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  1. PackersFan

    Orange County Hospitals - looking to make a change

    Currently, I'm in a high-acuity Sub-ICU. I still have 5 months left on my contract, so I want to take my time finding my next position. But, since nursing is my second career, I realize that some companies/hospitals make things look better than they are when you're interviewing and/or a new employee. I'm hearing mostly negative things about Hoag lately & I just wanted to know if that's what I can look forward to expect from other hospitals in the area.
  2. As a New Grad, I jumped at the chance to land a job at a prestigious hospital. I didn't think through the commute situation thoroughly. It would *only* be 3 nights a week. It can't be that bad! After 18 months, of a 90-120 minute commute ONE way, I am so burned out. I am at the point where I dread going to work, even on my days off. I signed a contract & I intend to fulfill my obligation. Can you please give me your honest feedback in regards to hospitals in Orange County? I am particularly interested in CHOC, St. Joe's, Kaiser-Irvine, UCI, Hoag, Orange Coast & Fountain Valley. I am also looking at making a change into Mother-Baby/L&d, but decreasing my commute is my highest priority. Thank you for your assistance. Feel free to PM me if you would like to be more open/honest about a particular hospital.
  3. I'm located in Southern California & when applying to well organized/structured New Grad programs, they made it known that you were signing a 2-3 year contract upon hire. That's at least one way of hospitals recouping their money while training New Grads. I would assume that these hospitals would at least break even, if not experience a net gain from training a new grad.
  4. PackersFan

    Fountain Valley- New Grad (Versant)

    My first interview was very casual. Just talked about myself and why I chose nursing etc... It was with the DOU manager. I think they are more interested in seeing a personality fit during the first interview...
  5. PackersFan

    Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    The "trick" totally works!! My nursing school BFF & I both took the NCLEX on Monday (at 2 different times/locations)...both had 75 questions. We both got the good pop up on Monday & today, both of our names are posted on the BRN website!!
  6. PackersFan

    NCLEX today...walked out in tears!

    My license is posted on the BRN's website! I am so proud to be an RN!!! :)
  7. PackersFan

    NCLEX today...walked out in tears!

    I took my NCLEX-RN today, 5 weeks after pinning. I have been working full-time at my current job, coming home at 5pm and doing questions for 3-4/hours (sometimes longer) a night. I have been a total nervous wreck, and just kept telling myself, "I can do this, I *will* do this", etc.... (and sometimes, when I stopped believing in myself, my fiancee was there to remind me...) He even sent me off this morning with a sleepy "I love you, now go pass that test, so you can be my nurse wife & bring home the bacon." Anyways, I walked out of the testing center about one hour after I started my 75 questions. I wanted to cry. I had what seemed like ALL diet & medication questions. (and of course, they were meds that I had never even heard of!) I also had 15 SATA & 2 numbered ordered questions. & yes, I kept track, I had to write stuff down on that little board to help get rid of some of the stress! I did the Pearson VUE trick & got the good pop up! I hope to get my official results on the BON's website soon, but I just wanted to let you *ALL* know that it is possible to pass w/out spending a ton of money (that I didn't have) on Kaplan, etc.... I just did Lippencott's NCLEX book & did the comprehensive test questions & read through all of the rationales, even on the questions I got right. I also used Mosby's NCLEX flashcards, I used them all through nursing school as well. I did 50-100 questions for several weeks & I just cannot believe that I got the good popup, when I walked out crying!!! Good luck to everyone testing in the upcoming weeks/months!! :redbeathe
  8. PackersFan

    Fountain Valley- New Grad (Versant)

    During my 2nd interview (which was with a panel), I received some of the following questions.... - Describe a time you acted as an advocate for a patient - What would you do if your preceptor did something that you learned in school a completely different way - How would you handle a situation if you felt that the doctor was dismissing you in regards to patient care (like, the MD wasn't giving me the orders that I was expecting to receive, etc...) - What would you do if you encountered a patient who was difficult or whose family was difficult. I didn't have any clinical questions that I expected: patient goes into v tach, what are you going to do??? etc.... It was essentially more of a personality fit interview... (But this interview was *NOT* at FV.)
  9. PackersFan

    Short nurse bio for social media (facebook..)

    If anything, you should look into LinkedIn. I have built up my LinkedIn profile to be extremely professional. My Facebook account is strictly personal & completely private - you only see an always appropriate profile picture. That is, if you can even find me, I have a very common first & last name. :) You can try to keep your Facebook profile professional, but you will always have a friend or two who will make an inappropriate comment....
  10. PackersFan

    Does anyone like night shift?

    Every single New Grad position I either applied for/interviewed for was for night shift. Although, my best friend did land a New Grad position in Tele on Day shift. I accepted a night shift position. The shift differential will be nice, but I always have the option of transferring to days if there's an open position.
  11. PackersFan

    Looking for opinions...

