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  1. guest2210

    Being Ordered to Give Whiskey

    Family usually provides the alcohol of choice. If there is no family, the money can be taken from the patient's account and the admininstrator or other office admin goes to the liquor store and picks it up. At least, that is how I have seen it done over the past 34 years.
  2. I can empathize...I herniated L4-5 and L5-S1 in 1990 and was disabled for 13 years. While working a part time receptionist's job got me in hot water with Social Security and they said I owed them $20,000.00 overpayment, they stopped my disability payments and I had no choice but to return to nursing. I was scared to death! In 2004, I returned and did pretty well, working FT, 12 hour shifts. Found a job that was 5 days, 8 hours, not as grueling and more assisted living than long term care. I've been an LPN for 34 years. If you have the option of going on disability, getting short- or long-term disability payments until SSD kicks in, if you file for it, it might be what you need to get back to 100%. With all of the injuries nurses suffer, this really shouldn't do anything to hinder your career, as long as you take steps to get back to being 100%, or as close to it as you can get. I herniated L4-5 again in 2014 after a discotomy and haven't been able to work since then, due to a chronic illness the surgery triggered. My first disability app was denied, as was my first appeal. My 2nd appeal is coming up. I have had no income in 2 1/2 years. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  3. guest2210

    LPN IV Certification

    You might want to check into a big pharmacy to see if they offer the course. In Ohio, I found one back in 2007. Just google "LPN IV certification in Michigan" and see what comes up. That's how I found the one I did. Good luck.
  4. guest2210

    Advice/tips needed for going into LTC job

    I see that your interviews were a few weeks ago. What happened? Where you hired by any of the 3 LTCs that interviewed you?
  5. guest2210

    Help: Which states allow an LPN to Determine death?

    It's the same in Ohio as it is where BrandonLPN is. I've just had to call family, MD to release body-some places even had a standing order for that-heaven forbid we would have to wake a doc up in the middle of the night, the ME if a coroner's case, and the funeral home.
  6. guest2210

    Documentation and EMR

    If your system tracks all users, when an audit is done, it will show that the nurses changed the diagnoses, thus leaving YOU open for possible sanctions. Some EMR systems do not give anyone access to the problem list other than the provider. Has policy been updated to incorporate what is and is not allowed with your EMR system? Take your concerns to the office manager. You need to CYA. Good luck.
  7. guest2210

    IV Certification and OBN

    Although most PN schools incorporate IVs into their curriculum, if your school did not, to my knowledge, you can still take your boards. I would contact OBN directly and ask them for clarification.
  8. guest2210

    Do Nurses Get Traffic Tickets?

    I was pulled over on a 4 way stop due to a power outage affecting the stoplight, because I didn't fully stop. because it was so icy, instead I did a rolling stop. I was in uniform and received a ticket. On the way to work several years ago, I was pulled over for speeding and received a citation for 50 in a 35. So being a nurse, and having my badge visible didn't help.
  9. guest2210

    What can you tolerate the least?

    Vomit, of any kind, and emptying a colostomy bag...UGH!!! The worst!!!
  10. guest2210

    The Health Insurance Marketplace: One Nurse's Journey

    I have navigated the Marketplace. Due to a few physical ailments, I am not able to work at the present time. In my case, I qualified for my state's Medicaid program. No cost to me, but I had to choose a MCP (Managed Care Plan) to administer the healthcare. After I choose my PCP and MCP, I was sent my insurance card with neither of my choices on there. They had chosen for me, even though I made my choices well before the date specified. The resolution involved calling the state Medicaid ffice and informing the CSR of my choices and then they sent me a new card. The differences I have noticed from having regular Medicaid versus the MCP is just about everything has to have a preauthorization, which will also get you a denial for whatever service you need to have done. I did a simple appeal over the phone to a CSR at the MCP, and the denial was reversed. It's better than having nothing at this point.
  11. guest2210

    Any specialty type LVN's ?? what's yours?

    I train MDs, nurses and ancillary staff in Epic EMR. I started doing it when I got fired from the AL facility is used to work at. The pay is exceptional, but the field is becoming saturated with internal employees who get credentialed before the implementation, and then think they can do better as a consultant. Prior to EMR training, I Worked primarily with geriatrics for 26 years.
  12. guest2210

    Highest blood pressure ever recorded

    When I worked ICU a number of years ago, a patient had a BP of 260/140, hypertensive crisis. He was asymptomatic and was discharged a week later.
  13. guest2210

    Electrical Stimulation Therapy

    I was a TENS fitter for a podiatry group many years ago in Ohio. It was my job to instruct the patient on use and level of pain to increase as needed post operatively. The company that employed me wanted a licensed professional for the position.
  14. guest2210

    best i quit or fired story

    I worked in a billing office and was supposed to be able to work from home when the new manager took over. Got a new desk with all the trimmings, then found out she lied to me about it. I typed " I quit" on the floating screen saver with a note with her name on it, on my computer, so when she came in, she saw it. When I worked in an AL facility, the director said he wasn't replacing any of the Care associates that left. While talking with the CA for my shift, and the day shift nurse, ( both friends, I thought) I mentioned to them that the director could do something anatomically impossible. The nurse told him and on my next scheduled day to work, I was called into the office. Once I confirmed to him that yes, I did say that to this other person, I was told my services were no longer required.
  15. When I was in LPN school 32 years ago, there were several older students in there. One was 58 and laid off from a manufacturing job with no hope of getting called back. Another was a grandmother at 55. So at 38, I'd consider you a "youngster". Good luck!!!