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  1. After graduation I could not get an RN position in an acute care setting for two months. I took an RN position in a sub acute rehab facility where I learned a lot. I did admissions, wound care, drew blood, passed out meds, assess, administer fluids, antibiotics, and TPNs. I also knew that I had to obtain my BSN to make myself look more competitive if I wanted to work in an acute care setting in NY. A year later, I landed an interview with a community hospital, because I knew someone in the unit. But, as per the manager, she hired me because she knew that working in an LTC setting meant I had good time management, good assessment, and customer service skills. She said that all the other skills can be taught once I started working. And oh yeah, I was also a semester away from getting my BSN. Two years later I have a BSN degree (magna cum laude), med-surg and PCCN certifications, a Daisy award, and I just started my first two classes for my MSN. I was also recently recruited by two major NYC hospitals and I was ecstatic to accept an offer. I still work at the LTC facility that hired me as a new grad. They took a chance on me and they taught me a lot, and still do. I also recommend new grads from the local community college that I graduated from for RN positions in my hospital as long as they started their BSNs.
  2. us2uk4u

    Confessions Of A Nurse With Poor Interpersonal Skills

    The health industry is a business that thrives on one's ability to schmooze customers. Keep customers happy and they will come back. A hiring manager friend of mine once said she always ask candidates if they ever had a waitressing job in the past and whether or not they enjoyed it. She said it was a good indication if the candidate shows good interpersonal skills.
  3. us2uk4u

    Dosage Calculations

    There is a purple Kaplan book you can buy for less than $10 from Barnes and Noble. The entire book is on dosage calculations. It covers everything you need to know.
  4. us2uk4u

    Does your school have preceptorships?

    I spent 6 weeks in preceptorship, 2X/week 8.5 hours per day in Med-Surg. What a great learning experience! My neighbor who went to a private college says they have no preceptorship. Heck she spent less time in clinical that I did. According to her the school has been trying to set up a precep program for a while.
  5. us2uk4u

    Thank you gift?

    I just ordered the staff on the unit I worked at a fruit basket and a small deli tray (Less than $50). Then for my preceptor I bought her an iTunes gift card since she downloads tons of music.
  6. us2uk4u

    Degrees That Employers Want

    http://education.yahoo.net/articles/six_in_demand_degrees.htm?kid=12X5N Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I especially enjoyed the line, "HR professionals picked health care as the best bet for job security. Nurses are receiving the most employment offers in this category." Right. Interview experienced nurses who have been laid off and can't get a job.
  7. us2uk4u

    Help: Need Money for School

    http://www.discovernursing.com/ Also, see if the community college you are attending have scholarships. My community college provides over $800K in scholarships every year. Most are not based on financial needs but rather your GPA and your essay.
  8. us2uk4u

    Job market reality for new nurses

    OP, I strongly suggest your students look upstate in NY. I know relocation might not be feasible for some but 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs north or NE of NYC new grads can find jobs. I have accepted a New Grad position in a local hospital, a trauma hospital, and I had to choose from 3 offers. Mind you my GPA is only like a 3.3. Most students in my class have a tentative offer. Now the bad news. The pay might shock your students. My mother who works in a NYC hospital laughed out loud when I told her how much the pay was. The pay is about $2 less than they pay LPNs in NYC. I took the med-surg position, 12 hour shift, Friday-Sunday 7 PM to 7 AM (and yes, I chose this shift). The hospital is 5 min from my house, I get night and weekend differential, and they will pay part of my tuition to get my master's. Oh yeah, I also networked like crazy in the community.
  9. There are jobs for new grads but you just need to be very flexible. It might not be the specialty you want but a job is a job. You might also need to move for opportunities. I don't think I can emphasize this enough but new grads also need to network. Join a non-profit organization, join a nursing association, attend events catering to nurses, use the web such as Facebook and LinkedIn, etc...Let the world know you are looking for a job. And do not feel ashame in using every connection you have to get a job. I have a job offer in mental health and this is before I graduate. I met the nursing manager via a non-profit committee organizing an event. And I am from NY. Sure mental health isn't my first choice but it's better to be unemployed for the next year.
  10. us2uk4u

    Song Ideas?

    Somehow I ended up being in-charge of picking out the songs that we will use during graduation, esp when we show slides of our years in nursing school. I have asked ideas from fellow classmates but so far I have received a total of 5 songs. Any ideas anyone? Pls. don't recommend that Vit C song. We all at least agreed not to play that one.
  11. us2uk4u

    BSN Evidence Based Paper - Pls Help

    thank you!!!!
  12. us2uk4u

    BSN Evidence Based Paper - Pls Help

    Hi Everyone, I am writing an essay for a scholarship. I remember reading from this forum that there was an evidence based paper published stating that hospitals with more BSN nurses have a lower mortality rate, or something in that line. I have tried looking for it but so far no success. Anyone know where I can find this research? Thanks.
  13. us2uk4u

    Job Offer - but in Psych

    So, I received a job offer today from a hospital where I have been doing my clinicals. However, it will be in a psych unit. I have been here for the past 8 weeks and I love it. Now, I know how hard the job market is, esp for new grads (and I don't even graduate until this May). Is this really a good unit to start as a new grad? I have heard that I might have problems later on if I want to transfer to another unit.
  14. SUNY Downstate Columbia University (You need a good GRE scrore) Dominican College NYU There are others. You just need to look around. Do keep in mind that most of their deadlines for the fall semester has already passed so you will need to wait a year anyways and you need to check their pre-reqs
  15. It sounds like a good way to rip people off. Find out what the NCLEX passing rate for the school is. You can also find out how many people took the test, this way you can see how many people flunked the program by comparing it with the number of people they initially accepted. And don't go asking this information from the school. There are websites that tells you the NCLEX passing rates for schools around the country. A 90%? That's a good one. No one in my program will graduate and our ADN program has a 100% passing rate for the past 5 years.