    I can totally relate to your dilemma! I didn't even have a for sure offer from the hospital about 10 min from my house (only a 2nd interview), but I cancelled it & went with the offer from a prestigous hospital that is a 50 mile one way commute. This is in Southern CA, so I get the fun traffic situation too! Even though pretty much everyone I know is afraid that the commute would kill me, I knew that I had to risk it for my dream job. I didn't want to be at the smaller community hospital 3 years from now and wonder "what if". But, like NnSweets says, go with your gut! (and we can both gripe about the commute!)
  12. PackersFan

    Fountain Valley- New Grad (Versant)

    I think that I must have gotten at least 25 rejection e-mails, honestly I lost count, I started getting at least 1 a day.... & 8 of them were within 1 minute from Loma Linda (whoever made up that system is a mean person!) 1. Apply for jobs - even if they say minimum 1 year experience required. (I learned that this is a way for some departments to not get 1,000 new grad apps.) 2. Find out who the nurse manager is on the unit you want to work and e-mail them your resume & cover letter directly. (ask a friend who works there, google nurse managers at whatever hospital you want to work at...) I scored an interview this way. I didn't even apply online, because they didn't have anything posted online. 3. *ALWAYS* follow up with a thank you card, preferably via mail. But, at the very least send an e-mail. 4. Follow up on the resumes/applications you've submitted. Don't be a stalker, but you set yourself apart if you call or e-mail, letting them know you're still interested. 5. Make your personality shine! Even if it's not your #1 choice to work there, make whoever is interviewing you think that it is! A little chitchat & a smile goes a long way. 6. Don't bottleneck yourself into one geographic area. I have no intention of moving & have signed myself up for a killer commute, but it's for a great hospital & I'm willing to sacrifice what I have to. I applied everywhere from Mission Hospital to USC to Loma Linda. 7. Make sure your resume & cover letter sets you apart from the 1,000 other people who applied for the same job. I had 4 people critique my resume before e-mailing it out. I used some of their suggestions, but not all. 8. A little humor & confidence can go a long way, during an interview, "Why should we hire you over the hundreds of others who applied?" Not a joke, I replied, "because I'm awesome!" (and then followed up with I'm a team player, I'm organized, I'm adaptable to crazy situations, etc...)
  13. PackersFan

    Fountain Valley- New Grad (Versant)

    I got hired into the DOU (sub-ICU) at Huntington Memorial in Pasadena. I've been applying like crazy since March. A lot of my classmates aren't going to start looking until they pass NCLEX, but I feel like I've been extremely proactive. If you need any tips, please feel free to message me. Now that I've landed a job, I want to help others out! (I was being competitive & cutthroat for a while...)
  14. PackersFan

    Lots of SATA questions for June NCLEX testers???

    I test next week. Reading through all of these forums about NCLEX makes me more nervous & makes me want to throw up. (Maybe I should stop reading, huh?) :)
  15. PackersFan

    NCLEX TIPS?? Taking it in 2 days, eeek.....

    I'm taking it next week & totally flipping out. To top it off, I'm trying to plan a wedding...and now after numerous phone calls about stuff w/my family, they are now afraid to call me... The only advice I've heard, is to make sure to read through each question thoroughly, KNOW what the question is asking, before answering it. It's one thing I continuously find myself making stupid mistakes, when I go back to answer a question that I got wrong. Also, my preceptor (I love her) told me the following: - Take the day before the test off. No studying. - Have my fiancee take me out for a nice dinner, with one glass of wine - Get to bed early - Take the test in comfy clothes/sweats - Do something nice for yourself afterwards. (I'm looking forward to my first pedicure in 6 months! - gross, I know!) Hang in there, I'm in the same boat. We can do this! Look at how many people have come before us! :)
  16. PackersFan

    Help with BRN Interim Permit question

    I graduated last month... A few people told me to get an interim permit "just in case". I did research & didn't listen to them...& saved myself $50!! An IP is only valid until you take your NCLEX, regardless of whether you pass (which you will!) or fail. So, since you're taking your NCLEX before your New Grad program starts (I am too!) it doesn't matter, and you don't need an IP. Good luck on your NCLEX! I'm taking it next week I just looked this up on the BRN's website: Temporary Registered Nurse License - Interim Permit Verification The Board of Registered Nursing issues temporary registered nurse licenses and interim permits. Individuals who have passed the NCLEX-RN in another state and hold an active, current, and clear license are eligible for the temporary license (TL). Applicants who have recently graduated from a registered nursing program, and have not taken the NCLEX-RN are eligible for an interim permit (IP). An interim permit is not renewable and is in effect to the expiration date or until the results of the examination are mailed, at which time it becomes null and void.