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  1. crazin01

    ALMOST there!

    I am almost done with this monitoring & couldn't be happier! My official date is less than 3 weeks away! Then, it's just waiting another week or two to hear from the board and I am DONE with it! It's just been such a long road, full of BS, lies & people hungry for power because they can. If I want drama like this, I'll go back to high school.... Sorry, just excited! 🙂
  2. crazin01

    Florida IPN disaster

    you are correct in saying these programs are all about the money! That's all it is, punitive & demeaning & they love to control things, simply because they know they can because they've got you by the short & curlies! Kudos to you for advocating for yourself from the get-go....please keep us updated... best of luck!
  3. crazin01

    Board Order: Sabotaged by doctor

    OMG, what a dick! I'm so sorry to hear this! What about contacting your case manager, thru the monitoring program? Or are you only under the board order & don't have to participate in your states' monitoring program for HCP? Could he speak with your prior physician, since he clearly doesn't know you well enough & the other who moved does? Could you yourself reach out to the prior doctor, if you had a good rapport (which it would seem you do, if he never had issues with the forms in 4 years). Not that I encourage dishonesty, but how long ago did he move? could he sign the same forms? Would he be willing? Would a job description/talk with your supervisor at work with this new doctor help? To assure you're fully functional for the description, ensure your job performance isn't questionable, etc??? I cannot believe another medical professional would be such an absolute AS$Hat to do this to you THIS close to the end....
  4. crazin01

    Recovery Trek Question/Board Order

    yeppers. They typically do this type of thing towards the end to psych you out & as you said, get every last dollar they can! less than a month til July, keep it going & you'll be done!
  5. crazin01

    Questions! Help please!

    Wow, such a mess. I'm sorry, I can't offer much input about the drug court thing. But as far as a job, in nursing, addiction & SA nursing are usually friendly towards those with restrictions upon their license. AND a bonus, it helps you keep your sobriety, to see others in the same boat, and knowing how quickly you could be back there. (at least it made sense to me). Also, dialysis is also friendly to nurse license issues. Also, as far as the board, they are PAINFULLY slow, so I wouldn't be sure they won't request a hearing or appearance. It took me almost 3 months for them to reinstate mine after I submitted all paperwork the day after I was able to apply for reinstatement.
  6. crazin01

    Eval for positive hair test

    I've heard of others having time tacked onto their contract/re-starting at a certain point in their contract, for positive tests. No matter how good the excuse, they usually don't care & like to tack on time. But, I could be wrong & each state/program is different. Honesty is usually the best policy, for the most part, with the programs. Not sure how much they'll care as for why you took sudafed (that's also the only thing that works for me, when ill) but maybe they will have some basic human compassion & all, with COVID. I do wish you luck with them. (I'm done in August this year, and am throwing a bridal shower for my best friend in July. But for this very reason will not have even one mimosa or glass of champagne or wine with her. I've seen many with time tacked on, so close to the end & I am WAY to ready to be done with this monitoring)... good luck! & let us know what happens! 🙂
  7. WELCOME to nursing! It's unfortunate that women, especially in understaffed & stressful situations can be catty. I much preferred ICU & lots of male nurses to even out the hormones!! Given your new, it truly sounds like they are just trying to see how you react & by acknowledging their actions bother you, they're just going to continue & become more intense. I'd try to completely ignore anything like this (it sounds like you did) and not let it bother you. It's when it becomes bold-faced lying, dumping on other staff and more severe occurrences that I would worry about addressing it. Just ignore them & their petty BS, 2nd grade antics & they'll eventually move on, I would think. By ignoring them, you're also growing thicker skin, which is vital to surviving nursing. I am in no way saying it's acceptable, but I'd be afraid to see how you would respond to some truly horrible instances of bullying. It does happen & sometimes management is not motivated to do anything to address it. Let it roll off your shoulders & be the bigger person
  8. crazin01

    Intent to take in text

    ditto forever humble. However, the true optimist in me would like to think we're truly innocent until proven guilty, but that doesn't seem to be how the monitoring programs go... I admit, it does not look good with texts that like, with a history of substance abuse. But unless he's lying, saying you actually did buy pills or something more concrete, I'd like to think they could only get you for an inappropriate relationship with a resident. But again, that's just me being optimistic. It may seem crazy expensive, but I'd say you should seriously get a good attorney & get in front of it. I also wouldn't be surprised if it takes closer to 6-12 months to hear from the board. They move like molasses most days... best of luck...
  9. crazin01

    New Grad in recovery, is PNAP mandatory?

    As a current enrollee in PNAP, avoid it at all costs, if you can. If you are 100% sure you're records are clean & nothing exists they could find, I'd keep quiet. Because if you lie on your application to take boards and they find out, that doesn't look good to them. Also, who is telling you that you may have to be enrolled with PNAP? Obviously somebody knows of the history with ETOH. I'd avoid telling anyone (instructors, fellow classmates etc) unless you trust them with your life. You'd be surprised how horrible some people can be, make a complaint or something to the BON. but congrats on both being almost done & 8 years! 😄
  10. crazin01

    Monitoring (voluntary) vs. probation

    I would NOT talk to any representative of the monitoring program or nursing board myself, if I could go back. It's pricey, but get a lawyer. If you truly do not have a substance abuse issue, do NOT admit to it, same goes for mental health issues. https://taana.org/ is a good resource to start looking for an attorney with experience with nursing licensure & board issues. I trusted what the investigator and monitoring program reps told me, like an idiot & regret thinking they were just trying to help me. They are not your friends. Best of luck!
  11. crazin01

    What happens?

