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  1. us2uk4u

    Help with MPH Project

    Hi nurse colleagues. I have an MPH project where I have to make a 60 sec video of a public health issue that I am passionate about. What else can be more pressing than telling everyone to stay home right now so we can hopefully #flattenthecurve and not overwhelm the health care system? If you can send me a picture or video of you or you with your colleagues saying #flattenthecurve that will be greatly appreciated. I have several videos of colleagues from my hospital but it will be nice to get photos/videos from everyone around the country, if you can. I’m from New York City. And I attend the city University Of Public Health in Manhattan. You can private message me to send the photo. Thank you in advance.
  2. us2uk4u

    MPH/MBA or Psych NP?

    Hi Everyone, So, I have finally decided to pursue an advance degree. I have was lucky enough to be accepted to an MPH/MBA program and a PsychNP program. The best part is that the tuition is pretty much covered in exchange for 4 years of service to my current hospital after graduation (which quite frankly is fine since they pay the most in the area and they treat their staff pretty well). Are there any current nurses out here who pursued an MPH degree after a BSN? What are you doing now?
  3. So, is it just me or our emphasis on customer service gone too far? Today, a patient's family complained that a doctor did not see the patient 16 min after arriving in the ED and I did not come in after 18 min. Yes, they timed it. FYI, I just received a patient who OD on heroine. It's not just this incident. Did we, as an industry, create this monster?
  4. us2uk4u

    Time Management Tips for New Critical Care Nurses

    I work in the ED.
  5. us2uk4u

    Another reason unions suck!

    I work for a union facility and let me tell you they do not dictate vacations in our facility. This was my first year as a union member but i got Christmas day and New Year's eve and day off. But then again some nurses in my facility like the holiday pay hours. However, the union provides us with an 18 credit per year tuition reimbursement, free health and dental insurance, and a base pay of at least $15k more per year than a non-union facility. I can't really ask more than that, well maybe a better nurse to patient ratio at times in the ED
  6. us2uk4u

    Heading out to the Bay Area

    Hi everyone. So it is finally happening. My husband has been recruited to one of the mega tech firms in Northern Cali and we will be moving to the Bay Area within the next 4 mos. I have 5 years exp in acute care, mostly stepdown and ER. I work in NYC for one of the busiest hospitals in the Bronx. Pay is $48+ an hour and tons of OT. What kind of salary range can I expect in northern Cali? I prefer to stay within San Jose or Santa Clara area. Is pay negotiable? Do most pay for education? I am trying to finish my FNP. Any freedback will be greatly appreciated.
  7. us2uk4u

    Montefiore - Einstein ED Interview

    Sorry for the late reply. It's union so basically if an internal applicant applies they will most likely get the position. The still reimburse up to 18 credits a year. I applied online and the hiring manager is someone I worked with at my previous job so that is how he picked up my resumé. Unfortunately, you need someone inside to get you in but apply online. You never know.
  8. us2uk4u

    Shadowing tonight- nervous!

    Did they tell you to come in business attire?
  9. us2uk4u

    New Grad: ACLS but not PALS

    When I was a new grad I only had BLS and ACLS. I didn't get my PALS after I was hired into the ED, and after being on the job for 45 days. Don't waste your time and money with PALS.
  10. us2uk4u

    Why don't you just read the chart?

    I have been on both sides of the fence. As a current ER nurse we can't give you a very detailed report because we also have 6-10 patients to care for and we can keep getting patients because that ER door doesn't close. In my current hospital we only have to give oral report if the patient is going to ICU or CCU. That's it. In my previous hospital it was the same policy. Floor nurses are also given minimum of 30 min before we send the patient up, time to read patient's info. I do make phone calls to the floor if there are exceptions, such as BiPap, patient doesn't have a 20 gauge IV, why abx was put on hold, etc ... But yes, most of the stuff I do can be found in the computer system.
  11. I am in my 8 mos of being an RN in the ER. Prior to this I was a cardiac step-down nurse. More things I have observed: 1.) Patient arguing with me about an 18 gauge IV being too "big" while he is in the ER for a bullet in his thigh. 2.) Patient missing her dialysis because of a special close out sale in a store was a pissed off that dialysis would not reschedule her for a later time. 3.) Patient came into the ER for back pain that has been going on for 10 days yet took no pain relievers nor called her private doctor (and she did have one). Then she complained she waiting for over an hour in the ER. 4.) Felt chest discomfort all day but had a BBQ party to attend first. 5.) A couple brings in their 7 week old baby to the ER - the mother is the patient. 6.) The patient's private aid telling me the patient needs to urinate so I need to get to the bedside. I gave the aid the bed pan and some wipes. The same aid asked me to get her a lunch tray. 7.) Incontinent people refusing to acknowledge they are incontinent. 8.) CHF patient eating chinese food take out, after taking off her BiPap 9.) Patient in so much pain, 20/10 pain level, as she chats on her cell phone 10.) I promise, you will not die from not eating for several hours. Ugh.....
  12. us2uk4u

    My ER Rant Part II

    A couple of months back I wrote some of my ER rants. Well, it's been a while so here is part II. 1.) You wanna leave? Go ahead. You think I will stop you? 2.) You have a bullet in your leg and you are arguing with me about an 18 gauge IV needle? 3.) You had this back pain for three days and didn't think about taking any OTC pain reliever? 4.) So, you have been vomiting and have nausea at the moment but want to know when dinner is being served? 5.) So you're proud of not smoking cigarettes but proudly declare your habit of smoking marijuana? 6.) You didn't go to dialysis because you didn't feel good? Maybe it's because you missed two dialysis appointments! 7.) I love Mondays when people come in complaining of "chest pains." After all cardiac enzymes and EKGs are done they casually asks if the buffalo wings, nachos, beers, spicy bowls of chilis, and fried mozzarella sticks have anything to do with the pain. 8.) "I cam to the ER because the only appointment my doctor had was too early in the morning." Yeah, instead you spend over 8 hours here. 9.) A new resident ordering all the lab work in the world, cultures, and tests for a temp of 100. 10.) A diabetic having a picnic on her stretcher of KFC chicken and gulping down a 2liter of Coca-Cola.
  13. us2uk4u

    Comfortable shoes?

    I rotate between my dansko, nike, and sketchers ...
  14. us2uk4u

    I need to know the starting pay

    My current manager didn't even know what the salary was during the interview ( he brought up the pay). Benefits and pay are done by HR because if you have questions about either they will have the answer, not the manager. But since this was a union hospital I knew what the base pay was (before, education, exp, certifications, etc...). In my first hospital job I was just so happy that I got an interview that I didn't care what the pay was. I just wanted in. The pay was actually pretty good but I didn't know what it was until the 3rd interview.
  15. A new grad without a BSN? Look for a job now and take whatever you can get. It is not surprising to hear new grads still without a job offer 6 mos after graduation.
  16. us2uk4u

    do you drink coffee during your shift?

    I don't drink coffee. The smell makes me ill (I can't figure it out either). Unfortunately, instead of coffee I consume Mountain Dew. And that my dear friends is worse than a coffee habit.