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Thank you gift?

Hi all, any suggestions on what to bring my preceptor as a thank you gift on my last clinical day? I will bring a thank you card, but can't think of what to bring :confused: because there are other nurses too on the floor whom I have interacted with during my clinical experience. A box of donuts doesn't sound too exciting right?

The best thing I got was a gift certificate to the store where I buy my scrubs. My student inocently asked where I buy scrubs and then got me a gift certificate. Also, find out where your preceptor buys coffee and get a gift certificate for there. Or, get a gift certificate for the hospital gift shop. Something can always be purchased there.

I got my preceptor a massage gift certificate, but I was also with her for over 6 months because I had her for a summer internship too.

Though it does not have to be anything expensive just a nicely written thank you note that shows how appreciative you are for all their help.

canesdukegirl, BSN, RN

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The most memorable gift that I got from a student was a card with heartfelt thanks accompanied by homemade chocolate chip cookies that she made the night before. SO SWEET OF HER!!!

Nurse Leigh

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Hello! One of my favorite (and not expensive) gifts to give other nurses would have to be nice pens. Most nurses love a good pen (it is amazing how quickly a pen can disappear, and how annoyed you will be when it is your good pen that has vanished). :eek: I recently found a pen that came with stickers and "backgrounds" so that it can be personalized. Also, some nurses (like myself) love using highlighters on report sheets. If your preceptor likes using them, a good set might also be a good idea. You could also spring for pens for the other nurses as well. Good luck!!!

A well-written note "from the heart" can be the best gift that your preceptor can ever receive. For this, you need to really specify some of the things that make her special...what she brings to the job and patients as well as you, and how she specifically helped you in your journey. Specify her kindness and willingness and she will love it! Some home-made cookies or your specialty (mine is biscotti!) will really hit home! Good luck to you!


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A heart-felt thank you note with a copy sent to her boss is always welcome.

And I love the idea about good pens, too!

I just ordered the staff on the unit I worked at a fruit basket and a small deli tray (Less than $50). Then for my preceptor I bought her an iTunes gift card since she downloads tons of music.

Nurse Leigh

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A heart-felt thank you note with a copy sent to her boss is always welcome.

Yes! Sending her a note is great and appreciated--sending a copy to her boss is fantastic! Managers love to hear good things about their staff and it can help the nurse when it is time for her evaluation. Oh, and I should add an addendum to my other post---donuts may seem "boring" but there are days/nights when any food is so so appreciated! :D

I was given an angel pin that I put on my badge, if you are allowed to do that. Now it is in my collection of nursing pins.

punkydoodlesRN, BSN, RN

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I made my preceptor an ID necklace for her stethoscope. She eyed mine the entire time I worked with her, so she was super excited. Other students did massage, starbucks and life uniform gift certs.


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I think a Starbucks gift card and a heartfelt note is nice. You can't go wrong with it. I also like the lanyard or badge holder idea.

thank you SOOO much for these wonderful ideas!! wow I got a lot to choose from now and might even combine these! :bow:


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