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  1. alphabetsoup

    Difficult seals in VAC therapy

    If you do not have "ostomy putty" then use stomahesive paste to fill in any crevices. Just use a small amount. Also, use a bridging technique to bring the trac pad over to the patient's side. This will help decrease tension on the trac pad tubing and diminish the chance of the patient dislodging the trac pad tubing.
  2. alphabetsoup

    need some wound advice

    I would not apply duoderm on open wounds that are around the anus. Getting those dressings to stay in place will be next to impossible. In cases like this, if the wounds are due to incontinence, manage the cause. The patient needs to be frequently evaluated for incontinence and promptly cleaned. An appropriate barrier cream needs to be applied (I like Calmoseptine) every 8 hrs and with each episode of incontinence. Can the patient have some diaperless time to promote air flow to the skin? Would a toileting schedule help? Are there any indications that there is a superimposed candidiasis (red, satellite lesions) necessitating the use of an antifungal product? And lastly, is there any chance that these are shingles or herpes lesions?
  3. alphabetsoup

    gangrene in a very private area.

    Is the scrotal wound due to Forniers gangrene? Cancer? Pressure ulcer? What is the goal of treatment? Comfort only? Drainage control? Odor control? Is it dry gangrene or wet gangrene?
  4. alphabetsoup

    wound care

    You need to check with the surgeon for specific wound care orders for a surgical wound. If the surgeon wants it irrigated then it should be irrigated. If the surgeon doesn't want it irrigated then it shouldn't be irrigated. It's that simple. Irrigating and cleansing are not always the same thing, especially if the wound is unexplored (ie you don't know what is at the "end of the tunnel") and has depth. You could introduce bacteria by forcibly instilling saline.
  5. alphabetsoup

    Graduated 12/10, still no job, giving up...

    Sounds like you have an ADN/ASN, new grad, looking for entry level position, no prior experience in healthcare. So yeah, it's gonna be tough. My advice is to re-evaluate your resume because it might be lackluster. You might want to have someone coach you on your interview skills. And you might be in the wrong job market.
  6. alphabetsoup

    2nd Interview after a year!!!!

    First, I would look up the potential employer on the web and see what services they offer. Then, look up those services and see what is involved in terms of care. Be honest that you do not have the experience. But DO announce that you would be very eager to learn. The fact that you would have "done some homework" prior to the interview might be impressive to the interviewer.
  7. alphabetsoup

    States with Real Nursing Shortages?

    I think some of the issues of "shortages" and geographical locations have something to do with the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Some nurses ended up delaying their retirement. Some nurses re-entered the workforce when their spouses lost their jobs. Some nurses became more reluctant to leave their current employer because of economic uncertainty. It used to be very easy to leave one job quickly for another job. Perhaps not as much now.
  8. alphabetsoup

    cheapest online RN to BSN?

    In state first and see if your employer will kick in some tuition.
  9. alphabetsoup

    What do you consider to be nursing's biggest setback?

    Someone asked a while ago about why I have that perception about entry levels and education. I think I have seen these issues posted on the blog, whether it is a nurse with a certain educational background supervising another nurse with a certain educational background or a nurse working in a position without a certain knowledge base. I have completed the ASN, the BSN, and some grad level work. Yes, there are some differences in all of those levels. Was I a crappy nurse when I had just an ASN? Nope. Would I have been able to do what I do today with only an ASN? Nope. I needed the extra knowledge to do what I do today. Could my employer fill my position with an ASN? Sure. Would my employer get the same results? Maybe not. But it's that mindset of a nurse is a nurse is a nurse. We can all tell ourselves that it is all the same but it isn't.
  10. alphabetsoup

    Failed NCLEX 5 times

    That was an excellent point! Perhaps you are overthinking the questions (easy to do and even easier when you are a nurse). Are you also second guessing yourself during the exam?
  11. alphabetsoup

    Part Time BSN programs

    Have you looked at online programs out of state? There are several reputable universities that offer online programs. They are no less rigorous than onsite programs. I have completed online coursework and some of my classmates lived in other states, Guam, etc (one in Galveston!). It takes a lot of dedication and this type of learning is not suited for everyone. If you can make the commitment and stay on top of the required coursework, it is a great option. You do have to arrange for your own clinical rotations though.
  12. alphabetsoup

    Areas of the country with jobs for new grads?

  13. alphabetsoup

    Did i do the right thing?

    Yes, always report a problem to the resident's nurse. Do you know for sure that the house supervisor was relaying information to the resident's nurse or to another nurse who just happened to be standing in the hallway? And if that nurse in the hallway was supposed to tell the resident's nurse and forgot, BUT you had knowledge of the situation....well, that might not lead to a great outcome. It becomes a game of "psssst, pass it on". And trust me, that is never a good game to play because rarely does the message come through.
  14. alphabetsoup

    What would you do?

    You should point out the error on the schedule to your manager (maybe it was a honest error or maybe the manager was given some erroneous information by another party). If you do not get an appropriate response, then you will need to concede that this job is a wash. But should you need to tender your resignation, let the clinic know exactly why you are leaving the position.
  15. alphabetsoup

    What does it mean??!!

    Don't worry about this at all. It's not worth the stress of worrying about it.
  16. alphabetsoup

    What would you do?

    You were hired for a 3 10 hr/shift week schedule. Period. There is no swapping around hours unless the manager decides to realign the positions and offer full-times benefits. And if the clinic wanted to do this, they would have considered this prior to hiring anyone to fill the open position. The response that you need to work out the schedule yourselves is asinine at best. Personally, your manager has demonstrated some poor leadership skills. If you are forced to deal with this, my response to the nurse would be that I accepted the position with the explicit understanding that I would be scheduled to work 3 ten hour shifts per week and due to other obligations (like sleep but that's between you and me) I would not be able available to work any more than that.