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semiller36545 has 23 years experience and specializes in LTC.

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  1. semiller36545

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    Not at all medical-related, but right now in Alabama, we have a candidate running for State Treasurer whose name is Young Boozer. Apparently Young is a traditional name in the Boozer family, because I understand he is neither the first nor the last to carry it.
  2. add to that, hit , kicked, and my personal favorite, bit.
  3. semiller36545

    Nursing Education, Not Training!!

    One of my instructors( trainers ?)always said " Animals are trained, people are educated.".
  4. semiller36545

    Blatant Nursing "No-No's"........what's your worst???

    Well, this one's not scary like some of the others, but still... I once worked with an RN supervisor who, let's just say had some issues. One evening, we had a resident (pt.), who needed some blood drawn for lab. This nurse gets the phlebotomy tray and heads to the room to collect the sample. I went along. She gets her supplies out and attempts stick #1, which misses. Lays the used needle on the pt.'s bed, where she is sitting to do the procedure. Stick #2, also a wash. Needle goes on the bed. At this point, I offered to try, but she declined. Stick #3- no luck. Needle joins the first two. Finally, on the 4th attempt, she hits an actual vein and collects the needed specimen. Now, you may think this would be the end of the story, but,no. She starts to pick up her discarded supplies from the bed , then yells out "Ouch!" What's wrong ? She accidentally sat on one of the used needles and was stuck in the butt. No injuries, but proceeded to perform her own drug test ( which ,yes, I told her couldn't possibly be legal), fill out her incident report , and go home. The DON came in the next AM, found the report, and came quickly to our unit for a better explanation than what was written in the report. I told her this story, and after she recovered from the shock, she called the nurse to come back to the facility for a repeat drug screen ,and goodness only knows what kind of counseling. As far as I know, that was the end of it. The pt did ask me later if " that nurse was still learning". I told her I certainly hoped so.
  5. semiller36545

    Do you regret clinic nursing?

    you wanted to gain experience in a variety of areas ? maybe ?
  6. semiller36545

    Happy Nurses Week!

    Thank you ! You,too.
  7. semiller36545

    Now, if you saw this on a chart, what would YOU think?

    Once found on a H&P, written by the MD : Oriented except for time, place, and person. Never did find out exactly what the pt WAS clear on , since she was non-verbal.
  8. semiller36545

    Can anyone share their experience on working in a nursing home?

    I couldn't put it any better than AnaCatRN . Right on the money.
  9. semiller36545

    Nursing myths. Stories that you know cannot be true

    yeah but . . .. that is anecdotal . . .. . and not reliable. no matter how much fun the myth is - it has been researched and found to be untrue. i know - i'm a party pooper. steph;) apparently, it wasn't researched by people working nights in ltc. that's all i'm saying.
  10. semiller36545

    Nursing myths. Stories that you know cannot be true

    "if so many studies have failed to prove a significant correlation between the full moon and anything, why do so many people believe in these lunar myths?" experience !
  11. semiller36545

    Need Your Help, Plleeeassee...Research Questions

    1. Alabama 2. yes 3. 24 every 2 years 4. N/A 5. home health 6. too many to list here 7. yes 8. usually 9. yes 10. improved 11. yes 12. yes - Things change so much and so fast in health care , you must continue to increase your knowledge in order to provide the best care to patients.
  12. semiller36545

    Nurses and Coffee

    No. Don't like it at all. I worked nights for 13 years and never drank any. Just can not stand the taste, and adding milk, sugar or other flavors don't help it at all.
  13. semiller36545

    Staffing for the Good of the Patient

    Don't I wish !
  14. semiller36545


    I went and looked at it. Very nice.
  15. semiller36545

    Math Problem Procalc I cant seem to figure out!

    you're right, i mis-wrote. i stand corrected. ** the formula,however, is right.
  16. semiller36545

    Math Problem Procalc I cant seem to figure out!

    0.3ml = 300mg Amt. ordered/ Amt. available X strength = dose