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Thank you

Specializes in Med/Surg, ER and ICU!!!.

I just wanted to take a moment and let Brian and all the people (moderators, ect.) who run this site how much this means to me. I am addicted. When I become so old I can not read anymore, I will have my great-grandkids read me the posts and be laughing in my depends.

So, thank you guys. On this site I am able to learn, admire, vent and laugh. Thank you guys!!!!

Does anyone else have anything to add?

traumaRUs, MSN, APRN, CNS

Specializes in Nephrology, Cardiology, ER, ICU. Has 27 years experience.

Aw shucks! You are very, very welcome!

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych. Has 14 years experience.

Yep, I am another Allnurses.com addict. I spend entirely too much time on this site. There really needs to be a support group for those of us who have this unique addiction.....



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Well, thank you so much, texas lvn!! :wink2:

Me, too! Me, too! Thanks to Brian for starting this site, and thanks to the mods for keeping it a safe place.


Specializes in everywhere.

I want to add my thanks as well. I don't post much, mainly reading, but I do enjoy this site and no matter how many hours I have put in, I still have to come home and see what everyone else is doing.

Thank you


Specializes in Med/Surg, ER and ICU!!!.

It is soooo addicting. I probley check this site 5-10 times a day. I just can not get enough of it. My kids are even reading it (with me of course.)

JentheRN05, RN

Specializes in OB, ortho/neuro, home care, office.

I got you beat i think Texas_lvn. I pretty much never leave this site. Sure if I have to look something up, it's ALWAYS in a tab. In fact I can't remember a time when it wasn't a tab lol

Yes thanks to everyone who works so hard to maintain the site.

My hubby is a webmaster of a forum as well, so I know the kind of hours you put in. I'm a mod on his site, and I put in alot too. Luckily his site isn't as busy as this one so I can continue to constantly feed my addiction [bANANA]THANK YOU ALLNURSES STAFF!!![/bANANA]

nuangel1, BSN, RN

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i am new to this site since aug and i am already addicted spending too much time on the web


Has 20 years experience.

This site is amazing, I agree. Brian has a great thing going, and I appreciate my co-moderators and all the work they do to keep it a friendly and fun place to visit.

Thanks for taking the time to make this thread! It means a lot.


Specializes in Med/Surg, ER and ICU!!!.

This site is amazing, I agree. Brian has a great thing going, and I appreciate my co-moderators and all the work they do to keep it a friendly and fun place to visit.

Thanks for taking the time to make this thread! It means a lot.

I can not imagine the work that ya'll put into it, and I know that I would be almost lost without this site. I hate venting to co-workers because it always gets around as gossip, and I have to admit as much as my DH is wonderful, sometimes he just doesnt get it. Thank you all so much.

muffie, RN

Specializes in cardiac med-surg. Has 25 years experience.

allnurses addict fessing up

admitting there is a problem is the first step!


Hi Everyone, My name is GatorRN and I'm an addict.

I too am taking the first step, and admitting my addiction to allnurses. Thanks everyone for making this such a great forum!!


Specializes in psych,emergency,telemetry,home health.

me too,i got addicted here in this forum.before,i just play in the computer during my spare time but now,i just go to this site and i even learn as i enjoy it.


Specializes in Med/Surg.

I'm addicted too. First thing I do when I get off work is check allnurses.com, last thing I do before I got to work or go to sleep...check allnurses.com...guess I am a junky too.

I would also like to thank Brian and all the moderators for a wonderful job and wonderful website.

StNeotser, ASN, RN

Has 10 years experience.

Thanks from me too. Mostly I blow off steam I think.

What's great is if I ever have a procedural question I want to ask, all I have to do is a search and there are tons of threads on the question I wanted answered.


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I have to add my thanks too!! I love this site. I mostly just read, but read it all the time. I check it before I leave in the morning and off and on all noc once I get home!! My husband even knows not to close the window if I have it open if I have to do something else. He is often saying to me, "Haven't you read every possible post on there by now?" lol I am addicted also!! Not only do I laugh till I cry, cry cause it's sad, but I also learn so much!!


My exact sentiments....Good job...Great forum!!!:loveya:


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Yes...I'm addicted too....My husband says I'm obsessed with it.LOL!! Everyone has been so helpful in answering my" Dit-Da-Doo"questions. I always appreciate the honest feed back that I get. Plus....I really enjoy the nursing humor that comes along with the posts.


Has 5 years experience.

Ditto! It's the only diversion I allow myself from studying. Anytime I need a study break, I just click on the allnurses tab. It's as good an education as I'm getting from my books, lectures and clinicals. Better, actually! ;)

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