The Agony of Da-Feet


Perhaps this topic has been done to death before, and I just missed it.

I'm a big guy, with wide feet. In your experience, what shoes are the best for easing the pounding we all give our feet every shift? I know some people like Crocs, but they aren't allowed where I work.

TIA for any suggestions.


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Yep, been done :)

I'd suggest doing a search on the forum for the feedback, BUT honestly I think it's nearly impossible to get a recommendation that means anything.

Some people can't live without their crocs. I tried a pair and hated them. Some love Danskos, and Sketchers, and NurseMates, and.....whatever else you can think of. Others will remark that the same brands gave them pain.

I do think, though, that it's worthwhile to invest in a visit to a podiatrist for custom-fit inserts. I can tell you that at this point, it does not matter at ALL what kind of shoe I buy (and I go for the cheapestwhite sneaks at Payless) because I spent the money on the inserts! Now every pair of shoes is a good support for my tootsies :)


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Thanks! Custom inserts from a podiatrist is not something I'd considered, but it makes a lot of sense!

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There are no magic shoes. What works for one person,will not work for another.

In order for me to make it through my 12 hour shift, I switched shoes and socks mid -shift... and rubbed my feet with a foot balm that contained a topical analgesic.

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You just have to try different things to see what works for you. For me, it's Klogs. Love them! Will never buy anything else.

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I just got inserts from my podiatrist and they help tremendously. I have found that making sure you don't "push" the shes you have past their usefulness. I found some Skechers that were great and they stopped making them. I though I could just wear them "a little while longer" and paid dearly in pain.

With the inserts=wait until you get them- go get some shoes fit properly at a good store. I have very high arches, so I have had many people recommend New Balance. Everyone's feet are different, so try different ones.

My husband has the same issues, he is on his feet all day. He likes Asics. And sometimes more money is not always better.


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Thanks! Custom inserts from a podiatrist is not something I'd considered, but it makes a lot of sense!

yeah, they're expensive (custom made, after all) but what's your foot pain/health worth? The office also sells ready-made inserts, podiatry-friendly or whatever, but they were not right for me. My 'foot issues' involved going for the bucks required to get the custom jobbies, but they were SO worth it!

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In order for me to make it through my 12 hour shift, I switched shoes and socks mid -shift.

The right socks make a huge difference for me, too. I have to ware cushioned absorbent socks or my danskos hurt the bottoms of my feet.


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I had arch supports made by 2 different podiatrists and neither set helped. I was custom fitted for a pair of NB that also didn't help. I, too, love my crocs but can't wear them as part of my work attire. I generally will take my 2 most comfortable pairs of shoes and switch them out half-way through the shift, because, of course, I can't wear one pair all the way through.

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KLOGS KLOGS AND MORE KLOGS...I just made the mistake of ordering nurse mates...big mistake. .went back to my Klogs

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I've been wearing NIKE lunarglide for the past few years and they've been terrific. And this is coming from someone who had such excruciating foot pain and plantar fasciitis that I didn't know if I could continue to work. I ended up getting numerous cortisone shots in the bottom of my feet and near my achilles tendon. Worked wonders, but those shots hurt!

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Do you have a runner's store near you? I went to a runner's store and they had tons of different shoes with many different widths. I finally found Brook's shoes are the best for me. Tons of support, and control for my over pronating. The shoes I purchased did run about $110-140. Good luck on finding a pair of shoes you like.