm down and be more detail oriented.Nursing is such a broad field.It is nice to start strong by reading more books such as fundamentals of nursing, pharmacology and explore on our specialty as we find our niche.And at the clinical area, we need to observe the standard procedure, practice what is safe and later on our speed will just improve as we keep evaluating our performance and mastering the prioritization skills as we keep doing it.It takes months to a year to get more comfortable.You passed NCLEX for a reason...that means u know the basic safe practice.Sometimes, as a new nurse we overthink and overanalyze and that we complicate things.Try to reach out to your friends that you are comfortable working with.There is genius in you.
  3. Thank you so much for your time and reply.This is very helpful.
  4. Thank you! 2008. How about you? I have my clinical cases with me and will prepare this just in case my school lost my cases. Thank you so much for sharing! I am learning a lot from you!
  5. PhatRN

    Easiest state to apply for IEN's

    What steps are you taking for now? Have you taken the RN-NCLEX? Try Vegas or AZ since it is a closeby state.I will update you if there is progress on my endorsement to Cali.Help me pray please...
  6. Thank you so much! I am considering endorsing my license to Cali.Tnx a lot!
  7. did you submit your clinical cases to Ca BON directly? or they want it to come from your school?
  8. any updates as to the status of your application after you submit your clinical cases?
  9. PhatRN

    Easiest state to apply for IEN's

    I understand the feeling.. Do you consider other State/Territory? Some tried Saipan others applied in Vermont or NM.
  10. PhatRN

    Easiest state to apply for IEN's

    Have you tried calling your school to help you? CGFNS takes forever.
  11. PhatRN

    for CA RN lic.ENDORSEMENT from Another State

    I am still waiting for my papers...Ca BON needs TOR/Transcript from the school you graduated from.It must be sent from the school to BON DIRECTLY.Then you can apply online and pay the fee(MUST BE DONE at the SAME TIME). Do LIVESCAN and have license verified from the State where you have license with. How about you? please feel free to share your experience.Tnx!
  12. Anyone heard from Providence St Vincent in Seattle? Any feedback please...
  13. yes Wa BON will let you take NCLEX as long as you passed English proficiency exam, you have CGFNS cert or CES and you have HIV/AIDS Education training.
  14. PhatRN


    I heard Pearson test is much easier.
  15. PhatRN

    International nurses

    How's your application?
  16. PhatRN


    How's your application with Nevada board? Did they exempt you from taking English exam? Any updates? Thank you!