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umbdude has 5 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in Psych/Mental Health.

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  1. Having access doesn't mean you have permission to search anyone you want. You need consent permission to view an individual's private medical record.
  2. I don't know about legality, but certainly should never view someone's medical record without consent unless you're caring for that person as a provider. Again, most likely HIPAA violation.
  3. Highly unethical and a HIPAA violation.
  4. umbdude

    Low NP Salary for VA

    Don't have much knowledge about this but I would just consider the benefits since the VA supposedly have superior benefits (vacation, low healthcare premium etc.) compared to other organizations.
  5. If you're a permanent resident of Montana and only visiting VA couple months a year, and you're exclusively seeing patients in Montana while you're physically in VA, my belief is that you do not need to be licensed in VA. The regulations in VA doesn'...
  6. umbdude

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary and Lifestyle?

    Not sure about my panel size but anywhere between 8-14 patients a day at one job and the other I'm just starting so fewer. I provide 1-hour intake and 30-min follow ups. Outpatient setting isn't homogenous so it's highly dependent on where you work (...
  7. umbdude

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary and Lifestyle?

    I've found ziprecruiter to be more accurate in my area (northeast). Actual comp depends on where you work (outpatient could be FQHC or private practice), psychiatry experience, and negotiation. $200k revenue or net income? Big difference there. ...
  8. umbdude

    PMHNP private practice

    Join FB small business group. A lot of good info.
  9. umbdude

    PMHNP-BC, a UWorld Equivalent?

    Most PMHNP review courses have test banks that you can purchase or subscribe to. Board vitals provides good rationales but very expensive (~$300 for 6 months) and doesn't really match ANCC question styles. I would pre-read Stahl's psychopharm and DSM...
  10. umbdude

    PMHNP-BC, a UWorld Equivalent?

    You'll be starting your PMHNP program or starting to prep for ANCC board? If you haven't started your PMHNP program, it's way too early to study for the boards. If you're going to a decent program and you study well, you probably don't need much...
  11. umbdude

    PMHNP-BC, a UWorld Equivalent?

    There isn't a UWorld-equivalent. The ANCC board exam is nothing like the NCLEX and there isn't any good exam prep. The ANCC question bank (the one with ~100 questions) is the closest to the questioning style in the ANCC board but because there're onl...
  12. umbdude

    Psych telehealth with supervision or training?

    Ultimately you would need to speak with these companies individually to ask about supervision and training. In my experience, the large, fully-remote, telepsych companies that popped up during covid are not places new grads should go to (most don't h...
  13. umbdude

    Are all PMHNP programs post MSN certificates?

    You're looking for Traditional MSN (traditionally people get their bachelors first, then masters). You do not need a masters degree to apply for a masters degree. Post-MSN certs are for people who already hold a masters of nursing degree (some s...
  14. umbdude

    NP Supervision in CA in Psych

    Connections. Most people starting their own practice have worked for employers with physicians and they gain connections that way. There's also a company called Doctors for Providers that claims to match providers.
  15. You should be able to find a job, but your first job might not be the ideal job that you want. When employers want experience, they want "prescribing" experience in most cases. Some 100% telepsych companies require 1-2 years of PMHNP experience ...