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Advice that you can either take or ignore:

I went through those ATI exams, taking them and then moving on. If you can actually retain knowledge from those exams, it'll benefit you for after you graduate and take the NCLEX-RN examination.

Buy Saunders Comprehensive. Professors LOVE to pull questions from that book. It has wonderful pictures and information that help reiterate what you're learning in classes.

If I knew this, I would've done it. Do questions from Saunders Q&A or Exam Cram by the middle or end of your junior year. Doing questions early really helps increase your chances of passing your NCLEX examination by graduation.

Buy textbooks from Don't waste money on textbooks from your school bookstore. It's not worth it!

Hope this helps. You'll love ittttt!!!


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AHH! I have orientation on Tuesday and I start classes September 8th! I am sooooo excited. I feel like I have been counting down forever, but at the same time it's all happening so fast! Can't wait!

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Well, I had my first day yesterday.... and I hate to be debbie downer, but I feel like I got all excited for nothing!! It was bascially a review of the orientation from a month ago. We had some lady from ATI talk to us for an hour about how amazing ATI is. A couple second year students came in and gave us some candy (yay!) and told us about the family bbq at the park in a few weeks, they passed around a sign up sheet for food and stuff. i think it will be fun! then the instructors told us the same stuff they did at orientation...:banghead: whatever!

We got our finalized calender/syllabus. Holy CRAP!!! I have 95 pages in my Calculating Drug Dosages book due by Wendesday and my first Exam on Thursday over the first 5 chapters in the fundamentals book.:uhoh21: On a good note, most of the people in my class are around my age (early 20's) which is suprising because i am in the night program. There are about 5 or 6 "non-traditional" students that are married and have children. We went around the room and introduced ourselves. Everyone seemed nice. We also signed up for our preferred clinical site. Of course there are no promises, but I'm hoping for the one 3 miles from my house, not the one thats 22 miles from my house!! :D

I guess i didnt know what to expect. After 2 years of pre reqs I am ready to cut open a patient and do some "real nursing" stuff, if that makes sense.:p I know it was only the first day, and i have to do it one step at a time, but I am bored with textbooks and want to start labs and clinicals...but we arent in labs for another week and dont have clinicals till mid october...oh well. I guess I will have to learn some patience!!

Anyway, even though my first day wasn't as AMAZING as I thought it would be, I feel like the instructors do it like that on purpose. first they put your toe in the water, then your foot, then your leg....i feel like they are trying to ease us into it before they put the firehose in our faces sometime next week. hahaha

Hope everyone else enjoys their first day!!! let me know how it goes!!:redbeathe

p.s. I am in a ADN program


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Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm.


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T-minus 43 hours and counting...

I start at 7 AM Monday morning (though I hope to test out of this Mon-7-AM class - it's keyboarding - and I'm sure I can do 25 WPM).

I still have a bit of reading and things to do, but I'm not terribly worried about it.



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Oh, and I got into the online portion of my fundamentals class last night. That was cool. I downloaded all the lecture outlines and stuff for the first week. Woo Hoo!


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I'm such a dork.


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I can't wait til my first day.. September 1st! It seems so far away right now. :(

But I did get my Fundamentals syllabus, and I have read Ch 1 and about 1/2 of Ch 2. I will probably do some work in my Med Dosage book, and review a bit before then. I can't wait to get started!!


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I'm such a dork.

LOL runtagua I would be the same way...I can't wait til August 31st!?!

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We're all dorks here. Look how excited we are to start school. There are so many kids out there dreading to go to school and we count down the days.

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I am a dork too. But I think it is cause we are so passionate about what we want to do. I think that is a good thing to have that.

I start Monday at 0900:wink2:


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I start school "officially" on August 26th. I'm already done with my orientation and an 8 hour long "Nursing Success" class.

I am *SO* excited...but I have a ton of anxiety to go along with that excitement.

In 4 semesters, I'll be an RN! :)

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