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  1. Student professionalism

    DAMN! If a student went off like what you described when I was in nursing school, they would've been penalized. Or rather, they likely would not have gone off on a tangent like that. What was her rationale for being late that day? if she was awake...
  2. I concur with the not using a colleagues specific name. Perhaps just 'notepad unavailable, taken out of client home.' or something along those lines. And yeah, that's utter BS that management hasn't addressed it. It'd be different if you all had y...
  3. My license wasn't revoked, but suspended for one year (related to the monitoring program) and I was able to get it back rather quickly, once the year was up. The part that took the longest for me, was because I had to have our support group therapis...
  4. Can I work as a RN in another state while in PNAP?

    I apologize, I don't have an answer for you, as far as being able to work in another state while in PNAP. In all likelihood you will have to enroll in PNAP upon applying for PA licensure. At least that's been what I have seen/heard others. I never...
  5. Job hunting while monitored

    I never put it on my resume or application. I always preferred to discuss that subject during an in-person interview. It usually comes up fairly quickly, as I had a large time gap between nursing positions & was questioned about that. Ju...
  6. Moving to new state

    I second the idea to look into the new state prior to making plans. I have heard where people have had to restart the new states' program once moving there, despite completing the first program without issue successfully. Best of luck!
  7. ALMOST there!

    I am almost done with this monitoring & couldn't be happier! My official date is less than 3 weeks away! Then, it's just waiting another week or two to hear from the board and I am DONE with it! It's just been such a long road, full of BS, lies...
  8. Florida IPN disaster

    you are correct in saying these programs are all about the money! That's all it is, punitive & demeaning & they love to control things, simply because they know they can because they've got you by the short & curlies! Kudos to you for ad...
  9. Board Order: Sabotaged by doctor

    OMG, what a dick! I'm so sorry to hear this! What about contacting your case manager, thru the monitoring program? Or are you only under the board order & don't have to participate in your states' monitoring program for HCP? Could he sp...
  10. Recovery Trek Question/Board Order

    yeppers. They typically do this type of thing towards the end to psych you out & as you said, get every last dollar they can! less than a month til July, keep it going & you'll be done!
  11. Questions! Help please!

    Wow, such a mess. I'm sorry, I can't offer much input about the drug court thing. But as far as a job, in nursing, addiction & SA nursing are usually friendly towards those with restrictions upon their license. AND a bonus, it helps you keep y...
  12. WELCOME to nursing! It's unfortunate that women, especially in understaffed & stressful situations can be catty. I much preferred ICU & lots of male nurses to even out the hormones!! Given your new, it truly sounds like they are just...
  13. Accused of diversion

    Just wanted to check in with OP & see if you had your hearing & how it went? Hopefully well!
  14. What does the contract state about not completing the program? Yes, anybody can choose to voluntarily back out of any signed contract, but there are usually consequences. Here in PA (I'm just paraphrasing, but I'm positive I've got the main gis...
  15. Yes go to work, take an overnight bag & extra scrubs. If you're already there, they will likely ask you to stay, as some others for nite shift will call out. My previous employer would allow employees to crash on an empty wing, and work ...