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Hi everyone - I am new here but am starting at DNI in the night program in August. I saw some old feedback, and was wondering if anyone has some recent feedback?... Read More

  1. by   pepper_999
    I am going to preface this by saying that before attending DNI, I went to an acclaimed state university and got great grades in nearly all my courses. I went to a private high school and scored in the top of all my standardized tests. I have never, ever had a problem with academics before, even when I had bad teachers.

    DNI is the most unprofessional excuse for a school I have ever seen. The tests are a joke. Half of the questions are easy, the other half are questions we never studied or were SPECIFICALLY excluded. I have had teachers say "You will never have to know this, so we won't study it, don't worry" and have three questions on that specific thing show up on the next test. A lot of the teachers are absolutely awful. The financial aid office is sketchy and very hard to pin down about specifics. I've been through the financial aid process at other schools...how come DNI cuts corners and plays games with the money? They didn't tell several students they had recieved state grants and had them paying the whole of tuition. When tax time came around, the students recieved forms from the state about the grants that they NEVER saw. DNI had no excuse other than claiming "Well we applied them to your tuition..." Then why are the students still paying the same amount (full price)?
    How dare they increase tuition THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS in the space of one month and DECREASE the amount spent on supplies included? The 8/10 class paid $23,000. The 9/21 class paid $26,000. The 8/10 class recieved stethoscopes that are approximately $50 in value; the 9/21 class received stethoscopes that are worthless and cost probably about $5 (or less if bought in bulk.)
    More than half the class is GUARANTEED to fail out before the first semester is over. This is to be expected, due to the fact that they accept everyone. However, changing student's grades based on how well a teacher likes a person...completely unethical, and yet acknowledged by everyone who goes there. There is a well-known cheating network filled with students who know each other outside of class and pass on old test questions and answers. If you're not part of it, tough luck. You have to make it on your own. This I do not mind, because I would rather know I achieved my success on my own. However, allowing students to cheat makes for nurses who are dangerous.
    Students who make good grades in the academic courses are passed in skills lab even if they are completely incompetent at what they are doing, as long as they apologize and promise to "do better."
    The teachers look the other way for certain students who make mistakes, yet pounce on others. For example? At a recent skills checkoff, one student STABBED HIMSELF with a needle twice and made a medication error, yet still passed the checkoff. Another was failed because he didn't hold the medication to eye level while drawing it up, even though he checked it at eye level and it was correct.
    Don't even get me started on clinical instructors--there are two in particular who have told students to give medications while refusing to allow them to see the MAR, patient's chart, or Doctor's orders. When the students refused to give the medication without seeing this information, they were failed for the day, and hence the whole semester. The issue was brought up at student council, but nothing as of yet has come of it...the administration prefers to blame any problems on students, rather than admitting they hire faculty who teach bad practices.
    They also hire faculty who completely look down on the practice of a LVN. Why work teaching LVNs if you think they are useless, glorified CNAs? Better yet, why hire and keep teachers on who are completely disrespectful of the education your institution is trying to give???

    Skills instructors teach skills differently, and you will be failed if you do it any way other than how the instructor grading you wants it done. DNI's response to this is "Get every skills instructor to teach you, memorize how they all do it, and do it differently based on who's checking you off." That's all well and good, but when you have dozens of instructors who teach in different areas, including some you have never seen before, that is literally IMPOSSIBLE.

    There's more, but I'm tired of typing...tired of fighting with the administration, tired of students sitting back when they are wronged and saying "I just want to graduate, if I make a fuss then they'll get me." This school is ridiculously bad. I would NEVER advise anyone who values ethics, academic honesty, or good practice to come here, nor anyone who actually wants to get a good nursing education. They are nitpicky about things that nurses who work in the "real world" don't care about at ALL, yet let things that are actually DANGEROUS slide. Okay...I have to stop myself, because I'm getting angry again.
  2. by   GeauxNursing
    my tuiton was 18,500. I had a crappy stethoscope.
    I got very good grades because I studied my butt off.
    I heard of the cheating ring, but it wasn't in my class.
    Some instructors do suck.
    I'm a nurse now. That's the result I was looking for.
  3. by   Txstarr972
    I personally have not seen the issues you speak of. I get A's with the occasional B in academics, get along wonderful with all the instructors, and I don't feel I get any special treatment in skills lab or anywhere else.
    As far as this whole cheating thing, if they are doing that, how are they going to pass NCLEX if they cheat their way through classes? Cheating makes dangerous nurses, but as far as I know you cant cheat the NCLEX, so they will never be nurses anyway. Just sayin.
  4. by   GeauxNursing
    very true. You can't cheat on the HESI either. No hesi, no graduate!
  5. by   luvpsychnsg
    Hello everyone,

    I will be starting the lvn to rn bridge program may 17 at dallas nursing insitute. I am soooo nervous about school. I would like to know if anyone in the program is willing to share some insight or notes that i could possibly be studying now. Thanks so much. appreciate anyones help!!!!
  6. by   GeauxNursing
    you are in the first program, so there is no one else that is already in it...good luck!
  7. by   luvpsychnsg
    I thought it was someone who started in the jan class. maybe i read it wrong. thanks anyway....
  8. by   PurpleLVN
    Quote from GeauxNursing
    you are in the first program, so there is no one else that is already in it...good luck!
    Hi GeauxNursing-Actually Sugarwugga started the LVN-RN bridge at DNI in January 2010. She posted earlier in #106 and then again in #128 to give us an update. Hopefully all's going well. I'm sure she's really busy since we haven't heard from her recently!!!
  9. by   PurpleLVN
    Quote from luvpsychnsg
    I thought it was someone who started in the jan class. maybe i read it wrong. thanks anyway....
    Hi luvpsychnsg-check out Sugarwugga's previous posts #106 and #128. She started the bridge at DNI in January 2010. You may also want to read all her previous posts as well-they may be helpful as well.
  10. by   luvpsychnsg
    thank you...
  11. by   luvpsychnsg
    hello sugarwugga,
    i will be starting the lvn-rn bridge may 17th. i would really apprecite if you could tell me more detail info. thank you so much!
  12. by   boogie769
    luvpscychnsg I will also start the May 17th class as a generic student I am pretty sure we will cross paths!!!
  13. by   luvpsychnsg
    oh great! have you talked to anyone in the jan class ?