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  1. nurse.sandi

    Took pre-requisites 17 years ago - should I retake?

    Sometimes the sciences do need to be repeated because they are over a certain amount of years old. But I am not an expert..so you need to contact the nursing program you want to go to. Good luck.
  2. nurse.sandi

    Moving to Albany NY or Seratoga Springs

    Guess you are the expert. Thanks for this valuable information.
  3. nurse.sandi

    Do you interrupt report to give pain meds?

    I corrected my statement. In my opinion it is not up to a nurse to say someone is dependent or addicted. I mentioned the word addicted. Go figure. I guess just to start a debate. Sorry I offended anyone. Have a nice nite.
  4. nurse.sandi

    Do you interrupt report to give pain meds?

    Oh, well , excuse me...addiction, dependency problem,..either one is not a nurse's decision.
  5. nurse.sandi

    Do you interrupt report to give pain meds?

    Our hospital implemented bedside change of shift report to include patient, and family. It was so uncomfortable and we never could get out on time. Also, did not get paid for ot.
  6. nurse.sandi

    My reality of becoming an RN

    Wow. I am sorry for your bad time. However, I do understand. Good luck.
  7. nurse.sandi

    Degrees That Employers Want

    Who is we? I worked with more ADNs than BSNs.
  8. nurse.sandi

    Do I ask people to be references for me?

    I just ask. I have never been told no.
  9. I asked the same question to my peers and they said put down two words...human resources.
  10. nurse.sandi

    Feeling bad, like I "ratted out" a nurse

    allergies can make your eyes glazed...just saying.
  11. nurse.sandi

    literature submission

    I saw something the other day about this topic on this site, but do not know where. Did you google it already? Maybe it is in the student section.
  12. nurse.sandi

    Thank you gift?

    I was given an angel pin that I put on my badge, if you are allowed to do that. Now it is in my collection of nursing pins.
  13. nurse.sandi

    Cant get a job! Need help

    You did not say you wanted to go get a BSN, but just a thought. Maybe you can get a federal grant or a scholarship. It is worth checking into..if you want to go back to school. Good luck.
  14. nurse.sandi

    Did I doublecross her?

    I would feel bad, too. It is ok. You have feelings. You will find a job that is meant for you. Good luck. :)
  15. nurse.sandi

    now I am in trouble

    Bring up the topic of unions with your coworkers and see what they think. or watch em get up and walk off..