    When I was in criminal court, the judge point blank told me "as a nurse, YOU are held to a higher standard", glaring down at me over his pinched nose (sorry, that's the impression he gave off. I don't understand how this is fair, because people are people are people....but life ain't fair, right? I also cannot believe the BS we are seemingly forced to take to retain our licenses. I have a good 'learning experience' (if I say I'm treated unfairly, then I'm playing the victim card, according to some therapists) I did divert, years ago, confessed, thinking honesty was best. Have since done everything, bent over backwards, complied all the BS. Extended for reason beyond my control (delays in criminal court resulted in my re-starting 3 years, after 2 completed...how bout that? More money!) Six months before the end, have a positive false UDS. I KNOW it's wrong, but was told it didn't matter, no matter what proof (asked about if I get a hair follicle test) and told my case was closed, sent to legal for license suspension, no options to contest. Lose nursing job, but I request a hearing before BON to plead my case, and take my negative hair screen to the hearing. However, I didn't have the common sense to pay the toxicologist/whomever from the lab to come to the hearing, it was not allowed as evidence, because I could've forged it. Despite the COC docs, bank statement showing payment, etc. Also had negative screen for the 6 months between the false positive and the hearing, demonstrating my continued abstinence. I suppose the judge felt bad, and reduced my license suspension to 9 months, retro active to the date it was suspended prior to hearing. So, currently in the process of applying for reinstatement and then have another year of the BS program. Am I supposed to feel lucky or grateful that their screw up or whatever it was caused more stress, financial, emotional and further hardship to my family? It'll probably be at least an additional 24 months from when I would've been done without this hiccup. Sorry to hijack, OP, just seemed appropriate to vent. 🙂
  12. crazin01

    Looking for advice dealing with BON and NPDB

    If you truly are innocent, I would agree with others: work your butt off, save up & get an attorney to clear your name. The monitoring programs are mostly a BS way to rake in $$ for the states (in my opinion) and place everybody into the same group, with contracts and requirements. If you are truly innocent, you need to determine what evidence they have. Do NOT trust the investigators, or admit to anything without some type of legal counsel. Is there a low-cost attorney in the area, sometimes in less urban areas? I had an investigation (at the county level) & criminal court proceedings, but never had a polygraph. Like Indiana, I had a public defender & now have a criminal charge on my background check. Fines, probation, etc etc. Again, that was just criminal court, which moves SLOW but faster than the BON, in my experience. I admit I don't know a lot about NPDB, other than in my case, I've received notification of changes to my nursing license (probation, etc) when the BON has reported these changes to them. But I never worked in LTC or with the OLTL, so I'm not sure how that may affect future employment options. I know you said the BON suggested to surrender your license and the NPDB said you can no longer work in LTC, but if you do a state license search, what is your license status? Active, suspended? If still active, you may be able to work as an LPN & try to rake in some $$$. Sorry I don't have anything better to share/offer. It may seem impossible, but you really want an attorney to fight for your innocence & license.
  13. crazin01

    What happens?

    It should specify within your legal documents what the repercussions are for noncompliance/not completing. Whether due to financial hardship, you're just sick of it all, positive drug screens, etc. I'm in a different state, but I believe if you withdraw from the program/TPAPN for whatever reason, then the disciplinary action begins. Were you ordered a suspension that was 'stayed' as long as you complied with TPAPN? A revocation? I'm assuming you mean you are unable to find a nursing job since being in TPAPN?
  14. crazin01

    Nasal cannulas behind the head

    In Bates Motel, Emma (had CF) wore her O2 this way all the time, pre-transplant. (sorry, I know it's TV, but sorta fits) 😄
  15. crazin01

    Orientation debacle

    I would just ignore the messages. It's your day off from work, they shouldn't be bothering you. Especially if they haven't been given any prompting/encouragement to have a more social relationship with you. Next day at work when they ask why you didn't respond, just a polite 'I was busy' and leave it at that. IF they actually have a work question on an off day, they can write it down & discuss next day at work. I'm assuming they have the same schedule as you, days off, etc. If they start on non-work stuff while at work, continuous redirecting should be effective. Eventually they need to get the hint. And if they don't, you don't have to be rude/mean about it (it seems you don't want to rock the boat at work, I wouldn't either!) but some people just need to hear a blunt "I'm sorry, but we're work colleagues, not social friends. Let's focus on getting all you can out of your orientation while we can." Only then would I ask to have them re-assigned. Good luck!
  16. crazin01

    Covid 19

    In PA: I got an email on 4/17, saying we can still do recovery trek as normal. OR we can now do an at-home option, PROOF saliva testing. You download an app on your phone, it video records the collection process & COC stuff. Then it's sent in. They sent packs of three tests at once for $204 (68/test) and $16 shipping. But they evidently split up the billing so it's not all at once. So I guess it depends which options you usually get for UDS, on whether it's cheaper or not than the normal recovery trek method. But it's another option. I guess that's a good thing...