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  1. Hi Nurses and future Nurses! How are you? I have 3 questions for Tacoma based friends or those who live nearby. 1.How is Pacific Lutheran University as a Nursing school or a training center for Nurses? 2. Have anyone tried their RN refresher course? if not RN maybe LVN? How is it? Can you please share your experience. 3. What is the cheapest place to live if you will attend their classes and Where do they conduct their clinical? Your input will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. PhatRN

    Easiest states for foreign graduates

    Hey! May I know how much did you pay for the endorsement? Did you pay $750.00? It's quite expensive. There's a big difference if you are an Int'l grad compare to US graduate. I would love to hear your experience. Thank you!
  3. PhatRN

    New nurse, 1st job, how to learn everything?!

    You are very Welcome! Cool.. 4 weeks is short but it is still good because you know you have someone to ask. Some facilities will just give you 4 days and that's it.You are still blessed! I agree with Daisy, learn things everyday and one at a time. We will never learn everything. The best thing you can do is to develop strong relationship with your mentors and other health care workers. You will learn from everyone. From patients, CNA's to MD's etc. ASK questions and take down NOTES, learn the best practices from every person you encounter and DOUBLE or TRIPLE CHECK the MAR and the TAR always. NEVER hesitate to ASK questions. There's no RIGHT or WRONG question(s), or DUMB question(s) as long as you learn. When you get home, review what you learned or watch a video or read something about it. Be hungry to learn everyday even just for 1 thing. CONGRATS!!!!
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    New nurse, 1st job, how to learn everything?!

    Is this a Residency program or an actual RN job? Did they have an orientation? How long? How is their training for the New employees? Each facility has their own standard of practice and protocols on top of the Evidence based practice and the things we learn from the Nursing school. I have noticed one thing: We all struggle on the 1st 6-12 months. After that...a lot have said, we will be surprised how life gets better everyday. CONGRATULATIONS on your new job!
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    Easiest states for foreign graduates

    Thanks a lot! You are so helpful! Every service CGFNS extends or provides is equivalent to a buck.
  6. English Proficiency might be required depending on Ca BON's discretion. IELTS is not accepted. TOEFL is...
  7. Hello Everyone! I have a RN License from another State in US but I want to acquire CA RN License by Endorsement. I am an International graduate and passed IELTS 2-3 years ago. My question are as follows. 1.Will they require me to take TOEFL even if I passed IELTS and NCLEX? Considering I am only endorsing my license to Ca? 2. They asked for Transcript of Records. Is it okay that the CGFNS will send them my TOR electronically or will they require that the TOR should be sent directly from an International school to California BON? Can someone please enlighten me on this matter. I would appreciate. Thanks a lot!
  8. You seemed to have such a good-kind heart! The love and gratefulness that you have for your grandmother is admiring! How is your application? You can try Vancouver or Kelso-Longview area.Cost of living is a lot cheaper.Is your grandma near Wa?
  9. PhatRN

    Recently Moved to Washington State

    How is it working in Good Samaritan? What's the feedback on Tacoma General? Is Tacoma General also St Joseph? I am interested for their Residency program. I would love to hear from you re: the workplace environment and the people.Thanks a lot!
  10. PhatRN

    MultiCare RN residency 2018

    How's your Residency program? How is the learning environment and the people?
  11. PhatRN

    MultiCare RN residency 2018

    Thank you for sharing! This is very helpful. Did you sign a contract to stay after residency? how long? Tnx a lot!
  12. PhatRN

    Moving to Seattle/surrounding area

    How is it working in Tacoma for your Residency program? We would love to hear from you and learn from your experience. I am also considering going into such.Thanks a lot!
  13. PhatRN

    New Job - OR Nurse

    How's your Residency? How is it working in OR Virginia Mason? How are the preceptor and the learning environment? Tnx a lot!
  14. PhatRN

