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  1. camarogirl512

    Wired Jaw :( Food Ideas Please

    Random question, but what happens if you have emisis with a jaw wired shut? wire cutters? Sorry to hear about your jaw OP. I would go with the fruit smoothies and some milk shakes (hey guilt free right . Hope you get better soon!
  2. camarogirl512

    How do I renew my RN license (first time)???

    I am not sure about Florida, but in California the first time you renew (which is the month after your next birthday) you do not need to compete and CEU's. You usually can find this information on the BRN's website. As far as the health department keeping track of CEU's, here you have to keep track of yourself and if they ask for proof (or audit you) you must show it to them. Sometimes they do not. If you are in doubt call the board and ask them for clarification. Hope this helps. Edit: Just looked at the Florida's Nursing Website and it is not as clear as California's. You probably should call and clarify or if another nurse here has any info.
  3. Do what you think is best for you, because as soon as that travel company (or any company for that matter) doesn't need you, you will be out the door! Two weeks notice is plenty of time. Good luck!!
  4. Did you get a receipt from the drug screening? I know when I did mine for multiple jobs that I got a slip back that said what they tested for. Best of luck to you!
  5. camarogirl512

    Maternity scrubs

    I know of some soon to be mommy's wearing a solid color tee-shirt with an open scrub jacket in their later months of pregnancy. Good luck and congrats!!
  6. camarogirl512

    Tdap prefilled syringes

    I worked in a physicians office and she had these. THe needles usually come separately and you attach them (luer lock type) Just twist the needle on and inject. Really easy and convenient.
  7. camarogirl512

    Too old for school?

    Although I am only 25, I say go for it and follow your dream. I feel like nursing school attracts a large variety of students. In my nursing school we ranged from 20 years old to over 50. It was great to have that variety as you learn from the older and the younger. Good luck!!!
  8. camarogirl512

    Does the Pearson Vue trick work? 911

    So sorry you didn't pass OP. Like another poster said. Keep your head up and don't give up. If you made it through nursing school you can definitely pass! I know it will be hard, but take some time for yourself and a week or two off from thinking about it. Also I took the Hurst Review before I took my nclex and that really helped me. It was more of a review of information and how to think through the questions. Good luck to you and keep us posted when you take it again :)
  9. camarogirl512

    Most horrific interview ever !

    Something similar to this happened to me. At the time of the interview they only had 2 open positions, but the hiring manager had just got word that a few more positions were opening up but they had to wait for HR to put them through. I was patient and eventually got the job, though I was in the second round I didn't feel less wanted.
  10. camarogirl512

    Most horrific interview ever !

    I worked for a private physician who sounded similar to this doctor. Straight and to the point and very blunt, but it was a great learning experience and after awhile when you exceed her expectations (which I believe you will have no problem doing) you will gain more and more respect for you. Hang in there!!! I always tried to stay a step ahead of her and anticipate what she would want in her appointments, and this really helped the flow of the office Good luck:yeah:
  11. camarogirl512

    Weirdest nursing thing you've done in "real life"?

    QUIET or SLOW That is when I shudder and hide too!
  12. camarogirl512

    Weirdest nursing thing you've done in "real life"?

    I do the same thing, even while watching baseball on tv I will tell my husband that player has really nice veins and I get this weird look from him. When I was in nursing school, the conversations we would have while eating lunch would send most people to the bathroom, but we don't even flinch. Same thing goes in the break room during lunch. My husband has also told me that I will wake up and start talking in the middle of the night about blood pressure and other nursing duties. This would happen more often when I was in school and learning about new things.
  13. camarogirl512

    New grad, just got a job offer in fresno, needs advice pls

    Going for an interview can never be a bad thing, the worst that can happen is that you decline a position, but you never know it could be a better opportunity for you and leave the position you already accepted. Good luck in whichever you chose!
  14. camarogirl512

    Thank you gift?

    I got my preceptor a massage gift certificate, but I was also with her for over 6 months because I had her for a summer internship too. Though it does not have to be anything expensive just a nicely written thank you note that shows how appreciative you are for all their help.
  15. camarogirl512

    What do you do when you're a pt?

    I dont come right out and say I am a nurse, but sometimes I ask questions that lead to them asking what I do for a living. My care should not be affected by what I do for my profession. Also, I don't believe another nurse should become uncomfortable because I am a nurse, if he/she is doing their job how they are supposed to, it should not matter.
  16. camarogirl512

    When hiring, do hospitals look at where you got your BSN?

    I am not sure about the nursing program you speak of, but I went to a Private nursing school as well, and now have a lot of student loan debt. When I starting nursing school it wasn't a question for me because certain hospitals in the area I lived were offering student loan forgiveness (i.e. $30k off your loans if you signed a 3 year contract). However, as stated previously the nursing job market isn't hot for new grads and a year after graduating I just got my first acute care position. I was able to defer my payments because I wasn't working, but now that I am making decent money, I am still living paycheck to paycheck because I have my loans to pay off which could be a house payment for my husband and I. All and all I am happy with my education, but really wish I would have just been more patient to get into a State school and have a lot less loan debt. Good luck to you in whichever road you take!