    Tacoma General

    Did you hear from anyone? Have you experience working around this area? I am curious as well.. Tnx!
  15. Hello All Washingtonian Healthcare workers or anyone who have worked in TACOMA area or nearby, How is it working in MultiCare Health System in Tacoma? I read they were changes made with the Institution recently and has a new CEO. I would love to hear from you or hear your story. It can be from your experience or an experience shared by friends/loved ones/family.
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    Easiest states for foreign graduates

    Thanks a lot! This is a big help.. Did they ask for your license in the Philippines? And does it need to be ACTIVE? Coz a representative I talked to from Ca BON said, CGFNS can forward my docs to Cali but they did not specify what kind of service it is. Thank you so much!
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    SEATTLE RN Residency

    How much do you need monthly in Seattle if you live ALONE and have to pay rent Hi Everyone! Is there anyone who can tell me please how much it cost to live in Seattle? I am planning to apply for RN residency program. Will the salary as a resident suffice to survive having to pay for the rent, food and have an allowance for gas/fare? What is the best area to start as a New Nurse?
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    Virginia Mason Residencies 2019

    Thank you! I just applied.Tnx!
  19. PhatRN

    OR vs WA

    How are you? Did you move or decide where to? The best areas in WA for Hosp/RN opp.are near Olympia, Seattle and so on...however you will get a lot of rain and snow the farther you go.They have the best hospitals though. If you like outdoor activities and a summer feel like CA and TX, you stay with OR area. But check the elevation because some parts get thick snow on winter times. I heard Beaverton has a good weather on spring and summer. I hope this helps.
  20. Hi Fellow Health Professionals that live in Washington or have lived here! (LVN/RN) I NEED your help! I need to hear your voice and experience working in a health care facility/institution around Longview/Kelso/Castle Rock Wa area. I am so excited to hear from you!!! Please STOP BY AND SHARE your story! Thank you!!!! First day at work can be nerve wracking... How was the environment on your first job on the first few months? A. Working environment B. Management C. People/Co workers How was the orientation process? How was the mentor(s) or preceptor(s)? How long did you stay? If you can provide PROS and CONS please. PROS: What you like about the company CONS: Areas you think they can work on to be better DISCLAIMER: It's an opinion. This is not to pin down any one or any institution or facility. We have the freedom of speech that we can use for good to better our selves, our community and our future. Each one is entitled for their own opinion and share based on their personal experience. It may not work for everybody. So keep what works for you and throw away what doesn't. We are all different. We are all unique but can be united as one to reach our goals. Thank you so much for your time!!
  21. You have lifted my spirit too! Thank you! I am new RN BSN and have graduated 10 years ago from a foreign country and I am also looking for a job to have a good start. They said, apply in Senior Living or Assisted Living. There's also a Clinic and a Small community hospital here. I trained in my home country as a Dialysis Nurse but after the training they offered me a Management position.Then I never had a hands on experience. Please advice. Thank you!
  22. You have lifted my spirit too! Thank you!
  23. PhatRN

    Longview Wa- RN, BSN

    Hi Everyone! I recently passed my NCLEX! Yey! But dilemma doesn't end there. I have a BSN degree from the Philippines 9 years ago. It is a challenge for me to look for an opportunity where I can pick up my self and skills after so long. I passed IELTS, CG Evaluation and NCLEX by self study. Now I need experience to hone my skills. Someone told me Kaiser Clinic in Longview gives a good entry level training.Some advised me to try Delaware Plaza Senior Living and some says, try to go for Pscyhe Nursing in St JOhn's. Others wanted me to try Hospice care.. I am overwhelmed with the information and options bombarded.What is really realistic and a good training ground to be a starter here? Your advise and experience will be taken gratefully. Thank you for taking time to stop by and share your valuable experience.
  24. PhatRN

    Foreign Graduate Needs Job

    Thank you so much for the time and the advise. I am very grateful...I know you are very busy yet you took time to reply. I am contemplating to work between Kaiser clinic, a Senior Living or a hospice. I am assessing where is the best place to start and hone my skills.
  25. PhatRN

    Novice Nurse--HELP! Advise please

    Thank you very much! How did you start?